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Chronic was a heavyweight robot built by Team MAD, which was designed and built for BattleBots World Championship I on ABC.

It was a rebuilt version of Kronic, one of the best-performing heavyweights on the UK live circuit in the late 2000s and early 2010s. Like its predecessor, its weapon was a large pneumatic flipper. However, it did not compete on the show, and was relegated to being an unused reserve robot.

Chronic WC1 cameo

Chronic's brief cameo in World Championship I.

Regardless, Chronic made sporadic cameo appearances in televised episodes of the 2015 season. In Episode 4, for example, it was briefly seen in The Pits while the HyperShock team worked on their machine prior to its Round of 16 match against Bite Force.

Chronic (2015)

Chronic in The Pits during the 2015 season.

An earlier incarnation of Chronic also competed in Robot Wars under the name Kronic the Wedgehog, later shortened to just Kronic. It had reasonable success, making one heat final and two heat semi-finals, but its real success came on the UK live scene where it boasted back-to-back Annihilator wins before it was retired in 2014.

Chronic Russian event 2015

Chronic during the 2015 Bronebots event.

Chronic was not selected to compete in World Championship II for unknown reasons, with Alan Young instead joining Photon Storm for the competition. Alan Young would team up with Dave Young to introduce Orion ahead of World Championship V, but the team could not compete due to travel restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. They were also accepted for World Championship VI but again withdrew, this time due to work commitments.

Outside BattleBots[]

Chronic did fight Beta outside of BattleBots, which was used as a practice match to help build Apollo and also help upgrade Beta.[1] Footage from the aforementioned fight was nevertheless televised during the second episode of World Championship II, forming part of a VT segment for John Reid and Team Robo Challenge's machine. Following its initial cameo in BattleBots, Chronic was displayed at Glasgow and Manchester Comic Con events in 2015, and would later win a heavyweight competition in Russia.[2][3]

Team MAD built a second Chronic, which competed in Series 8, 9, and 10 of Robot Wars, painted white and named Apollo. It won Series 8 of the show against Carbide, whose team would also compete in BattleBots with Cobalt.

Chronic crate 2015

Chronic in its crate ahead of the 2015 season.

Robot History[]

World Championship I[]

Chronic vs. Swamp Thing (Exhibition)

In Chronic's only fight, it squared off against Ray Billings' Swamp Thing in a grudge match.

Swamp Thing chases Chronic.

Both robots drove around one another and Swamp Thing detached its tail midway through the fight. Chronic ultimately lost by judges' decision after suffering drive issues.
SwampThingvsChronic BB2015

A tailless Swamp Thing fighting Chronic.

This was the very first fight in the new BattleBox arena, used to practice filming angles and lighting for the show. No footage of this fight exists as a result, only several images.

Chronic was also due to compete in a nine robot rumble at the end of the tournament, but due to time restraints in filming, the rumble never happened.


World Championship I
2015 Championship
Dress Rehearsal vs. Swamp Thing Lost (JD)


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1
Competition Wins Losses
World Championship I None Swamp Thing (Dress Rehearsal)

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