Deathroll2 BBSeason4 2019

Death Roll's Discovery Season 4 appearance.

Death Roll is a robot from Australia that competed in the second season of ABC's BattleBots reboot, as well as the fourth season on Discovery and Science. It was designed to look like a crocodile and featured a vertical spinning blade in its "mouth" and a rear "tail" that could act as a lifter or a self-righter. It lost its first fight to Captain Shrederator.

Death Roll still makes frequent appearances in Australia, acting as a house robot in RoboWars events.

Death Roll didn't compete in Season 3, but Steven Martin made a shark version of the bot called Great White that competed in China in KOB with greater success.

For Season 4, Death Roll gained a more compact build, a bigger flywheel, red teeth, and a new self-righting arm. The arm itself is placed inside the body and is based on a man's arm bitten off with a knife in the hand. The improvements and look make it look similar to its KOB counterpart.

Robot History

ABC Season 2

Deathroll official

Death Roll's ABC Season 2 appearance.


Death Roll gets hit by Captain Shrederator.

Death Roll's first match was against Captain Shrederator. The match started in Captain Shrederator's favor, with it ripping pieces off the side of Death Roll. Death Roll continued to fight and Captain Shrederator eventually tore off Death Roll's tail and head. Captain Shrederator continued to attack and tore off one of Death Roll's wheels. Death Roll eventually stopped moving and was sent flying by Captain Shrederator, only to land on a piece of its severed head. Death Roll was counted out giving Captain Shrederator the win by KO at 2:04. Death Roll unfortunately was not chosen to be a wildcard meaning it was eliminated from the tournament.


Skorpios cuts into Death Roll's tail.


Death Roll hits Skorpios' side.

Death Roll also competed in a rumble against Skorpios and Bucktooth Burl . The match was fairly even at first, with Death Roll reversing towards its opponents in order to let its main weapon spin up, taking a couple of minor hits from Bucktooth Burl, the tyre of which was cut into by Skorpios. The latter then caught Death Roll's tail, cutting through the cables which articulated it. Skorpios continued to pursue Death Roll before Bucktooth Burl charged in, getting caught under Skorpios' saw blade, allowing Death Roll to hit Skorpios with its disc twice. Bucktototh Burl was brushed aside in this attack and stopped so Skorpios got behind it and cut into its lid, pushing it towards Death Roll's spinning weapon which Bucktooth Burl narrowly avoided, having regained control. It then lightly caught Death Roll's side again and all three robots met up in a corner. The Canadian robot charged Death Roll, catching it broadside before Skorpios slammed it, ripping off the head. Another charge from Bucktooth Burl sent Death Roll ricocheting into the wall, where it became high centered and was counted out. Skorpios later returned, pushing the front of Death Roll, seemingly trying to free it but to no avail, as Bucktooth Burl then rammed it at high speed with it's drum, causing the Australian robot to flip onto its side. An eventual judges' decision gave the overall win to Skorpios.

Discovery Season 4

Death Roll's first match was against End Game. The match started poorly, as End Game was all over it and was

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Death Roll is attacked by End Game.

sending it flopping around the box like a dead fish. End Game landed a hit that sent a piece of debris into the lights, causing debris and broken glass to rain down on both bots. Death Roll managed to back End Game into a corner and flipped it over, sending itself bouncing away in the process. Death Roll came back over with its weapon at full speed, waiting to see if End Game would self right, but it didn't. End Game was counted out, giving Death Roll the win by KO.


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 2
Competition Wins Losses
ABC Season 2 None Captain Shrederator

Skorpios (Exhibition Rumble)

Discovery Season 4 End Game (Undercard Match) TBA

Faruq Tauheed Introductions

"From Australia, prepare to get dis-koalafied. See you later alligator! It’s DEATH ROLL!"

"All the way from Australia, this bot settles everything outback. Holy Crocomole, it's DEATH ROLL!"

"This bot hails from a city named Toowoomba, but don't get it confused. This thing ain't a Roomba, but losing to it does suck. It's DEATH ROLL!"

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