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Deadlift is a heavyweight robot built by RoboGym Robotics which competed Discovery Seasons 5 and 6 of the BattleBots reboot.

It is a four-wheel drive, box-shaped robot originally fitted with a lifting arm powered by a brushless outrunner motor, though this evolved into a lifter/grappler design for its second season. Despite being durable and able to lift 800lbs according to the team, Deadlift struggled with fine-tuning its design in their debut season, often proving to be sluggish and finishing 1-1 in the main competition. According to RoboGym Robotics, this was largely down to the drive and weapon cutting out on them for a few seconds at a time during battle, due to the VESCs they were using. In response, the team gutted Deadlift of its electronics and introduced new speed controllers. Despite showing improvements in its BattleBots: Bounty Hunters appearances, including a statement win over impressive newcomer JackPot, Deadlift was unsuccessful in reaching either Bounty boss.

The Season 6 build of Deadlift in April 2022.

Deadlift returned for Discovery Season 6 with a brand new weapon system incorporating an optional top arm for clamping opponents as it lifts, though much of its internal upgrades are unknown. The team remained the same, with Dan Tisza driving Deadlift for the 2021 season. Deadlift lost its opening fight in a rematch against JackPot, before falling a second time to Icewave.

Robot History[]

Discovery Season 5[]

Deadlift vs. Bale Spear

Deadlift roasts Bale Spear.

Deadlift's first match was against the returning Bale Spear. This fight was not shown in full during the main season, and was instead released among the Basement Tapes. The battle started with Bale Spear on the offensive, driving over Deadlift as the latter was late to use its lifting weapon. Bale Spear had activated its weapon but struggled to retract it and was showing signs of drive issues. Deadlift itself was also struggling with the two bots making glancing attacks at best during the first half of the fight. Deadlift then managed to hook its lifter under the protection for Bale Spear's right-front tire, settling it down and blasting its opponent with flame. Deadlift again got around to Bale Spear's side and made use of the flamethrower, before moving it to the screws and clamping its opponent against the wall momentarily. Bale Spear was now smoking and was inevitably counted out, leaving Deadlift to take the win by KO.

Deadlift vs. Mammoth

Deadlift is flipped over by Mammoth.

Emerging victorious, Deadlift faced Ricky Willems and Mammoth in it's second untelevised match. Mammoth was able to flip Deadlift over during the fight, but it was able to self-right. Eventually, Mammoth's weapon chain was knocked out of place from the impact of its swinging bar hitting Deadlift. This then turned into a shoving match where Mammoth got the better of pushing Deadlift around. The fight went the full three minutes and the judges awarded Mammoth the unanimous decision.

Due to aforementioned issues with the robot's speed controllers, Deadlift was not given a third fight in order to give the team a chance to perform the necessary fixes ahead of its post-season fights.

"Unfortunately we were only able to have the two qualifying fights. After production saw the state of our robot in our first two fights, they decided not to proceed with a third fight."
— RoboGym Robotics explain the reason for not getting a third Fight Night battle in a 2021 Reddit AMA.[1]

BattleBots: Bounty Hunters[]

Icewave Bracket[]

Deadlift vs. Ghost Raptor

Deadlift's lifter is bent by Ghost Raptor's weapon bar.

In addition to the main season, Deadlift took part in BattleBots: Bounty Hunters for a chance to win a share of $25,000 if they could advance in their bracket and defeat Icewave. To start, RoboGym Robotics were placed against veteran Chuck Pitzer and Ghost Raptor. Deadlift started well as they took out Ghost Raptor's weapon completely, but this came at the cost of bending their own primary weapon. Deadlift lifted Ghost Raptor up and tried to attack with their flamethrower, but Ghost Raptor escaped. Deadlift continued to dominate and managed to flip Ghost Raptor over but Ghost Raptor quickly righted itself.

Deadlift roasts Ghost Raptor.

Deadlift maintained control and got the flames inside Ghost Raptor again before taking them to the screws and nearly flipping them. This time, Ghost Raptor had a bit of a struggle righting itself so Deadlift brought it to the pulverizer, not realizing that it was operated by Team Raptor. Deadlift moved Ghost Raptor to another pulverizer, but then ground to a halt. The team revealed post-match that they had totally lost signal to the robot, and Deadlift was counted out as a result. This gave Ghost Raptor the win by KO, and eliminated Deadlift from the bracket.

Tombstone Bracket[]

Deadlift vs. JackPot

Deadlift roasts JackPot.

Deadlift also took part in the Tombstone Bounty Hunters bracket, and their first opponent was JackPot, who had gone undefeated in the main season. As the match began, both bots immediately charged at each other with Deadlift winning the battle for low ground. It continued to attack, shoving JackPot into the casing for the screws, disabling their opponent's weapon. This left JackPot vulnerable as Deadlift blasted it with flames and flipped them over in such a way that JackPot's self-righting mechanism was unable to right it. As such, JackPot was counted out, giving Deadlift the win by KO.

Deadlift vs. Gruff

Deadlift pins Gruff against the rails.

After a dominant performance against the impressive JackPot, Deadlift went forth to face the durable lifter bot Gruff. The match began in favor of Deadlift, winning the battle for low ground and getting under Gruff. Deadlift then used its lifter to clamp down on Gruff, cornering it against the rails before pinning it on its side against the rails. Gruff countered by using it's lifter to break free, but Deadlift continued to remain aggressive, getting to the flanks of Gruff and almost flipping it over twice.

Gruff backs away from the now immobile Deadlift.

