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"BattleBots is a rock/paper/scissors competition, where you have wedges/lifters/spinners."
— Derek Young on Complete Control

Complete Control was a robot built by Derek Young of Automatum Technologies, later Mission Destruction, which competed in four seasons of Comedy Central BattleBots as well as World Championships I and II on ABC.

It had unique weaponry, utilizing a clamp and lifter both using the same system. This meant it could grab, lift, and even overturn opposing robots. Builder Derek Young also entered Son of Smashy and Pressure Drop. Complete Control was very successful, reaching the Season 4.0 middleweight finals and winning the Consolation Rumble in the final season. After BattleBots ended, it competed in Steel Conflict events, retiring after losing to Knee-Breaker.

Complete Control WCII hero shot

Complete Control during World Championship II hero shots.

Complete Control was revived by Derek Young for the BattleBots reboot on ABC as a heavyweight, also adding a flamethrower to the iconic lifting arm setup. However, it did not achieve the same level of success as its predecessor as it lost early in the World Championship I. Complete Control was also the center of controversy during as it used a net to immobilize Ghost Raptor's weapon. Though nets were not explicitly mentioned as illegal weapons in the rules, they had always been outlawed in the classic era and the Design Rules were tweaked to forbid nets for future seasons. Returning for the 2016 season, Complete Control boasted an improved drive train, new wedgelets at the front, wedges on the forks and a new grabbing piece on the arm to better control its opponents. This version scored a memorable win over eventual runner-up Bombshell before losing spectacularly against fellow Comedy Central era veteran Warhead.

Derek Young announced soon after the 2016 season that he would be retiring from competing. Although Young would not fight again with Complete Control, he became a judge in future seasons of the show.

Robot History[]

Season 2.0[]

Complete Control vs. Spinster

Complete control vs spinster 2

Spinster is flipped by Complete Control.

Complete Control's debut came in Season 2.0 against Spinster. Derek added a carbon fiber panel on the lifter to absorb the damage from its opponent. Complete Control immediately attacked and the panel got ripped off by Spinster and tossed to the other side of the BattleBox, but Spinster lost a tooth on its weapon. As Spinster stopped spinning, Complete Control clamped Spinster and lifted it off the ground. Complete Control then took Spinster over the killsaws and dropped it there to be shredded. Complete Control then grabbed Spinster again and flipped it over. Spinster immediately started smoking and was being counted out. Complete Control won by KO at 1:15 and advanced to the Round of 16.

Complete Control vs. Super Chiabot

CC vs Chiabot

Complete Control lifting Super Chiabot.

In the Round of 16, Complete Control took on Super Chiabot. As the two multibots were released from Super Chiabot, Complete Control drove straight at Super Chiabot and pinned it against the arena wall. Both robots then moved toward the center of the BattleBox and Super Chiabot started spinning its disk, where it managed to hit Complete Control. Complete Control then managed to grab Super Chiabot and lift it completely off the ground. Complete Control took Super Chiabot to the killsaws, and dropped Super Chiabot. Complete Control then tried to flip Chiabot over its back, but both bots ended up upside-down. The match was halted and the crew put Super Chiabot and Complete Control upright again. Complete Control managed to grab Super Chiabot again, but dropped it. One last time, Complete Control lifted Chiabot and took it to the killsaws again. Despite it being unable to flip its opponent, the match's time ran out and Complete Control won on a 38-7 judges' decision.

Complete Control vs. El Diablo

Ccvsediablo lv00

Complete Control lifts El Diablo.

Complete Control was now in the quarter-finals, where it faced El Diablo. Before this match, in response to its last match, Derek Young added an extension to the top half of the clamping arm in an effort to help the robot self-right if flipped over when tossing its opponent. At the beginning, both robots started pushing each other but Complete Control seemed to be having problems as only one side was working properly. Complete Control then grabbed El Diablo and lifted it completely off the ground where the tip of Complete Control's lifting arm got stuck inside the body of El Diablo before El Diablo was dropped upside down. El Diablo continued to attack, but by this point, Complete Control had lost its ability to drive around the BattleBox because its Pittman motors had fried, and El Diablo took advantage by shoving it against the corner of the BattleBox. Complete Control feebly moved the upper half of its weapon as it is counted out. El Diablo won by KO at 2:51 and Complete Control was eliminated from the tournament.

