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Caustic Creations are an active BattleBots team who debuted in World Championship II. They are best known for their heavyweight entry Copperhead.

Caustic Creations WCVI

Caustic Creations during World Championship VI.

The team debuted in BattleBots with Poison Arrow, where they defeated the legendary Son of Whyachi among other robots en route to the Top 8. Between the two bots, Caustic Creations reached the Top 32 in the 2020 and 2021 seasons as the No.3 and No.8 seed.

Having undergone changes in captaincy three times between World Championship V and World Championship VII, Luke Quintal is currently captain of Caustic Creations and Copperhead. Under his reign, the team guaranteed themselves a career-best Top 4 finish during the season, having beaten former champions End Game en route to the quarter-finals. Copperhead went one better by taking out the unbeaten Riptide, but lost out to HUGE in the semi-finals.

Outside BattleBots[]

Spicy Newt Clash Bots

Spicy Newt as it appeared during Clash Bots.

Outside of BattleBots, the team also fought in Chinese robot combat show Clash Bots with Spicy Newt. Captained by Zach Goff, they also competed in RoboGames 2015 and 2017 with their lightweight entry UnMakerBot, winning nine fights and only losing once across both competitions.

The team also built 250lb robot Doomba intended for RoboGames 2015, but it forfeited its only match. Doomba was later given to Team Bots FC ahead of RoboGames 2018 and it made its competitive debut under new ownership. Team Bots FC applied for World Championship IV with Doomba and Friends, the main Doomba machine with several distraction bots, but were rejected. Despite this, the team applied and were accepted with Shatter! a year later. An unrelated robot called Doomba then applied for World Championship VII, alongside Caustic Creations and Copperhead.

Team Members[]

Zach Goff

Zach Goff[]

The sole captain and driver of Poison Arrow and for Copperhead's first two seasons, Zach Goff has almost two decades of experience within the sport. He was unable to attend filming for World Championship VI, but performed interviews during this time on BattleBots and also captained Spicy Newt in Clash Bots.

Goff built multiple copies of a ShowBot called Chopper for the live show, BattleBots: Destruct-A-Thon, which meant he was unable to attend filming for World Championship VII. According to Luke Quintal, the team plan for him to be present again for World Championship VIII after he led Copperhead's redesign in 2023.

Cowans 2021

Robert Cowan & Kimberley Cowan[]

Husband and wife duo Robert and Kimberley Cowan took up the roles of co-captains in the 2021 season, in which they brought a live snake to filming called Cuddles. Driver of Copperhead for World Championship VI, Robert Cowan produces YouTube videos relating to BattleBots and the wider sport for his self-titled channel, which has over 47,000 subscribers.

He is known outside of Caustic Creations for his lower weight class robots Low Low Man, Crippling Depression and Psychotic Break.

Kimberley Cowan had been responsible for the unique hand-painted artwork on Copperhead's drum in each of its seasons to date, and served as weapons operator during World Championship VI. However, Robert Cowan confirmed he would take a back seat from the team in future seasons, relinquishing the role of captaincy in 2022.

Luke quintal 2022

Luke Quintal[]

Copperhead's main driver in more recent seasons of BattleBots, Quintal was appointed the main captain in 2022 for future seasons of the show, confirmed through a video on teammate Robert Cowan's YouTube channel.[1] He previously competed in the 2005 Rochester Robot Rampage event with MoZar, which he planned to rebuild for RoboGames 2023 but did not have time to complete.[2] His 3lb build RumHam XL also fought at RoboGames 2017 and 2018.

Quintal registered for the full combat 30lb division of RoboGames 2024 with his shuffling drum spinner Pepe Silvia. It picked up 3rd place overall.

Chad New[]

Chad New is Copperhead's weapon operator and has been part of Caustic Creations in each of its seasons to date, though his involvement with BattleBots dates back to the mid-2000s, where he competed with Bling Bling. Chad New designed and built Magnitude for BattleBots Proving Ground in 2023 and earned his first wins as captain against Taco Tuesday in 2024.

New also competes as part of Team Wazio Robotics with the 30lb robot Yahoo! in the National Havoc Robot League and other US events. In September 2023, he made the quarter-finals with Yahoo! in the 30lb bracket. Other robots of his include YeeHaw and Yippee.


Name Weight Class Events
Poison Arrow Heavyweight World Championship II
Copperhead Heavyweight World Championship IV
World Championship V
BattleBots: Bounty Hunters
World Championship VI
World Championship VII

Win/Loss Record[]

  • Wins: 19
  • Losses: 9

See Also[]

Cowans and Cuddles

The Cowans, Cuddles and Faruq Tauheed.


  • In April 2023, Robert Cowan revealed he had purchased the now-retired drum spinner of Fusion used in World Championship VI.[3]
  • A friend of Copperhead team member Chad New runs the shop Cuddles the boa constrictor was borrowed from during the 2021 season.