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Unrelated to the featherweight of the same name which fought in the 2004 NPC Charity Open event.

DOOM, sometimes stylized as D.O.O.M., is a heavyweight robot designed by Team APT which applied for BattleBots World Championship VI, and was an alternate for World Championship VII.

It is a four-wheel drive, largely pyramid-shaped robot armed with a disk or bar spinner attached to an articulating arm, designed to function like a hammer saw. DOOM's armor configuration and overhead weaponry bears a strong resemblance to British veteran Beta. Team captain Alejandro Pina began designing the first iteration of DOOM in January 2021, where it originally sported a triangular disk measuring two feet in diameter. Much like Glitch and Shatter!, Each of its CAD models showed DOOM sporting omniwheels for mobility, though this idea was scrapped for the final build.

A scaled-down prototype was built to prove its functionality and the team applied for the 2021 BattleBots season, but were not selected to compete. Another version was modeled in the meantime but undeterred, Team APT began designing a third iteration of the robot. Titled DOOM MK3, it was revealed in February 2022 with its color scheme and typography inspired by the video game franchise of the same name.[1] In May 2022, the team uploaded their official application video, confirming their intention to compete in World Championship VII.[2]

Several months later, Alejandro Pina shared an updated render, showcasing a predominantly white design with burgundy-colored blade. However, the robot underwent another aesthetic overhaul, dropping the Doom inspired look but maintaining its matte black and burgundy color scheme. The reveal video heavily inferred that DOOM would be competing in the upcoming seventh reboot season, which was backed up by the team.[3] DOOM made a brief appearance in a video uploaded by the Skorpios team, where its chassis was separate from its weapon and armor.[4][[File:|thumb|left|DOOM in the test box.]]On October 18, 2022, it was confirmed by team member Joshua Maros that DOOM had failed to pass safety, with a spin-up video uploaded on October 25, 2022.[5] As a result of this, DOOM was demoted from being a full competitor in the main competition to being an alternate and was replaced by Big Dill, who adopted DOOM's intended full Fight Night schedule. Despite Team APT's intentions to get their robot ready for the second half of filming, DOOM didn't receive a battle during the Fight Night rounds.

It would also not compete during BattleBots: Champions II, but made a single appearance against Samurai as an exhibition battle and lost.

DOOM competed as part of BattleBots Proving Ground on the weekend of May 13-14, 2023, where it fought Slammo! and then the OverKill ShowBot, losing both battles. On June 3-4, 2023, DOOM twice fought Horizon, and also lost to Gigabyte a month later. DOOM was scheduled to take on a middleweight team consisting of Mortician and CatKong in August 2023, winning both encounters by judges' decision and then knockout.

In September 2023, Team APT confirmed DOOM would not return to a omniwheeled drive setup as it was "too slippery" for their design. However, the team claimed there was a "better plan in the works" for future iterations of DOOM.[6]

Outside BattleBots[]

In April 2023, DOOM was a late addition to the heavyweight roster for RoboGames 2023 following many withdrawals. DOOM sported upgraded armor and a working weapon arm. It received a bye in the first round before facing HexaDecimator, where its batteries fell out of the robot and began smoking, resulting in a loss by knockout. In the loser's bracket, it took on Whomper, entered by the Vasquez family, but was flipped over almost immediately and could not self-right. Due to this, DOOM was eliminated from the tournament. Alejandro Pina's robot returned for a three-way whiteboard rumble, where it picked up its first ever win over Bullion and Khaos 3.

DOOM was among the BattleBots competitors displayed at Open Sauce in San Francisco in July 2023.

The team registered for RoboGames 2024 with DOOM, with its logo upside-down and the robot renamed WOOD, but later withdrew. Alejandro Pina would instead help out with Team Terrortops.

In June 2024, DOOM was displayed at Open Sauce event along with a handful of other competitors.

Robot History[]

World Championship VII[]

DOOM vs. Samurai (Exhibition)

Having experienced issues throughout the filming of World Championship VII, DOOM's first and only fight came as an end-of-season exhibition match against a non-competitor in Samurai. According to Alejandro Pina, DOOM's articulating arm was non-functional as a result of the rush to get the rest of the robot working for this one battle.[7]

DOOM Samurai 1

Samurai is flipped over as a result of attacking DOOM.