Season 3.0[]

Complete Control vs. Subject to Change Without Reason


Complete Control lifts Subject to Change Without Reason

Due to successfully making it to the quarter-finals last season, Complete Control was able to skip the preliminaries where its first opponent was Randy Eubanks' Subject to Change Without Reason, who was looking for revenge after Derek Young's Season 1.0 incarnation, Pressure Drop, infamously delivered a late hit to Subject to Change Without Reason after the fight had ended. Randy Eubanks' robot got off to a good start, getting underneath Complete Control, driving it to the ramrods and then the killsaws, which sent Complete Control flying. Subject to Change Without Reason got underneath Complete Control again, driving it to the screws, until it was finally caught by the clamping arm of Derek Young's robot, lifting its opponent by the corner of its frame. Subject to Change Without Reason was then driven to the killsaws, damaging its wedge and preventing all but one drive wheel from touching the floor. Complete Control then finally caught Subject to Change Without Reason where it was driven to the killsaws, which did not operate for some reason, then to the pulverizer] and finally flipping Subject to Change Without Reason on its back. Then Complete Control tossed the incapacitated Subject to Change Without Reason again before it was finally counted out. Complete Control won by KO at 2:37 and advanced to the Round of 16.

Complete Control vs. F5

Ccvsf5 sf01

Complete Control and F5 gets stuck on the entrance ramp.

In the Round of 16, Derek Young's bot met Dan Bovinich's F5. At the start of the fight, F5 attacked Complete Control and the follow-up blow took out the chain for the lifting forks of Complete Control, meaning it could only clamp down with its grabbing arm. Complete Control, however, did use his clamp to good use, stopping the spinner of F5 temporarily, driving it around the box. F5 got up to speed and struck Complete Control once again, only to get stuck on Complete Control's front. F5 then got in a few good blows on Complete Control, only to get clamped again, driving it near the entrance ramp. Eventually, both robots were suspended up the entrance ramp, temporarily stopping the match. After the match restarted, Complete Control drove up the entrance ramp again and was stuck there and F5 stayed out of the way as Complete Control was counted out with only one second left in the match. F5 won the match by KO at 2:59 and Complete Control was eliminated from the tournament again.

Middleweight Royal Rumble

Ccliftsaslammer sf01rumble

Complete Control clamps Alabama Slammer.

Complete Control returned for the Middleweight Royal Rumble at the end of the season. It was a consistent threat throughout the battle, clamping down on Alabama Slammer and Village Idiot respectfully. It even got flipped over by SABotage while it was holding onto Village Idiot. Eventually, it was righted as it still held on to Village Idiot, driving it around the box, almost flipping it over eventually. Complete Control managed to survive the rumble, but lost out to T-Minus.

Season 4.0[]

Complete Control vs. Village Idiot

CompletecontrolvsVillageIdiot sf01b

Complete Control takes Village Idiot to the killsaws.

Returning for Season 4.0, Complete Control's first opponent was Village Idiot. Both robots were moving around the BattleBox and Complete Control managed to clamp into the front of Village Idiot. Complete Control took Village Idiot to the killsaws and Complete Control almost flipped Village Idiot. Village Idiot escaped and Complete Control attempted to clamp Village Idiot again from the side, but Village Idiot slid out. Village Idiot then pushed Complete Control onto the killsaws and later pushed Complete Control to the pulverizer, where Complete Control took one hit from the rear. Village Idiot pushed Complete Control from the side and took it to the killsaws again. The tip of Complete Control's lifting arm got stuck on the side of Village Idiot for about fifteen seconds and Village Idiot pushed Complete Control against the spike strip. However, Complete Control's lifting arm got stuck on the front of Village Idiot and the match was stopped. Both robots were separated and the match resumed. Immediately, Village Idiot pushed Complete Control against the spike strip and Complete Control almost got hit by the pulverizer twice. Complete Control pushed Village Idiot from the rear and took it to the killsaws. Suddenly, Village Idiot started smoking as Complete Control was pushing it from the rear. Complete Control went forward and charged backwards at the front of Village Idiot before the time ran out. Complete Control won on a 30-15 judges' decision.

