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Daffodil, also known by the team as Big Daffodil, was a heavyweight robot designed by Team Happy Robots for an anticipated Season 6.0 of Comedy Central BattleBots.

It was a six-wheel drive, full body drum spinner which would operate by having two drive pods on either side of the centralized drum weapon. All the electronics and motors would be housed inside the drum, which was set to be made from 10 ¾" steel pipe.[1] and weigh 70lbs. The drum itself would be powered by a total of ten drill motors. Daffodil's wheels were designed to be protected by steel armor plating and its frame from aluminum bars.

Daffodil was still in construction when it was announced that BattleBots would not be renewed on Comedy Central. It is unknown if the team continued to work on Daffodil after this or if it ever competed. The team pivoted to making lighter weight class robots and competed with much success after the show.

Daffodil was originally built by the team behind lightweight Daisy as well as middleweight Petunia.

Outside BattleBots[]

Dafodil 12lb

12lbs. version of Daffodil.

The team also constructed a smaller, 12lb version of Daffodil before starting construction on the heavyweight version. This build utilized two larger drive wheels as opposed to the six proposed for their heavyweight, similar to the design of Axe Backwards.

This version fought at three separate competitions, though it is not known how well it performed.