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"We're the first Australian team to compete in BattleBots, so this is a pretty big deal for us. We've gotta make sure that we have a good showing for Australia, and let people know that we can build monsters as good down under as they can over here."
— Erica Hediger, ABC Season 2

DeathRoll was a robot built by the Australian team of the same name which competed in ABC Season 2 and Discovery Season 4 of the BattleBots reboot.

A collaboration between four of the best builders on the Australian robot combat circuit - initially captained by Erica Hediger - DeathRoll was a green and yellow, four-wheel drive heavyweight designed to resemble a crocodile. Its main weapon was a front-mounted 25kg vertical spinner, painted red and located on a weapon mount decorated to resemble the crocodile's opened upper "jaw". The original ABC Season 2 incarnation paired this with solid front wedgelets and a rear articulated swinging tail, which was claimed by Hediger to also double as a self-righting mechanism. This capability was never proven inside the BattleBox, and DeathRoll endured a difficult qualifying round against Captain Shrederator, which saw it being eliminated from the main championship by knockout.

While DeathRoll did not compete in Discovery Season 3, Steven Martin made a shark-themed version of the bot called Great White which competed in King of Bots, while team members Miles Blow and Jules Putt entered Fango with less success.

An early render of DeathRoll ahead of the 2019 season.

For Season 4, DeathRoll had been totally redesigned, looking sleeker and far more compact than its previous build. Upgrades included, but were not limited to a bigger flywheel, a new self-righter designed to look like a severed arm holding a knife, chunkier wheel protection, smaller hinged wedgelets, greater weapon reliability and aesthetic details such as red teeth and no tail. These improvements and overall look gave it a greater resemblence to its King of Bots counterpart, and this showed in the arena. DeathRoll earned a mighty 4-0 record through three KOs and a judges' decision in the opening stages of the tournament, becoming the first robot to be undefeated in the fight cards. After notching up a further two wins, six in succession, DeathRoll lost out to Witch Doctor in the semi-finals. DeathRoll was highly praised for its reliability throughout Season 4 of BattleBots, due in part to the multiple weapon belts. This gave the robot greater redundancy than several of its fellow vertical spinners, which could lose functionality of their primary weapon after losing a single belt.

DeathRoll's reveal to Facebook Supporters in February 2020.

While DeathRoll was originally set to compete in Seasons 5, even being revealed as "accepted" to BattleBots Supporters in February 2020, COVID-19 travel restrictions meant the team were not allowed to make the over 11,000km journey. They were also unable to return for the 2021 season, but with international border bans lifted in Australia in November 2021, Team DeathRoll hope to return for the already-confirmed Season 7 of BattleBots.

Robot History[]

ABC Season 2[]

DeathRoll vs. Captain Shrederator

DeathRoll gets hit by Captain Shrederator.

DeathRoll's first match was against Captain Shrederator. The match started in Captain Shrederator's favor, with it ripping pieces off the side of DeathRoll. DeathRoll continued to fight and Captain Shrederator eventually tore off DeathRoll's tail and head.

DeathRoll and Captain Shrederator collide.

Captain Shrederator continued to attack and tore off one of DeathRoll's wheels. DeathRoll eventually stopped moving and was sent flying by Captain Shrederator, only to land on a piece of its severed head. DeathRoll was counted out giving Captain Shrederator the win by KO at 2:04. DeathRoll unfortunately was not chosen to be a wildcard meaning it was eliminated from the tournament.

DeathRoll vs. Bucktooth Burl vs. Skorpios

Skorpios cuts into DeathRoll's tail.

DeathRoll hits Skorpios' side.

Skorpios huddles the two bots into a corner.