Complete Control vs. Psychotron

CC vs Psychotron SF01B

Complete Control clamps Psychotron.

Complete Control advanced to the Round of 16, where it faced Psychotron. Complete Control grabbed Psychotron within the first ten seconds and lifted Psychotron. Psychotron kind of slid off, but not before Complete Control inverted it. Psychotron drove directly into Complete Control's clamp and Complete Control flipped it again. Psychotron got under Complete Control's side and pushed it onto the killsaws. Psychotron ran away and Complete Control tried to clamp Psychotron again, but Psychotron slid out. Complete Control flipped Psychotron again and Complete Control drove into the killsaws, which sheared off a part of the side armor. Complete Control had its lower forks a little off the ground, which was giving Psychotron the opportunity to push it around. Soon after, Complete Control grabbed hold of Psychotron again and took it to the pulverizer. Complete Control let go of Psychotron and took a hit from the pulverizer. Psychotron pushed Complete Control and later got caught on Complete Control's clamp again. Complete Control took Psychotron to the killsaws and one of Psychotron's tires took some damage from the killsaws. Psychotron escaped and got underneath Complete Control before the time ran out. Complete Control won on a 37-8 judges' decision and moved on.

Complete Control vs. Bad Attitude

CompletecontrolvsBadAttitude sf01b

Complete Control takes Bad Attitude to the killsaws.

Now in the quarter-finals, Complete Control faced Bad Attitude. In the match, Bad Attitude went straight at Complete Control and drove into Complete Control's clamp. Bad Attitude took several runs at Complete Control, hitting the bot and quickly retreating. Complete Control briefly had Bad Attitude, but lifted the top arm to readjust, and Bad Attitude escaped in the process. Bad Attitude then backed up into Complete Control's clamp and Complete Control grabbed Bad Attitude. Complete Control takes Bad Attitude to the killsaws and Bad Attitude's wedge got hit by the killsaws. Complete Control then took Bad Attitude to the pulverizer and the top arm of Complete Control was bent sideways. This happened when Complete Control successfully clamped Bad Attitude the first time as it shifted and forced the arm to bend. Complete Control took Bad Attitude away from the pulverizer and flipped it over. Bad Attitude drove itself over the killsaws and went straight at Complete Control. Even with the arm bent, Complete Control grabbed Bad Attitude and lifted it. Complete Control took Bad Attitude to the killsaws again and Bad Attitude took more damage from it's wedge. Bad Attitude went straight at Complete Control and was flipped again by Complete Control's lifting arm. Complete Control almost grabbed Bad Attitude again, but Bad Attitude slipped away. Bad Attitude took another hit from the killsaws and Complete Control followed Bad Attitude around the BattleBox. Complete Control clamped Bad Attitude one last time and took it to the killsaws yet again. Bad Attitude's side got hit by the killsaws and Complete Control flipped Bad Attitude one final time before the time ran out. Complete Control won on a 39-6 judges' decision and advanced to the semi-finals.

Complete Control vs. Zion


Complete Control and Zion are stuck together in the end of the match.

In the semi-finals, Complete Control faced off against Zion. Both robots went straight at each other and Complete Control attempted to grab Zion, but Zion slipped out. Zion pushed Complete Control against the spike strip and Complete Control escaped right on the killsaws. Complete Control got it's lifting arm caught on the BattleBox floor and lifted itself. Complete Control pushed Zion and lifted it from the front. Zion tipped backward, but doesn't quite flip over and landed on the killsaws. Zion drove away and Complete Control got underneath Zion. Complete Control tried to clamp this time, but got nothing but its skirt, which slipped away. Complete Control drove onto Zion's wedge and got lifted by Zion. Complete Control turned around and went for Zion. Zion turned around and started to run away. Complete Control grabbed Zion from the rear and attempted to lift it, but it just lifted itself. Complete Control still had a hold on Zion and it slipped out shortly after. Both robots were driving around the BattleBox and Zion got caught on the killsaws. Complete Control pushed Zion onto the killsaws again and almost drove itself on top of Zion. Zion got underneath Complete Control again and lifted it with its second arm. Complete Control was pushing Zion from the rear and Zion drove itself on the killsaws. Complete Control got underneath Zion and lifted it again. Complete Control pushed Zion onto the killsaws again and Zion got underneath Complete Control. Zion went backwards and got lifted by Complete Control again. Both robots took a small pop from the killsaws and Zion got under the floor spinner, which lifted it off the BattleBox floor. Complete Control pushed Zion onto the screws and Complete Control backed away. Complete Control drove up on Zion's wedge and Zion clamped Complete Control. Zion took Complete Control on the killsaws and Complete Control tried to get out, but it only lifted itself off the ground. The time ran out as both robots continued struggling to get unstuck. Complete Control won on a close 24-21 judges' decision and was now in the middleweight finals.

