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Deadlock was a heavyweight robot designed and built by Team Cyberwar, which applied for BattleBots World Championship IV.

At the time of its application, Deadlock was a grey, four-wheeled robot with a wedge-like profile, armed with a combined set of lifting forks and clamping claws forming most of its chassis. The lower forks comprised of three outward-facing prongs, while the entire assembly could rotate a full 360 degrees to enable self-righting. Prior to the real robot's completion, Team Cyberwar created numerous CAD drawings and 3D-printed models of Deadlock to demonstrate the robot's shape, some of which featured a differently-shaped clamp and drive pods with protruding wheelguards which were not present on the finished robot.

Its application was unsuccessful for unspecified reasons, with the team later confirming their intention to re-enter it for the 2020 season.[1]


A CAD rendering of Deadlock - note the different arm setup.

Deadlock was initially built and applied for Series 9 and 10 of Robot Wars, but would end up not appearing in the televised series. After not being selected to compete in Series 9, it was ultimately selected for and attended filming for Series 10, but withdrew due to issues encountered shortly after being fully assembled. Its place in the main competition of the latter was thus taken by Coyote.[2]

Since then, Deadlock has enjoyed a recurring presence at Robots Live! and Extreme Robots live events in the United Kingdom, with the 2019 incarnation featuring several upgrades to address teething issues discovered during its first year of competition.[3][4][5] Following these changes, its best performance to date was a quarter-final finish at the 2019 FRA UK Championships, for which Robot Wars Series 8-10 Judge Lucy Rogers joined Team Cyberwar as an active member.[6]

Team member Robert Karpinski later joined Team Pun-Chant and Nelly the Ellybot, but was unsuccessful with the team's 2020 and 2021 season applications. Likewise, Mark Mellors was set to be part of the Hoodlum team for World Championship VI, but they were also rejected.

Outside of BattleBots, Robert Karpinski is best known for his UK beetleweight Bourbon - a four-wheel drive robot armed with a hexagonal drum spinner. With Bourbon, he fought in the web-series Bugglebots as well as numerous insect class live events in the UK. More recently, he has also build a robot named Digestive. Mark Mellors has also built lower weight class robots, notably a UK beetleweight shell spinner in the style of Ziggo and Gigabyte called Paradigm Spin.

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