The fight began with DOOM doing a box-rush while Samurai dodged it as it spun up its undercutting blade. While DOOM was a bit sluggish to move, causing Samurai to gain an advantage and land its first hit on Alejandro Pina's robot. Samurai bounced upside-down but could still successfully function as an overcutter. DOOM, on the other hand, stopped moving momentarily before it drove around and spun up its hammer saw in an attempt to stay aggressive and attack an inverted Samurai. Both robots went weapon-to-weapon, causing Samurai to right itself.

Samurai vs DOOM 2

Samurai strikes DOOM again.

One of the armor panels on DOOM was ripped off by Samurai during the attack, slightly exposing the chassis of DOOM. Samurai remained aggressive and landed a few more shots on a weary DOOM, the last hit tore off another armor panel and immobilized its drive.

Samurai vs DOOM KO

Samurai leaves DOOM to be counted out.

With DOOM little more than a sitting duck, Samurai landed one more attack, winning the exhibition by knockout.

This fight was initially revealed to Facebook Supporters, and publicly announced by Team APT in September 2023. On December 2, BattleBots publicly shared the full match on their official Facebook feed.[8]

BattleBots Proving Ground[]

DOOM vs. Slammo! (5/13/2023)

DOOM returned in May 2023 for BattleBots Proving Ground, where faced off against Craig Danby and Slammo!. For this weekend of fights, DOOM weighed in at 220lbs.

DOOM Slammo Proving Ground 1

Slammo! shoves DOOM across the BattleBox.

DOOM was at the mercy for much of this fight, with the brand-new Slammo! able to get to its side and drive DOOM into the rails.

DOOM Slammo Proving Ground 2

DOOM is driven into the housing for the screws.

Slammo! then rammed DOOM into the housing for the screws near the red starting square in an attack which saw DOOM bounce awkwardly and land upside-down.

These repeated impacts proved detrimental to Alejandro Pina's robot, which could not self-right as Slammo! picked up the win by knockout after roughly ninety seconds.[9]

DOOM vs. Slammo! (5/14/2023)

DOOM was scheduled to fight Slammo! again the following day, but had to withdraw after Craig Danby's robot damaged its weapon gearbox in their first encounter.[10]

DOOM vs. OverKill (5/14/2023)

Instead, DOOM took on the ShowBot version of OverKill. For this battle, DOOM was equipped with a long fork donated from Martin Mason of MadCatter.

DOOM OverKill 1

DOOM leading with its fork.

DOOM was fastest out of its starting square, meeting OverKill in the center of the arena before driving away. OverKill got to DOOM's side momentarily, but failed to capitalize as its blade instead made contact with the vertical spinner of DOOM. Alejandro Pina's bot reversed before striking the front of the ShowBot, tearing away part of OverKill's right-side tire as it limped away.
Bil Dwyer: "BIG time damage, there!"
Steve Judkins: "That right wheel is in trouble... OverKill looking a little wonky after that hit."
— Bil Dwyer and Steve Judkins react to the first damage of the fight

OverKill DOOM tire Proving Ground

DOOM carves into OverKill's wheel.

As OverKill struggled to drive away, DOOM dashed to the short corner before facing its opponent again, bringing the hammer saw over as it struck the front of OverKill's wedge. DOOM's next attack missed, but it swung again and shredded the wheel completely, leaving OverKill on just one tire with under a minute gone.

OverKill then adopted a makeshift sit-and-spin technique, but was scooped up by DOOM and driven to the opposite side of the arena. DOOM landed another swing of its weapon, this time on the blade of OverKill, before driving away again. The Team APT bot returned to the corner with its weapon at full speed, aiming for the remaining tire of OverKill as it landed a glancing blow to the ShowBot.

DOOM OverKill KO

DOOM's fortunes turn.