Complete Control vs. Hazard


Hazard destroys Complete Control.

One win away from a Giant Nut, Complete Control faced the two-time middleweight champion, Hazard. For the fight, Derek Young had welded a titanium skirt on the rear of Complete Control in an attempt to deflect the blows from Hazard's deadly spinning blade, and was planning to keep reversing into Hazard until the blade was hopefully stopped. The fight began fairly well for Complete Control, despite the fact its left skirt was loosened by Hazard's blade. Sparks were emitted, but Complete Control managed to push Hazard across the BattleBox for a while. Hazard eventually escaped, and Complete Control was shoved against an exposed arena wall, tearing the sticker on the back of Complete Control and causing more sparks, before Complete Control was allowed to back out. Hazard continued to grind away, before the inevitable happened. The loose left rear panel was torn off by Hazard before the titanium skirt was torn off completely. Hazard then charged at Complete Control once more, where more pieces were torn off. Complete Control attempted to grapple Hazard with its weapon, but Hazard mangled the arm, leaving it bent and useless. At this point, Complete Control started to smoke and was debilitated in the middle of the BattleBox, likely due to frying its drive motors. Hazard took advantage by tearing off Complete Control's loose panel and sent it flying upwards, tearing apart the chassis. Hazard then went to the opposite side of Complete Control and did the same to its opposite skirt, only this one was torn off. Complete Control was mercifully counted out, becoming the middleweight runner up for Season 4.0.

Due to the damage sustained in this fight, Complete Control did not participate the Middleweight Royal Rumble at the end of the tournament.

Season 5.0[]

Complete Control vs. Wrath Jr.

WrathjrvsCControl sf02

Wrath Jr. pushes Complete Control on top of the pulverizer.

Wrath jr. vs complete control 5

Wrath Jr. pushes Complete Control towards the killsaws.

Complete Control Post-Fight

Complete Control in the pits post-fight.

Complete Control was allowed to skip the preliminary rounds of Season 5.0, and eventually faced Wrath Jr.. Both robots went straight at each other and Complete Control attempts to grab Wrath Jr., but it escaped immediately. Wrath Jr. pushed Complete Control against the spike strip and both robots started driving around the BattleBox. Wrath Jr. drove straight at Complete Control and Complete Control attempted to clamp into Wrath Jr., but it escaped and drove up on the entrance ramp. Complete Control stopped moving and Wrath Jr. pushed it against the spike strip. Wrath Jr. went back into its starting square and shortly after, Wrath Jr. came back to free Complete Control and it started moving again. After more pushing from both robots, Wrath Jr. got caught on the killsaws and got lifted by Complete Control. Wrath Jr. got underneath Complete Control and shoved it across the BattleBox, into the base of the screw. Complete Control bounced up from hitting the screw and landed on top of the pulverizer. As Complete Control was still stuck on top of the pulverizer, Wrath Jr. charged straight at the pulverizer and freed Complete Control. Complete Control got caught on the killsaws twice and raised its lifting arm on top of the rear of Wrath Jr. Wrath Jr. backed into Complete Control's front and pushed it into the spike strip again. Wrath Jr. later pushed Complete Control onto the killsaws as Wrath Jr. got underneath Complete Control with its plow. Wrath Jr. then took Complete Control to the screws and Complete Control escaped. The match ended with both robots getting caught on the ramrods. Wrath Jr. won on a 31-14 judges' decision and Complete Control was eliminated from the tournament again.

Middleweight Consolation Rumble

Ccliftssummoner sf02rumble

Complete Control clamps Summoner during the rumble.

