Deadlock in its current state.

Deadlock is a robot created by the British team, Team Cyberwar, that applied for the 2019 Season of Battlebots. The robot had originally applied to the ninth and tenth seasons of Robot Wars under the same name, but due to being rejected the first time and withdrawing the second, Deadlock never fought in Robot Wars. The robot would go on to compete in live events with some success. The team was rejected from the 2019 season for reasons not explicitly stated, but they plan on re-entering the robot for the 2020 season.



A CAD rendering of Deadlock. Note the different arm setup.

The robot is a four-wheeled, wedge-like robot designed with a massive clamping mechanism that encompasses a majority of the robot's body. The top portion of the robot is interchangeable to better adapt to its opponent, and the whole system can rotate 360 degrees to allow self-righting.


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