DOOM backed out of the corner and again struck the blade of OverKill square on, which was resilient to the hammer saw's repeated attacks. However, DOOM's weapon then struck the floor, causing the robot to bounce upward and land inverted. Its left-side arm also sheared as its weapon belt came loose as well.

OverKill after DOOM Proving Ground DAT

OverKill post-fight.

Unable to self-right, OverKill took the win with 45 seconds left on the clock by knockout, despite damage sustained.

DOOM vs. Horizon (6/3/2023)

Returning for BattleBots Proving Ground, Horizon faced off against DOOM. In response to their previous loss, DOOM's weapon arm had been totally redesigned to be stronger and capable of handling the forces produced by its spinning disk.

Horizon vs DOOM 1 6-3

Horizon attacks DOOM and ends up on its back...

DOOM began the fight by charging at Horizon, who evaded its initial attack and quickly got its disks up to speed. It then struck the back of DOOM, halting its vertical spinner. Horizon swiped its opponent again but became unbalanced this time, sliding upside-down across the BattleBox.
"Horizon on its back... I wanna see how Hori- YES!"
— Bil Dwyer reacts to Horizon self-righting

Horizon vs DOOM 2 6-3

... but rights itself shortly after.

Horizon spun one of its disks and rolled back onto its wheels with the aid of its taco shell self-righter, much to the delight of its team.

Horizon vs DOOM 3 6-3

DOOM and Horizon collide again.

Both disks spun up again, this time landing two hits in quick succession and causing both robots to propel to different sides of the arena.
Bil Dwyer: "Oh my goodness! Woah!"
Steve Judkins: "What a massive hit."
Bil Dwyer: "The power of both bots..."
— Bil Dwyer and Steve Judkins react to the biggest hit of the fight so far

DOOM Horizon 1 Proving Ground

An onboard shot from Horizon showing damage to DOOM.

DOOM suffered damage to its armor but Horizon landed awkwardly in the corner - its drive wheels off the floor as DOOM approached to keep the fight going. Horizon went in for another attack, which sent Alejandro Pina's bot into the blue square, before it got its own disk back up to speed. Though DOOM was now smoking and part of its armor was peeling away, one of Horizon's disks was no longer spinning. This did not deter Horizon from continuing to attack DOOM, striking its vulnerable armor several more times as DOOM struggled to land a shot with its hammer saw in response.

Now in the final minute of the fight, both of Horizon's disks were disabled as its main body slowed to a stop. With both robots experiencing drive issues, very little contact was made in the closing stages and the fight went the distance. DOOM was officially declared the winner by crowd vote.

DOOM vs. Horizon (6/4/2023)

DOOM long fork Proving Ground

DOOM equipped with its long fork from MadCatter.

DOOM faced Horizon for a second time on June 4, 2023, this time armed again with its long, hinged front fork.

Horizon vs DOOM 2 1

Horizon immobilizes DOOM early on.

As Horizon approached its opponent, it was evident DOOM was experiencing mobility issues immediately as it struggled to escape its starting square. DOOM was struck once by the right disk of Horizon as Joshua Kong's robot inadvertently drove into the screws. However, this attack appeared to be enough to immobilize DOOM completely.

Horizon vs DOOM 2 2

Horizon strikes DOOM.

Once Horizon freed itself from between its opponent and the screws, DOOM was left swinging its arm over with no movement from its drive. DOOM was counted out and Horizon landed a second glancing shot, buckling its side armor.

A third attack followed, forcing DOOM to be carried onto the screws. After one final strike to the rear of Alejandro Pina's robot, DOOM was counted out and Horizon won by knockout in a much shorter time than in their previous meeting.

DOOM vs. Gigabyte (7/6/2023)

As part of a five-day showing for Robotic Death Company at BattleBots: Destruct-A-Thon, DOOM took on Gigabyte on July 6, 2023. However, due to a last minute issue, the motor powering the spinner was almost entirely disabled and was a non-factor in this battle.

DOOM Gigabyte Proving Ground 1

DOOM and Gigabyte collide.