Complete Control returned for the Middleweight Consolation Rumble at the end of the tournament. Alabama Slammer and Complete Control won the rumble overall and both were due to enter the Royal Rumble. However, this was canceled due to an incident concerning Nightmare.

World Championship I[]

Complete Control vs. Ghost Raptor

Returning as a 250lb heavyweight for the BattleBots reboot on ABC, Complete Control's first battle was against Ghost Raptor. In the battle, Complete Control held in its clamp a present box which, unbeknownst to their opponent or BattleBots producers, contained a net.

Chris Rose: "Derek Young, the creator of Complete Control, has done a little, um... I don't know if it's birthday shopping or what have you. What does it say? 'Dear Ghost Raptor, our deepest condolences...' Ha!"
Chuck Pitzer: "Oh for f**k's sake..."
Kenny Florian: "Very interesting... the mind games of Complete Control. I love it. If you win that mental battle early, you can win the fight."
— Chris Rose, Kenny Florian and Chuck Pitzer react to Complete Control's addition

Complete Control Ghost Raptor net WC I

Ghost Raptor is incapacitated by Complete Control's net.

The fight began and Ghost Raptor spun its bar up to speed. As soon as Chuck Pitzer's bot broke through the box, the net inside ensnared its spinning bar. Ghost Raptor drove around, but was then totally incapacitated. The fight was halted as referees John Remar and Michael Ayers looked to decide whether or not this was a legal move. Derek Young specifically stated that the rules disallowed some materials and weaponry, but they did not specifically rule out nets. Eventually, a rematch was called.

CCvsGhostRaptor2 BB2015

Complete Control attempts to grab Ghost Raptor.

In the rematch, Complete Control drove quickly towards Ghost Raptor but hit a seam in the floor, causing it to jolt and stop, damaging them and causing control issues. Ghost Raptor took advantage of this and maneuvered Complete Control towards the wall, where it struck Complete Control with its spinning bar.

Ghost Raptor spinning bar broken

Ghost Raptor's broken blade.

However, the bar snapped and the battle regressed into a pushing match. Complete Control managed to briefly grab and lift Ghost Raptor at one point and seemed to get back some mobility but not enough to make use of the grab. Ghost Raptor also managed to shove and slightly lift Complete Control at the very end of the match. Ghost Raptor won on a unanimous 3-0 judges' decision and Complete Control was eliminated from the tournament. Complete Control was not given a wildcard meaning it was eliminated in the early stages of the tournament.

Complete Control vs. Razorback (Exhibition)

After the main competition was finished, Complete Control had a grudge match against Razorback. For this match, Derek added a piece of foam onto Complete Control's lifting arm in order to immobilize Razorback's spinning blade attachment.

Complete Control Razorback WCI exhibition

Razorback destroys Complete Control's attachment.

In the beginning, both robots drove straight at each other and Razorback tore out its attachment. As this was happening, Razorback managed to push Complete Control under the pulverizer. Complete Control backed away and activated its flamethrower before getting hit by Razorback's spinning bar again. Complete Control then managed to flip Razorback onto its back with its lifting arm and Razorback pushed it onto the killsaws. Complete Control went straight at Razorback and lifted it toward the killsaws.

CCvsRazorBack BB2015

Complete Control lifts Razorback over the killsaws.

Complete Control got its clamping arm onto the left side of the flipped Razorback and tossed it back onto its feet. Both robots went straight at each other again and Complete Control lifted Razorback again. Complete Control got its clamping arm onto the front of Razorback and both robots were being popped by the hellraisers. Both robots moved to the corner of the BattleBox and Complete Control drove itself under the pulverizer.

Hellraisers razorback complete control

Both robots are disturbed by the hellraisers.

Suddenly, Complete Control stopped moving after this and was counted out by the referee. Razorback ultimately won the grudge match by knockout.

World Championship II[]

Complete Control vs. Bombshell

Complete Control returned for the 2016 season and first faced off against modular newcomer Bombshell. The team originally added a dustpan wedge to the front of Complete Control in anticipation for Chaos Corps equipping Bombshell with its vertical spinner. They went with their axe, so Derek Young opted for additional top armor and a minibot holding a plant pot instead. Bombshell's axe was embedded in an empty gift box, referencing the box containing a net Complete Control controversially used against Ghost Raptor the year before.

