Carlo Bertocchini is one of the oldest and most successful robot builders, going all the way back to the original Robot Wars with the original BioHazard. Carlo competed in all seven BattleBots seasons. He appeared on television in each BattleBots season along with his team. Carlo and BioHazard won four BattleBots championships during the series' run on television, more than any other single robot. He still does combat related things to this day. He applied for Season 2 of the ABC reboot but ended up not competing. He also sells parts, providing Lisa Winter with the base of Plan X, a BattleKit.


  • For Season 2.0, Carlo got involved in an April Fools Day segement whereby his cat (dubbed "Elvis the RoboCat")

    Carlo (right), Carol (background) and Elvis the RoboCat.

    was equipped with a robotic box-shaped "body" that allowed it to move around to coincide with the backstory that Carlo was using it for the cat to regain mobility after an unfortunate "accident".In actuality, his cat was never harmed or injured at all.
  • Carlo was shown in a brief clip before the 2018 battlebots semi finals, hoisting the giant nut along with all other champions.


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