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Dagger was a robot built by three members of The Schmidt Family, which applied for BattleBots World Championship II.

It was a two-wheel drive robot with a similar shape and wheel placement to T-Minus, but was primarily black in color. It featured a large, spiked hammer with a limited range of motion. Little else is known about the robot's construction or design.

The design was initially rejected, but then chosen as a backup reserve for the show. The robot was assembled, but ended up not being needed, even despite numerous withdrawals.

Dagger with schmidt Family

The Shmidt Family with Dagger, showing its internals

Outside BattleBots[]

The robot would fight in RoboGames 2016, but with little success. It lost to Over Easy and Swamp Thing, with its only win coming by forfeit over Vlad the Impaler II.

Mouse RoboGames 2017

Mouse during RoboGames 2017.

The team behind Dagger also tried to compete in Series 9 of Robot Wars with Mouse, but returned to RoboGames with it in 2017. It won and lost two battles, reaching the Round of 12.

Following this, they entered four-wheel drive wedgebot Shape-Shifter into RoboGames 2018, though it had no success, losing to Cataclysm and forfeiting its second match for unknown reasons. The team would also apply for RoboGames 2023 with a new heavyweight, Anti-Hegemony, although it withdrew prior to the competition.

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