Immediately spinning up, Gigabyte allowed DOOM to charge towards its starting square. But DOOM evaded its spinning opponent and drifted towards the short corner. Gigabyte delivered a blow to DOOM's front wedge which broke its armor mounts before retreating, but Alejandro Pina's bot gave chase as the shell spinner ground to a halt.

DOOM Gigabyte Proving Ground 2

DOOM gets underneath Gigabyte.

DOOM then drove into the wall near the drivers' booths, retracting its hammer saw arm before knocking into the disabled shell of Gigabyte. However, DOOM's disk was not spinning either and Gigabyte looked to evade the sloped front of its opponent. The veteran robot twice rode up the front of DOOM, but it could not capitalize on these opportunities.

Gigabyte vs DOOM Proving Ground KO

DOOM bounces awkwardly off Gigabyte, flips over and loses its shell.

Gigabyte returned to the center of the arena and DOOM looked to back into its opponent. However, it threw itself upside-down after hitting Gigabyte's sloped shell, and its own wraparound armor came loose.

Gigabyte vs DOOM KO Proving Ground self right

DOOM self-rights, but can no longer drive.

DOOM flailed its arm around in a desperate attempt to self-right, eventually succeeding, but this resulted in their batteries falling out of the robot. Gigabyte returned to its starting square and a count began against the now immobile DOOM, confirming its loss by knockout.

Alejandro Pina later revealed that, due to damage the armored shell had sustained in previous appearances, it did not fit correctly with the existing armor mounts after having been welded together. Thus, a series of improvised mounts had been added prior to the fight, which failed after sustaining a single blow from Gigabyte.

Though it was not scheduled to fight again that weekend, The team continued to work on the robot due to internal issues suffered by Gigabyte. In case a reserve bot was needed, they hoped to be able to step in and fight on Gigabyte's behalf. Ultimately, though Gigabyte was forced to withdraw from its next match against Slammo!, DOOM was unable to get its weapon arm working in time for the show and could not take its place.

DOOM vs. Mortician & CatKong (8/19/2023)

DOOM returned to the BattleBox again, this time in a 2v1 fight against middleweight opponents Mortician and CatKong, captained by Ray Billings and Martin Mason respectively, though CatKong was driven by Ralph Hanson in the absence of MadCatter driver Calvin Iba.

Fight 1 Mortician DOOM CatKong 1

CatKong and Mortician take turns attacking DOOM.

CatKong immediately charged at DOOM while its teammate held back to spin up. DOOM struck CatKong in retaliation and flipped it over. However, it was able to self-right against the arena wall and then struck the front of DOOM, popping its heavyweight opponent into the air. Looking to capitalize, Mortician attacked with its bar spinner but was promptly deflected away. CatKong struck again and almost toppled DOOM before Alejandro Pina's bot landed right side up.
"It seems like they got a fight plan here and it's working pretty well here!"
— Bil Dwyer credits the tactics of CatKong and Mortician

Fight 1 Mortician DOOM CatKong 2

CatKong tees DOOM up for Mortician.

Both middleweights then attacked each flank of DOOM simultaneously, but the sloped armor of DOOM held strong. CatKong chipped away at its side again before Mortician struck its front and threatened to hit its weapon mechanism as the horizontal spinner clambered up DOOM.

Just over a minute into the fight, it appeared CatKong's vertical spinner was no longer moving. It instead slid its front forks underneath DOOM's flank and pushed, trying to tee it up for a Mortician hit. However, Ray Billings' middleweight could only land glancing shots to DOOM, whose armor deflected Mortician away. In the chaos, Mortician accidentally struck the side of CatKong, much to the amusement of commentators Bil Dwyer and Steve Judkins.
"Hey... I think he hit his buddy, then."
— Steve Judkins as the fight enters the final minute

Fight 1 Mortician DOOM CatKong 3

DOOM removes a wheel from Mortician.

Mortician then tried to attack, but suffered a direct hit from DOOM's hammer saw and lost its left side tire. A weapon belt was also now strewn across the BattleBox floor. Though its weapon was still a threat, Mortician's mobility was now seriously impaired and it could only edge its way towards DOOM. CatKong was shoving from the other side, looking to ram it into the blade of Mortician, but this proved ineffective.

