The boxart, showing Deadblow piercing the lexan armor of Minion

Sold as a single set, the Deluxe Metal Mechanics set included very finely detailed constructable models of Minion and Deadblow. The parts were also designed to be completely interchangeable, allowing for a variety of interesting Minion/Deadblow hybrids to be made. Despite both robots being shown on the box, neither one faced each other in BattleBots because they were in different weight classes. However, the fact that Deadblow is depicted to face Minion and dealing damage makes it likely that Deadblow is a super-heavyweight given that it's much harder to scale down than to scale up. As the box states, you can only build one kit, meaning that if you want to build the Deadblow kit, you have to either take apart the Minion kit or buy a whole new kit, which wasn't cheap at around $40 each.


  • Although a fairly accurate artist conception of Minion and Deadblow fighting in the arena, it lacks some accuracies. Minion is depicted as blue in the artwork but is actually more black as shown with the real robot image and is missing other sponsors. Its weapon is also incorrect as it doesn't have the red trim around the edge. The arena itself has the BattleBots logo and a set of Killsaws placed incorrectly in relationship to the actual arena.
  • Unlike the other Battlebots toys' boxes where the back lists the other toys available in that line the back of this box shows both kits' combinations with each of the different weapons and the right side of the box only lists the regular Metal Mechanics for available toys.


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