DUCK! BBSeason4 2019

DUCK!'s Discovery Season 4 appearance.

DUCK! is a heavyweight robot that competed in the third and fourth seasons of the BattleBots reboot on Discovery and Science. It was built by Hal Rucker who previously competed in the second season of the ABC reboot with The Ringmaster. It is a four-wheeled, white, invertible, box-shaped robot machined out of a single piece of aluminum. For weaponry, DUCK! was armed with a lifting plow. DUCK! was a fan favorite and was successful enough to make it to the rumble for a spot in the Top 16, however Bombshell won the rumble against it in a close decision.

For Season 4, DUCK!'s new set-up was similar to the original, it has a wider range of motion, allowing it to rotate fully around, much like Breaker Box or Shockwave. On top of the plow is a little spike, implying that it can be used like a hammer as well, while the beak is longer and the arm can protect two wheels at once when it's lowered.

While Hal's daughter Hannah returned as well, controlling a different robot called Marvin, Hal managed to pick up British Robot Wars veteran Gabriel Stroud, most famous for Sabretooth, as well as runner-up from This is Fighting Robots, Tánshè.

Robot History

Discovery Season 3


DUCK! as it appeared for Discovery Season 3.

MechaRampage dewheel DUCK FreeShipping

DUCK! loses a wheel

DUCK overturn FreeShipping MechaRampage

DUCK! topples Free Shipping

DUCK!'s first battle in the competition was in a rumble with Mecha Rampage and Free Shipping. When the rumble began, things were were off to a poor start as DUCK lost a wheel from Mecha Rampage's first attack. Even so, it continued to battle by flipping Free Shipping, whom had also taken damage from Mecha Rampage. DUCK! continued to attack, tossing both Mecha Rampage and Free Shipping multiple times. Time ran out and DUCK! was declared the winner of the rumble by a 3-0 judges' decision.

Reality hit DUCK!

DUCK! weathers Reality's attacks

Next up for DUCK! was Reality, which had come off a tough loss against SawBlaze. When the fight began, things were fairly even as Reality couldn't do anything to DUCK and vice-versa. However, as the robots continued to maneuver, Reality took off one of DUCK!'s tires, reducing the effectiveness of DUCK!'s front lifting plow. Still, DUCK! continued to maneuver so Reality continued to attack, eventually tearing off what was left of the wheel it attacked earlier. Despite being well on top, Reality suddenly stopped moving, and DUCK! left its opponent idle in order to claim a victory by knockout.

Tumblr pc8r47eSoa1r50os1o10 400

DUCK! is sent flying by Bronco.


DUCK! sits behind the arena wall

DUCK!'s 3rd opponent in the competition was in the main event against former semi-finalist Bronco, which had been dominant in its last three battles. The match was pretty even to start as Bronco was missing its flips while DUCK! wasn't able to capitalize. DUCK! continued to search for an opening and was eventually thrown into the air by its opponent. Luckily, this flip was too far away from the arena barrier so DUCK! landed back on the arena floor pretty much undamaged. DUCK! managed to stay away from Bronco's flipper and caused Bronco to miss flips but it was eventually tossed onto the screws and thrown out right in front of the judges for an instant KO.

DUCK! was next put up against the reigning champion Tombstone. Things weren't going too badly for DUCK! as they were taking damage but none of the impacts severe enough to disable it, only tearing off a piece of the plow. After pushing Tombstone into the casing for the screws, DUCK! pressed on, absorbing the hits from Tombstone and lost the other side of its plow, leaving only the part with its face on it still attached. DUCK! started to take damage to its wheels, eventually losing a wheel. Even so, DUCK! didn't show any signs of mechanical failure and continued to come at Tombstone and lost another wheel. Luckily for DUCK! the impacts were taking its toll on Tombstone as the frame had bent the weapon downward, reducing the damage it was inflicting. Additionally, Tombstone had stopped moving. DUCK! continued to show enough movement but lost more wheels as it ran into Tombstone's spinning bar. Tombstone spun down its weapon and got going again but  DUCK found itself on the killsaws, which came up and disabled its last remaining wheel. DUCK! could no longer move and was counted out, giving Tombstone the win by KO.

DUCK!'s next participation was in the Last Chance Rumble with ValkyrieRed DevilBombshellLucky, and Gigabyte in a bid to make the top 16 bracket and earn the 16th seed. When the rumble began, DUCK was in a bit of a sandwich between Valkyrie and Red Devil but got free and took a hit from Gigabyte. DUCK! pressed on but wasn't able to get its lifter into play that often and didn't do much for the rest of the rumble except take hits and/or push other robots around. Time ran out and the judges awarded Bombshell the 16th seed and entry into the top 16 bracket.

The last battle for DUCK! was against Gigabyte in a sort-of grudge match from the Last Chance Rumble to settle a feud between them. Both robots came out tentatively before meeting in a big collision that sent both robots into opposite corners of the arena. DUCK! came back and took another hit from Gigabyte that threw it into the air. Gigabyte continued to spin at high speed and DUCK! kept coming, getting tossed around each time. Eventually, DUCK lost mobility in its left front wheel but still had enough to move in a straight line and went in to take another hit. However, Gigabyte had bumped into the casing for the screws and wasn't moving anymore even though its shell continued to spin at high speed. Gigabyte was counted out, giving DUCK! the win by KO. 

Discovery Season 4

DUCK! returned for the 2019 season to be placed up against the robot that cost it a shot at the Top 16 last season, Bombshell. The match got underway fairly quickly as DUCK! and Bombshell circled for a bit before DUCK! got in a lift on Bombshell near the arena barrier, flipping it over. Bombshell tried to self-right with its disc but ended up where it had ended up repeatedly last season and was unable to move or self-right. Bombshell was counted out, giving DUCK! the win by a quick KO.


  • Wins: 4
  • Losses: 2
Competition Wins Losses
Discovery Season 3

Free Shipping and Mecha Rampage (Undercard Rumble)

Reality (Undercard Match)

Gigabyte (Untelevised Match)

Bronco (Main Event/Undercard Match)

Tombstone (Undercard Match)

Bombshell (Last Chance Rumble)

Discovery Season 4 Bombshell (Undercard Match) TBA

Note: The Last chance Rumble doesn't contribute to the wins/loss record.

Faruq Tauheed Introductions

"It may look fly but it's got a fowl mouth. Don't ruffle its feathers, it's got plenty of pluck and you're outta luck. Say whassup to DUCK!!"

"Got a robot you nead beaten? He'll take a quack at it. Underestimating this bot is just plain Daffy......DUCK!"

"Can this ugly duckling turn into a swan? Beat out the bigger bots and make its season long? The way it fights is ugly, as you can see. It's the classic break fist on face strategy. It's DUCK!"

"It'll leave you crying fowl and stick you with the bill. Release the quaken! It's DUCK!!"


"Don't call him chicken. He's no chive turkey. This bird's got plenty of pluck. You're about to be out of luck. It's DUCK!"

"If it were a volcano, it would be called Quackatoa. I do lava good pun. Now don't blow it! Here's DUCK!"


  • A lego RC version of DUCK! fought at the 2019 BrickCon.

    The lego version at BrickCon2019.

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