Bounty Hunter.

Bounty Hunter was a superheavyweight robot which competed in the 2004 BattleBots charity event. It was armed with a Co2-powered flipping arm. It performed decently in competition, winning two battles overall.

Bounty Hunter was built by the same team that built Hammertime and SubZero.

Robot history

2004 NPC Charity Open

Hogzilla gets flipped by Bounty Hunter.

After receiving a bye, Bounty Hunter went against Hogzilla. When the match began, Bounty Hunter went for a box rush and attempted to get to the side of Hogzilla, only to hit the wall. Bounty Hunter then meets head-to-head with Hogzilla's two spinning discs, which had little effect on Bounty Hunter's positioning, before popping Hogzilla's front end in the air. Bounty Hunter then gets to the right side of Hogzilla, unfazed by the spinning discs that failed to cause much damage, and flipped it over. Bounty Hunter then lines up for another flip to get it out of the arena, but only manages to get Hogzilla stuck on the wall. Bounty Hunter lines up for another flip, and flips Hogzilla over again. Bounty Hunter leaves Hogzilla to get counted out, gaining a win by KO and advancing to the next round to face Nitro SOW.

Nitro SOW gets flipped by Bounty Hunter.

Unfortunately, Nitro SOW never got its spinning hammers up to full speed and Bounty Hunter went straight at Nitro SOW. Bounty Hunter tried to flip Nitro SOW from the left side, but it missed. Bounty Hunter immediately tried to flip Nitro SOW again from the front, but misses again and Nitro SOW pushed Bounty Hunter against the corner of the arena. After this, Bounty Hunter almost flipped Nitro SOW and it tried to flip Nitro SOW once again, but misses. After more missed flips from Bounty Hunter, Nitro SOW tried to push Bounty Hunter, but Nitro SOW couldn't and Bounty Hunter flipped Nitro SOW onto its back. Bounty Hunter pushed the flipped Nitro SOW against the corner of the arena and Nitro SOW was counted out. Bounty Hunter won by KO and advanced to meet The Judge.

Bounty Hunter getting pounded by both the Pulverizer and The Judge

When the match began, Bounty Hunter attempted to get to the side of The Judge, only to be stopped by a seam. Bounty Hunter then escaped getting hit by the hammer, giving it an opportunity to get under, but The Judge got away. After a few moments of eyeing each other, Bounty Hunter tried to get around to the sides of The Judge, but it failed to do so, taking a hammer shot to just behind the flipping arm in the process. Bounty Hunter then charges in for the front, but wound up taking a hammer shot to the front of its flipper. After another few moments of eyeing each other, Bounty Hunter tried to get to the sides again, but The Judge backed away and readied for a hammer shot. When it missed, however, Bounty Hunter seized the opportunity, getting under right front of The Judge and flipping it over. When the Judge self-righted using its axe, Bounty Hunter tried to flip it back over, but missed. The Judge left its rear end exposed, however, and Bounty Hunter popped it in the air and lifting it. When The Judge escaped, Bounty Hunter then went for the left side, flipping it over again. When The Judge performed a backflip with its axe instead of righting itself, Bounty Hunter pushed it away from the wall, where The Judge twisted in the air and back on its wheels, before Bounty Hunter flipped it on its back again. As The Judge managed to right itself again, Bounty Hunter reversed into a corner, where it got pounded by a pulverizer. Bounty Hunter appeared to have suffered some kind of failure, causing it to get stuck in reverse. Soon enough, The Judge arrived to the corner where Bounty Hunter was getting pounded and delivered some pounding of its own. Bounty Hunter tried to retaliate by firing its flipper when The Judge was near it, but it was hopeless. Bounty Hunter was counted out, giving The Judge the win by KO. Bounty Hunter was now put in the loser's bracket where it faced OUCH!!.

Bounty Hunter after the second impact with OUCH!!

When the match began, Bounty Hunter tried to box rush OUCH!! to prevent it from getting up to speed, but OUCH simply moved to the side to avoid it, so Bounty Hunter backed up and charged into OUCH!!, and the two made contact. The impact ripped off the tip of its flipper along with its left front armor plate. With OUCH!! already back up to speed, Bounty Hunter moved in to take a second blow, which tore the right front armor plate off along with the entire right side panel. That second blow immobilized Bounty Hunter, and it was counted out, giving OUCH!! the win by KO and eliminating Bounty Hunter from the tournament.


  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 2
Wins Losses
2004 NPC Charity Open



Nitro SOW

The Judge



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