The toy unpacked.

As part of a series released by Road Champs in 2001, Deadblow was one of the options for theGrip N' Grappler range. It is based on the Season 1.0 and Season 2.0 version of Deadblow, due to the hammer shape and lack of front or side wedges. However, it has black tires instead of grey ones like both of those versions had. Like the other Grip N' Grapplers, the robot is physically attached to a trigger surrounded by a plastic casing that activates the robots' weapons. In the case of Deadblow, the trigger activated the hammer. The wheels spun if it was pushed along a surface. Like the Battle Bashers line, if the Grip N' Grapplers were struck in a certain location, they would "explode". Deadblow's weak spots were the panels in the front. The hammer could also snap off. Like any of the other Grip 'N Grapplers toys, this one came with one of two practice bots.

The toy as depicted on the back of the packagings.

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