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DUCK! out of its packaging.

DUCK! was one of two BattleBots competitors released as part of HEXBUG's Rivals line of remote control toys. It was released in July 2020 alongside Rotator in both a two-pack and individually.

DUCK! packaged as a single release.

The toy is highly representative of the 2019 season build of DUCK!, as seen by its lifting plow weaponry pivoting from the center of the its chassis. Unlike the real robot, the HEXBUG toy's weapon only has around 270 degrees of rotation. The duck beak and eyes are modelled into the plow, and the top panel sports the large DUCK! and Protolabs logos seen on the real robot.

Much like other BattleBots toys in the HEXBUG remote control range, DUCK! has several removable parts, including its top panel and wheels. Although it is able to run upside-down and self-right, its weapon is relatively underpowered, often struggling to lift other HEXBUG BattleBots toys.

However, DUCK! captain Hal Rucker posted a tutorial explaining how to modify the toy to make its lifter more effective.[1]


  • DUCK! is the only toy in the range with removable wheels for damage.
  • DUCK! was the first robot armed with a lifting weapon to be made into a HEXBUG toy.
  • DUCK! and Rotator were strangely made available to purchase to a European audience in 2020, marking the first time HEXBUG BattleBots toys were sold in Europe since the very earliest releases.