Fight 1 Mortician DOOM CatKong 4

DOOM attacks CatKong late on.

In the closing moments, DOOM led the weaponless CatKong into the wall and near the screws, slamming it into the wall as the feline-themed bot was reduced to twitching in place.

DOOM went after Mortician in the final ten seconds, but was unable to land a final blow against its middleweight opponents. With neither middleweight able to drive properly, DOOM took the win by crowd vote.

DOOM vs. Mortician & CatKong (8/20/2023)

DOOM took on Mortician and CatKong for a second time during the weekend.

Mortician CatKong DOOM 2 Box Rush

CatKong misses its box rush.

This time, CatKong was quick out of the starting square, but crashed into the screws and flipped over. It played no further part in the fight, leaving Mortician to fight alone.
Steve Judkins: "Oh, he's done himself in!"
Bil Dwyer: "OH NO!!"
Steve Judkins: "That's a bit early..."
Bil Dwyer: "Oh no!"
Steve Judkins: "He's run himself straight into the wall, there!"
— Steve Judkins and Bil Dwyer react as CatKong immobilizes itself immediately

Mortician CatKong DOOM 2 2

Mortician strikes DOOM's armor.

Mortician and DOOM tussled in the middle of the BattleBox, with the middleweight's horizontal spinner grazing the armor of DOOM, whose hammer saw swung over but only made slight contact. DOOM rammed into CatKong but was intercepted by Mortician, whose blade struck Alejandro Pina's robot and separated CatKong from the wall. However, the vertical spinner was still beached on its side with its weapon unable to right it.

Both remaining robots got their spinners up to speed, though DOOM kept its arm raised to allow it to feed its sloped armor into the blade of Mortician. CatKong was nudged again and almost returned to its wheels, but the screws instead stripped it of a fork before swallowing the middleweight.

Mortician CatKong DOOM 2

Mortician attacks a distracted DOOM, but suffers damage to its wheel.

While DOOM's attention was with the immobile CatKong, Mortician looked to take advantage and land a big hit on its opponent, but mistimed its attack. The right-side wheel was driven into the path of DOOM's blade, ripping a chunk out of the tire.
"Could the little fella cause an upset here? Woah, ho ho, sparks are definitely flying. That armor of DOOM taking real punishment."
— Steve Judkins praising the power of Mortician's weapon
Mortician was still able to drive, albeit with a slight hobble, and continued to attack on behalf of its fallen teammate.
"This is like a sumo wrestler versus an eighth grader... and the eighth grader's hangin' in there!"
— Bil Dwyer

Mortician CatKong DOOM 2 KO

DOOM immobilizes Mortician.

DOOM again clipped the damaged tire of Mortician, which peeled away completely as the middleweight reversed from danger. With Mortician down a wheel, it could only arc around the arena, but still managed to keep its weapon pointed at DOOM. With the next attack, however, DOOM's blade tore away Mortician's remaining tire.

A count began on the middleweight team, and DOOM again took the win, this time by knockout.


World Championship VII
Fight Nights
NOTE: DOOM had to withdraw from World Championship VII and was relegated from a main competitor to an alternate.
Exhibition Matches
Exhibition Match vs. Samurai Lost (KO)
BattleBots: Destruct-A-Thon
BattleBots Proving Ground
Exhibition Match #1 vs. Slammo! Lost (KO)
Exhibition Match #2 vs. OverKill Lost (KO)
Exhibition Match #3 vs. Horizon Won (Crowd)
Exhibition Match #4 vs. Horizon Lost (KO)
Exhibition Match #5 vs. Gigabyte Lost (KO)
Exhibition Match #6 vs. Mortician & CatKong Won (JD)
Exhibition Match #7 vs. Mortician & CatKong Won (KO)

Competitive Wins/Losses[]

  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 0

Exhibition Wins/Losses[]

  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 5

Total Wins/Losses[]

  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 5
Competition Wins Losses
World Championship VII None Samurai (Exhibition Match)
BattleBots Proving Ground Horizon
Mortician & CatKong
Mortician & CatKong