Diesector GBA

Diesector's ingame sprite.

Diesector was one of the four superheavyweights chosen to be used as a playable robot in the Gameboy Advance game BattleBots: Beyond the BattleBox (and its "sequel" BattleBots: Design and Destroy). It is based off of its Season 3.0 incarnation, due to the yellow hammers and is clearly recognizable as Diesector despite the lack of its rear tail.  It uses all three of its weapons to attack and can deal sufficient damage if it is used for a significant amount of time and can also occasionally grab, drag and flip other robots with its jaws. It is also rather quick and would run either way up but automatically rights itself when flipped without any user interaction. In Tournament Mode, Diesector is your third opponent in the superheavyweight division.


Diesector is one of only two robots to use all three attack buttons (A, B and R). The other is its teammate, Tazbot.

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