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Build 'Em Bash 'Em was a toy along the lines of the Grip 'N Grapplers except with the ability to physically turn your robot's position using a colored knob at the rear of the control handle, which also hold the shell in the air. Included in the game were the following items:

  • 1 FrenZy body shell with matching armor panels
  • 1 The Judge body shell with matching armor panels
  • 1 Deadblow body shell with matching armor panels
  • 1 Overkill body shell with matching armor panels
  • 6 hammer weapons, including each of the above robot's real weapons, though Overkill's has been modified.
  • 2 Decks of playing cards, each with one of the robots from the TV show
  • Instructions


Pick a robot shell, a weapon and the proper armor plates before placing your robot on one of the two trigger handles. When your opponent does the same, start fighting. Players use the meter on the left side of their controller to keep track of their record and turn the knob to attack and defend against attacks. If a player's robot flies off their trigger, the controller moves the slider down by 1. If a player successfully does this four times, they win the game.