As well as a Grip N' Grappler, Deadblow was offered as a kit in 2001 by Jakks Pacific and Road Champs for those willing to build their own version. The hammer is powered by a motor, 2 AA batteries, a rubber band and a special piece of plastic, although the robot itself is non-motorized. The kit is a very accurate representation of the real robot and is based on the real robot's season 2.0 design. However, the tires are black instead of gray. The hammer's head is made of rubber and the hammer strikes relatively fast, though the wires can interfere with this process and the hammer strikes continuously rather than one-at-a-time like on the show. A 2nd version of the kit was released in 2002 based on the robot's Season 3.0 design, complete with the anti-wedge skirts and flipper attachment. However, this one has a black flipper attachment and the anti-wedge skirts are not hinged but instead screwed into the chassis. This version of the kit also does not have gray tires.

My BB Metal Mechanics Deadblow by MasterYubel

The later version of the Deadblow Metal Mechanics kit, based on the Season 3.0 Deadblow


The later kit sealed.


  • Although the box correctly claims Deadblow was a Las Vegas 2000 quarter finalist, it also claims it was the San Francisco 2000 and Las Vegas 2000 middleweight champion, which is untrue. Hazard and Spaz were the champions for those respective seasons (though Deadblow did become a runner-up after Hazard).
  • There are two versions of this kit. The first one is based off of Deadblow's Season 2.0 design and the 2nd is based off of the robot's Season 3.0 design, complete with the wedge skirts and flipping arm extension on the hammer. The 3.0 design of the kit comes with stickers to make your kit appear to have damage.
  • Contrary to the real robot's design, both kits have black tires instead of the real one's gray ones and the flipping arm attachment stands out where on the real robot, it matches the color of the head, which is also made of rubber unlike the weapon arm.
  • Deadblow is one of few Metal Mechanics kits without a rotating weapon.
  • The wedge skirts are not hinged either and are instead screwed into the chassis itself.
  • Deadblow was only one of 2 robots to be made into a Deluxe Metal Mechanics set.


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