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For the lightweight competitor of the same name, see DiamondBack.

Diamond-Back was a heavyweight robot designed by Purple Pain Robotics which applied for BattleBots World Championship VII.

It was a two-wheel drive, pink and gold robot armed with a vertical spinner at the front, and a lifting front plow. According to the team, the lifting plow could double up as a self-righting mechanism even though Diamond-Back was invertible by design.[1] The spinning weapon was asymmetric in shape, and had forks either side of it protruding through the plow. Little else is known about the robot.

Diamond-back 2022

A side-on view of Diamond-Back's render.

The robot's name likely derived from the species of rattlesnake of the same name, of which there are Eastern and Western varieties.

The team previously entered Purple Pain into World Championship VI, a six-wheel drive robot armed with a lifting scoop with 360° range of motion. However, it was rejected after not being deemed exciting enough for the show. However, like Purple Pain, Diamond-Back was also rejected for the show and captain Drayton von Zollars has since abandoned the project.[2]


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