Complete Control vs Bombshell WCII 1

Bombshell is hoisted by Complete Control.

Bombshell charged at Complete Control and shook off the decorative box. However, it was quickly hoisted by Derek Young's robot before falling out of its grasp. Bombshell landed on its axe head and escaped, disabling its opponent's minibot before finding itself lifted again. Bombshell successfully self-righted but as its drone threatened to scorch the Canadian robot, Complete Control slid its weapon under Bombshell and attempted to lift again, but dropped Bombshell for a third time.

After overturning Bombshell again, Complete Control drove away as its opponent's drone crash-landed against the spiked rail. Bombshell swung away with its axe, but failed to damage the outer shell of Complete Control as Kenny Florian questioned its potency.
"It's gonna come down to the grappling of Complete Control versus the striking ability of Bombshell's axe. And I'll tell you what, Chris, I'm not sure that axe is strong enough to penetrate Complete Control's armor. May have been the wrong weapon choice."
— Kenny Florian doubts Chaos Corps' choice of weapon

Complete Control vs Bombshell WCII 2

Complete Control lifts and scorches Bombshell.

Now at the halfway mark, Bombshell drove away from danger as both bots narrowly avoided the pulverizer. However, Bombshell drove straight into Complete Control's weapon, allowing Derek Young's team to successfully grab and lift Bombshell into the air. Now suspended, Bombshell tried desperately to escape but could not move its axe weapon as Complete Control introduced its flamethrower and began to scorch Bombshell.

Chris Rose: "UH-OH! UH-OH! UH-OH!"
Kenny Florian: "Complete Control has complete control of Bombshell!"
— Chris and Kenny react to Complete Control's attack

Complete Control vs Bombshell WCII 3

Complete Control continues to torch Bombshell.

Complete Control paraded Bombshell around the arena and continued to smoulder its opponent until it was forced to release, resting Bombshell against the arena wall. The damage caused by Complete Control's flames was evident as it struggled to escape the corner of the arena. The controlbot engaged in another lift, grabbing Bombshell and driving it to the center of the arena.

In the closing moments, Complete Control maneuvered Bombshell to the pulverizer until the clock hit zero, dragging its opponent away as the three minutes elapsed. Complete Control's impressive performance resulted in a win by unanimous judges' decision.

Complete Control vs. Warhead

This win put Complete Control to the Round of 32 as the No.10 seed, where it faced the No.23 seed and fellow veteran, Warhead. Complete Control was again joined by its two minibots for this must-win fight, and Derek Young stated pre-fight that he planned to clamp underneath Warhead's wings and lift from there.

Warhead vs Complete Control WCII 1

Warhead approaches a wounded Complete Control.

As the fight commenced, both robots jockeyed for position and Warhead got its head up to speed. Warhead turned and struck the side of Complete Control, causing both robots to deflect in opposite directions. While Warhead recovered quickly, Complete Control was struggling to move as it had lost its left-side wedgelet and had a gash in its side armor.

Complete Control Warhead

Complete Control takes on Warhead.

Warhead began shepherding Complete Control's minibots as the main robot was spinning in circles. Team Warhead's robot showed no life in its weapon as it hovered around its opponent, but as it raised its wings, the domed spinner got back up to significant speed. In an attempt to deter Warhead, Derek Young's robot fired its flamethrower, but this proved ineffective as Warhead sliced through its shell.

Complete Control ground to a halt, but after one more impact, Warhead became unbalanced and Ian Lewis instructed his team to remain "steady". Warhead struck the flank of Complete Control again, causing the British robot to flip itself over and slide towards the screws. Despite being inverted, Derek Young's robot came out of this collision worse as it was now ablaze.
"Get it back over, Si... get it back over, man!"
— Ian Lewis reacts to Warhead being flipped over

Warhead vs Complete Control WCII KO

Warhead's spectacular final attack.

With the threat of a simultaneous immobilization looming over Team Warhead, the team repositioned their angled dome spinner. This saw Warhead stand up tall and begin driving its way towards Complete Control using just its weapon, ending its attack by slamming into its immobile opponent once more.

Following this dramatic final moment, referee John Remar initiated a count against the flaming Complete Control and Warhead took the win by way of knockout. This proved to be Complete Control's final BattleBots fight, as Derek Young would later become a judge for the show.