Deadlift then charged at Gruff, activating its flamethrower, but it became apparent that Deadlift has it's lifter stuck in an upright position. This was caused by the weight of Gruff causing the brushless outrunner motor powering the lifter to make contact with the aluminum casing protecting it, jamming the lifter in place.[2] Deadlift was then lifted up by Gruff, who pushed it against the rails. Unable to move, Deadlift was counted out and Gruff advanced in the bracket.

Discovery Season 6[]

Deadlift vs. JackPot

Deadlift's first battle of the 2021 season was a rematch against JackPot, who they became the first robot to defeat in their BattleBots: Bounty Hunters bracket last season. This fight became the first YouTube exclusive battle of the season, released exclusively to Facebook Supporters on January 6 2022 before being made public on January 9 2022.

Deadlift shows aggression early on.

Deadlift went into this fight without its grappling arm, likely fearing JackPot could damage it for later in the competition. As the fight began, both bots charged forwards with JackPot veering slightly towards the new BattleBox hazard to offer time to spin up its primary weapon.

Deadlift is held up by Ace, JackPot's minibot.

Deadlift was able to evade its early attempts to hit and threatened with its flamethrower, but oversteered and took a shot from JackPot’s die-mond discs. As Deadlift recovered, JackPot began steering erratically and was shunted from the side, nearly lifted in the process. Unable to drive properly due to the chain for the front-left wheel becoming locked up by debris, JackPot’s right wedgelets were stuck upwards and Deadlift saw a chance to slide underneath and attack with its flamethrower.

Damage to the rear of Deadlift is revealed.

Deadlift then got to the rear end of JackPot and shoved it weapon-first into the arena barrier between two sets of screws. JackPot’s minibot Ace was able to get into the action after being shoved into the Upper Deck by Deadlift. After gyroing backwards several yards, the main bot had broken the affected chain and was able to drive without issue. As Ace hooked its forks beneath Deadlift, JackPot lined up an attack with its die-mond discs, stripping armor away. From here, JackPot was able to consistently win the ground game and make meaningful contact with its primary weapon as more pieces came away from Deadlift. RoboGym Robotics’ bot was experiencing drive issues of its own, heading for the screws before becoming stuck in a killsaw slot.

Deadlift is immobile under the pulverizer.

Deadlift escaped but not without suffering more hits from JackPot, who pushed it into the barrier. It was no longer moving, but there was not enough time left for an official count-out. The fight went the distance, but the judges ruled unanimously in favor of JackPot.

Deadlift vs. Icewave

Icewave's knockout shot on Deadlift.

Looking for redemption, Deadlift's second opponent was Marc DeVidts and Icewave, who were on a winless run dating back to 2018. RoboGym Robotics opted for their clamping arm this time around. From the first few seconds, Deadlift looked to charge down Icewave, but Marc DeVidts evaded its opponent and found space to spin up. Deadlift tried to deter Icewave with its flamethrower but took a hit to their front. Icewave attacked again and pieces of Deadlift flew away. Although its weaponry was functional, its drive was not, so Deadlift was counted out, putting them to 0-2.

As it turned out, the battery connectors for Deadlift's drive were loosening up coming into the fight, and the very last hit Icewave dished out popped them 2mm apart, disconnecting the batteries and therefore incapacitating the robot.


Discovery Season 5
Fight Nights
Fight Night (Untelevised) vs. Bale Spear Won (KO)
Fight Night (Untelevised) vs. Mammoth Lost (JD)
Bounty Hunters 2020
Bounty Hunters 2020 - Icewave Episode
Round 1 vs. Ghost Raptor Lost (KO)
Bounty Hunters 2020 - Tombstone Episode
Round 1 vs. JackPot Won (KO)
Round 2 vs. Gruff Lost (KO)
Discovery Season 6
Fight Nights
Fight Night (Untelevised) vs. JackPot Lost (JD)
Fight Night vs. Icewave Lost (KO)


  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 5
Competition Wins Losses
Discovery Season 5 Bale Spear (Untelevised Undercard Match) Mammoth (Untelevised Undercard Match)
BattleBots: Bounty Hunters JackPot (Tombstone Bracket) Ghost Raptor (Icewave Bracket)

Gruff (Tombstone Bracket)

Discovery Season 6 TBA JackPot (Untelevised Undercard Match)

Icewave (Undercard Match)

Faruq Tauheed Introductions[]

""From Indianapolis, the Indiana Intimidator, DEADLIFT!"

"From Indianapolis, it doesn't just keep it one hundred. It keeps it five hundred! It's DEADLIFT!"

"From Indianapolis, Indiana, for them, it's leg day. For you, it's get down on your knees and beg day! Give it up for DEADLIFT!"

"From Indianapolis, Indiana, when the pallbearers lower you into your grave, he'll be there giving them a spot. It's DEADLIFT!"

"From Indianapolis, Indiana, do you even lift? You better. It's DEADLIFT!"

"From Indianapolis, Indiana, hope you didn't skip leg day, it's DEADLIFT!"

"From Indianapolis, Indiana, sun's out, guns out, you better get out. It's DEADLIFT!"


  • Despite having no aired fights in the main season of BattleBots, the team were featured in crowd shots during most episodes.
  • Deadlift was one of only a few robots to compete in multiple BattleBots: Bounty Hunters brackets.
  • Though unconfirmed, Faruq's introduction for Deadlift vs. Mammoth likely refers to the 500kg deadlift world record set by UK strongman Eddie Hall in July 2016.
    • However, this record has since been beaten as Icelandic strongman and actor Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson deadlifted 501kg in May 2020.