DeathRoll also competed in a rumble against Skorpios and Bucktooth Burl . The match was fairly even at first, with DeathRoll reversing towards its opponents in order to let its main weapon spin up, taking a couple of minor hits from Bucktooth Burl, the tire of which was cut into by Skorpios. The latter then caught DeathRoll's tail, cutting through the cables which articulated it. Skorpios continued to pursue DeathRoll before Bucktooth Burl charged in, getting caught under Skorpios' saw blade, allowing DeathRoll to hit Skorpios with its disc twice. Bucktooth Burl was brushed aside in this attack and stopped so Skorpios got behind it and cut into its lid, pushing it towards DeathRoll's spinning weapon which Bucktooth Burl narrowly avoided, having regained control. It then lightly caught DeathRoll's side again and all three robots met up in a corner. The Canadian robot charged at DeathRoll, catching it broadside before Skorpios slammed it, ripping off the head. Another charge from Bucktooth Burl sent DeathRoll ricochetting into the wall, where it became high-centered and was counted out. Skorpios later returned, pushing the front of DeathRoll, seemingly trying to free it, but to no avail. Bucktooth Burl then rammed it at high speed with its drum, causing the Australian robot to flip onto its side. An eventual judges' decision gave the overall win to Skorpios.

Discovery Season 4[]

DeathRoll vs. End Game

DeathRoll is attacked by End Game.

DeathRoll's first match was against End Game in a battle between Australia and New Zealand. The match started poorly for DeathRoll, as End Game was all over it and was sending the Australians flopping around the Battlebox like a dead fish. End Game landed a hit that sent a piece of debris into the lights, causing debris and broken glass to rain down on both bots. DeathRoll managed to back End Game into a corner and flipped it over, sending itself bouncing away in the process. DeathRoll came back over with its weapon at full speed, waiting to see if End Game would self-right, but it did not. End Game was counted out, giving DeathRoll the win by KO.

DeathRoll vs. Foxtrot

DeathRoll hits Foxtrot.

Next for DeathRoll was Craig Danby's Foxtrot. For this fight, Team DeathRoll ditched the hinged wedglets due to unevenness in the BattleBox floor. As the match began, DeathRoll was fairly even with Foxtrot, causing little damage but not taking damage either. However, after another impact, DeathRoll stopped moving momentarily. Luckily, DeathRoll got going again before a countdown was needed and attacked Foxtrot again, taking a chip off its right-front wheel guard and this time, disabling its opponent. Foxtrot never got going again and was counted out, giving DeathRoll the win by KO.

"The floor was really beat up, huge divots and the seams were peeled up. A few robots had gotten stuck on the seams and lost to a KO. Cobalt springs to mind, so we went with the decision to not run them again."
— Team DeathRoll in a 2019 Reddit AMA

DeathRoll vs. Quantum

DeathRoll clashes with Quantum.

DeathRoll then found itself against newcomer Quantum. As the match got underway, DeathRoll began to attack, causing damage to Quantum's front wedge and bending one of their weapon teeth. This did not deter Quantum as DeathRoll soon found itself in the grip of Quantum's weapon, losing a weapon belt in the process. Due to the redundancy involved in having multiple weapon belts, DeathRoll was able to keep its weapon spinning, causing more damage to Quantum. DeathRoll remained aggressive, tossing Quantum twice, the latter sending it towards the screws. Sparks flew as DeathRoll attacked both sides of Quantum as it turned to avoid damage, managing to break Quantum's right drive chain and armor, and denting the left armor in. DeathRoll went back to front since Quantum's wedge was up, preventing Quantum from getting another bite in. This hit caused the back-right wheel to come off and destroy Quantum's left drive chain as well, leaving Quantum with no mobility. Quantum was counted out, giving DeathRoll the win by KO.

DeathRoll vs. ROTATOR

DeathRoll tears off ROTATOR's blade.

DeathRoll was now in its first Main Event match against ROTATOR, which had just taken down the feared Tombstone in its last match. When the match started, DeathRoll immediately had control, sending ROTATOR flying through the air repeatedly, sending parts flying. DeathRoll then ripped off part of ROTATOR's weapon, leaving ROTATOR off-balance. DeathRoll continued its assault, flipping ROTATOR at times and causing more damage. ROTATOR kept coming despite all the damage it was taking and managed to last to a judges' decision. The judges awarded DeathRoll a unanimous 3-0 decision.

DeathRoll vs. Yeti

DeathRoll and Yeti come together.