Season 2.0
Middleweight Championship
Bracket vs. Spinster Won
Round of 16 vs. Super Chiabot Won
Quarter-Final vs. El Diablo Lost
Season 3.0
Middleweight Championship
Round of 16
Bracket vs. Subject to Change Without Reason Won
Round of 16 vs. F5 Lost
Exhibition Matches
Middleweight Rumble vs. Alabama Slammer, Bad Attitude, Deadblow, Hazard, Instigator, SABotage, T-Minus, Twin Paradox, Village Idiot, Zion Lost
Season 4.0
Middleweight Championship
Bracket vs. Village Idiot Won
Round of 16 vs. Psychotron Won
Quarter-Final vs. Bad Attitude Won
Semi-Final vs. Zion Won
Final vs. Hazard Lost
Season 5.0
Middleweight Championship
Bracket vs. Wrath Jr. Lost
Exhibition Matches
Consolation Rumble vs. Alabama Slammer, Jack Rabbit, Misty the WonderBot, Summoner Won
NOTE: This win put Complete Control and Alabama Slammer through to the Middleweight Royal Rumble, although this was canceled due to a safety incident caused by Nightmare.
World Championship I
World Championship Tournament
Qualifier vs. Ghost Raptor Lost (JD)
Exhibition Matches
Exhibition Match vs. Razorback Lost (KO)
World Championship II
World Championship Tournament
#10 Seed, Round of 32
Qualifier vs. Bombshell Won (JD)
Round of 32 vs. Warhead (23) Lost (KO)

Competitive Wins/Losses[]

  • Wins: 8
  • Losses: 8

Exhibition Wins/Losses[]

  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1

Total Wins/Losses[]

  • Wins: 8
  • Losses: 9
Competition Wins Losses
Season 2.0 Spinster
Super Chiabot
El Diablo
Season 3.0 Subject to Change Without Reason F5
Season 4.0 Village Idiot
Bad Attitude
Season 5.0 None Wrath Jr.
World Championship I None Ghost Raptor
Razorback (Grudge Match)
World Championship II Bombshell Warhead


Season 5.0
Consolation Rumble Winner

Mark Beiro Introductions[]

"Not a little control, not a lot of control, but it's in COMPLETE CONTROL!"

"Held without bail and denied canonical visit. Here is COMPLETE CONTROL!"

"Give him enough rope and his opponents will give up all hope. You don't wanna clash with COMPLETE CONTROL!"

"He's a control freak with a nasty streak. Ladies and gentlemen, stay away from COMPLETE CONTROL!"

"If you think the world is going to hell in a hand basket, this is the robot carrying it. Here is COMPLETE CONTROL!"

"With an all access pass to kick your ass. Its COMPLETE CONTROL!"

"If you've never watched a snuff film before, turn on your camcorder for three minutes, and then you'll own one! Please welcome, COMPLETE CONTROL!"

"He's not out to win any popularity contest. In fact, he says Barry Bonds is an over paid wussy! See what I mean? Here is COMPLETE CONTROL!"

"From Canada, the bot that has been lifting and flipping everything in its path. Can he do it one more time? Introducing COMPLETE CONTROL!"

Faruq Tauheed Introductions[]

"It has a serious case of OCD, Obsessive Crushing Disorder. Here to clean up the competition, it's COMPLETE CONTROL!"

"You like grapples, how do you like dem grapples? It's COMPLETE CONTROL!"

"Mmm-mmm! It toasts robots like a marshmallow. Get out your slam crackers, it's COMPLETE CONTROL!"


Any appearances by Complete Control in merchandise are listed below:


  • Complete Control is one of six robots to compete in both the original BattleBots series on Comedy Central, and the televised reboot seasons. The others are Nightmare, Warhead, Moebius, Son of Whyachi and Warrior Clan (as Warrior).
    • Complete Control is also one of two middleweights to be revived as a heavyweight for the reboot, with the other being Moebius.
  • Complete Control's name was partially inspired by a song by The Clash with the same name.
  • Complete Control had "CCMKV-250" painted on its side during its heavyweight rebuild. This was a reference to it being Mark 5 of Complete Control, now weighing 250lbs.

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