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Devil's Halo was a middleweight robot which competed in BattleBots IQ 2004 in the high school division.

Devil's Halo was a tall, cylindrical shell spinner with two large teeth with flailing pieces of metal on the ends. It is unknown how well Devil's Halo ended up doing in the main competition.

Robot History[]

BattleBots IQ 2004[]

Devil's Halo vs. Defenistrator
Devil's Halo's first match was against Defenestrator. Defenstrator began the match facing backwards and rammed Devil's Halo twice, causing internal damage to Devil's Halo. This damage caused Devil's Halo to stop spinning and immobile it. Defenstrator popped it i nto the air with its flipper before Devil's Halo was knocked out.[1]

Devil's Halo vs. Joan of Arc

Devil's Halo the fought Joan of Arc in the loser bracket. After a slow start, Devil's Halo was able to land a hit which put Joan of Arc on its side and jam its disc. Joan of Arc was able to get back on its wheels, but Devil's Halo tore the left tire off Joan of Arc and knocked it out.[2]

High School Division Rumble

Devil's Halo fought in the end of competition high school rumble. It. was able to land a few good hits before being knocked out and losing out to Roxanne.[3]


  • Wins: 0 (Minimum)
  • Losses: 2 (Minimum)
Competition Wins Losses
BattleBots IQ 2004 Joan of Arc Defenestrator