Hoping to continue its winning streak, DeathRoll was now in the Top 16 where it faced Greg Gibson and Yeti. DeathRoll started off well by throwing Yeti over and taking advantage of Yeti's gyroscopic forces, throwing it back over whenever the Alaskan bot righted itself. DeathRoll continued to attack, eventually taking off Yeti's right front wheel, ripping up the left side armor, and eventually, Yeti stopped moving. Yeti was counted out, giving DeathRoll the win by KO and a spot in the quarter-finals.

DeathRoll vs. Minotaur

DeathRoll and Minotaur go weapon to weapon.

Using the last of their spares, DeathRoll faced Minotaur. DeathRoll started to repeatedly attack Minotaur's weapon, sending Minotaur's weapon belt flying in one exchange. Minotaur then started to mount a counterattack, sending DeathRoll flying with every hit. However, this proved to be too much for Minotaur's drum, as it stopped working. DeathRoll continued to attack Minotaur, while Minotaur tried to push DeathRoll around. At one point, Minotaur's drum started up again and it hit DeathRoll near a pulverizer, which made DeathRoll start flopping around. Eventually, it righted itself and hit Minotaur a few more times near the edge of the BattleBox, which eventually left Minotaur high-centered and unable to move. DeathRoll backed off, giving it the win by KO and a spot in the semi-finals.

DeathRoll vs. Witch Doctor

DeathRoll receives a brutal hit from Witch Doctor.

In the semi-finals, DeathRoll faced off against Witch Doctor. DeathRoll had a pretty even start as they were trading blows with Witch Doctor but not taking much damage in return. However, after a few hits, DeathRoll's weapon stopped working due to a severed wire, leaving them pretty much defenseless to Witch Doctor's attacks. DeathRoll continued to fight, even as it was flipped over and thrown through the air repeatedly. Witch Doctor suddenly stopped moving in the closing stages of the fight, but got going again just before it could be counted out, and the fight lasted the full three minutes. The judges awarded Witch Doctor a 2-1 split decision to advance to the finals, eliminating DeathRoll from the tournament.


ABC Season 2
2016 Championship
Round of 48 vs. Captain Shrederator Lost (KO)
Exhibition Matches
Rumble vs. Bucktooth Burl, Skorpios Lost (JD)
Discovery Season 4
Fight Nights
Fight Night vs. End Game Won (KO)
Fight Night (Untelevised) vs. Foxtrot Won (KO)
Fight Night vs. Quantum Won (KO)
Fight Night Main Event vs. ROTATOR Won (JD)
Top 16
6th seed
Round of 16 vs. Yeti Won (KO)
Round of 8 vs. Minotaur Won (KO)
Semi-Final vs. Witch Doctor Lost (Split JD)


  • Wins: 6
  • Losses: 3
Competition Wins Losses
ABC Season 2 None Captain Shrederator

Skorpios (Exhibition Rumble)

Discovery Season 4

End Game (Undercard Match)

Foxtrot (Undercard Match)

Quantum (Undercard Match)

ROTATOR (Main Event/Undercard Match)



Witch Doctor

Faruq Tauheed Introductions[]

"From Australia, prepare to get dis-koala-fied. See you later, alligator! It’s DEATHROLL!"

"All the way from Australia, this bot settles everything outback. Holy Croco-mole, it's DEATHROLL!"

"This bot hails from a city named Toowoomba, but don't get it confused. This thing ain't a Roomba, but losing to it does suck. It's DEATHROLL!"

"From Australia, bringing its Great Barrier Teeth. Ha-ha-ha, that's not a bot, this is a bot. Say g'day to DEATHROLL!"

"Back from Australia, here to impale ya. It's not a dingo who got your baby, it's a croc. You Vege-might make it alive, you Vege-might not. The ancient killing crocodilian, DEATHROLL!"

"From Australia, it's the killer crocodile, but it's not Dundee and it's about to put the dung in your dungarees. Are you ready to take this fight Outback? Ohhh snap, it's DEATHROLL!"


  • DeathRoll's weapon is very similar to the shape of Australia.
  • Clocking in at over 11,500km, Team DeathRoll had the most radial distance to travel out of any BattleBots team.
  • DeathRoll still makes frequent appearances in Australia, acting as a house robot in RoboWars events.
  • Season 4 DeathRoll's weapon arm was sold on eBay in February 2020.

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