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Bots 'n' Stuff Robotics are an active team who have competed in BattleBots since World Championship IV. They are best known for their heavyweight entry Bloodsport, but also debuted Retrograde in World Championship VI.

Bloodsport team WCVII

Bots 'n' Stuff Robotics and Bloodsport during World Championship VII.

The team entered both robots into BattleBots: Champions I, though neither managed to win their respective Sin City Slugfest brackets. Although Retrograde would not appear in World Championship VII, the team confirmed a total redesign for Bloodsport during the September 2022 National Havoc Robot League event.

In July 2023, they also announced a heavyweight version of their 3lb robot Fireball. It debuted in the September 9-10, 2023 Proving Ground shows, winning and losing a fight across the weekend.

In April 2023, the team also announced a robot called Subatomic and confirmed they had applied with it for World Championship VIII, but later withdrew to focus on their other robots.

Team Members[]

Justin Marple Aaron Lucas Bots n Stuff

Justin Marple & Aaron Lucas[]

Captains of Bloodsport and Retrograde respectively, Justin Marple and Aaron Lucas previously competed in Mumbai, India with a featherweight lifter called Lift Off! under the team name Area 51 Robotics. The bot fought twice, first winning a four-way rumble before losing a 1v1 against a bot from Team Uai!rrior, who had previously beaten Bloodsport with their 250lb heavyweight Black Dragon.

Aaron Lucas was later revealed as co-captain of Subatomic prior to its withdrawal.

Seth Schaffer

Seth Schaffer[]

First joining Bots ‘n’ Stuff in World Championship V, Schaffer captains his own team, Just ‘Cuz Robotics, and contributes to both his own teams eponymous YouTube channel, where he has amassed around 6,000 subscribers as of March 2023, and the Bloodsport YouTube channel. Schaffer has most notably created 3lb robot Division, which bears a vertical spinner and design resembling Deep Six. First competing at the August 28th, 2019 NHRL events sporting a blue color scheme, Division got off to a mediocre start, amassing a record of 3-2 before being redesigned for a larger disc weapon and orange color scheme, a design it sported for over 2 years in some form. With this design, Division amassed a 13-14 record at NHRL before achieving its best performance to date, a 5-2 record at the April 2022 event, after which it was retired.

Following this performance, Division would see yet another redesign with gear drive, custom molded urethane tires, and more secure fork mounts, but this version of Division would go 1-2 at its first event in July. Most recently, Division competed at the March 2023 NHRL event, where it lost its first fight. Among his other robots are a 3lb lifter named Shameless Self Promotion, which Schaffer sells as a kit, a 3lb hammer saw with a similar drive system to Division known as Shrapnel Mine, a 1lb overhead spinner similar to Bloodsport named Mini Mulcher, and a 12lb undercutter named Draconid. Division's most recent iteration debuted at the January 2024 NHRL event.

Nik Buchholz[]

Often seen as a referee for National Havoc Robot League events, Nik Buchholz is also an established competitor in his own right. Bloodsport minibot Thumb War has competed solo in numerous live events under the names Phantom, Phantom II, and Phantom III. Within their BattleBots team, he is known as the "weapons guru and strategic mastermind".[2]

Robert Lyle[]

An everpresent team member since their 2019 debut, Robert Lyle was listed as co-captain of the team's World Championship VIII submission, Subatomic, prior to its withdrawal.

Brian Boxell[]

One of several new additions for World Championship VII, Brian Boxell is best known for his 3lb beetleweight robot Eruption (not to be confused with the former Robot Wars heavyweight champion of the same name). Armed with an eggbeater spinner, it won the July 2022 NHRL event. He also competes with a beetleweight named Fireball, and captains the 250lb robot of the same name which debuted at the September 9-10 2023 Proving Ground shows.

Pearl Grey[]

Debuting in the May 2022 NHRL event with their 3lb vertical spinner Data Collector, Pearl Grey was revealed as a Bots 'n' Stuff Robotics team member in July 2022.[3] They also fought in the July 2022 Robotica beetleweight bracket in Houston, Texas with an upgraded version named data collector 1.2. It went 4-2 at the event and impressed in the 3lb rumble, winning overall. Their 3lb robot 2FA is driven by a Steam Deck and placed second at the Texas Aimbots Fall Frenzy event in October 2023, hosted by Texas A&M University. 2FA also competed at NHRL in January 2024.

Curtis Honeycutt[]

A third addition to Bots 'n' Stuff Robotics in 2022, Curtis Honeycutt is a published author who runs the award-winning newspaper column Grammar Guy, and hosts the podcast Word Nerd.[4] His role within the team typically concerns branding, graphic design and the team's social media presence.

Ellie Clark[]

Also joining in 2022, Ellie Clark became part of the team via one of their sponsors to assist in making a Bloodsport-themed STEM kit, later accompanying the team for Bloodsport's fourth BattleBots season. Her role on the team concerns general pit crew duties.[5] She is also president of the Michigan State University Competitive Robotics club, and competes with the 3lb robot Lavender Haze. Ahead of the team's September 2023 Proving Ground battles, she led the design of a new minibot called Bloodsquirt.

"I started robotics in the third grade and haven't stopped. I remember watching BattleBots as a young girl, looking up to the builders as role models. Now I am one."
— Ellie Clark in a November 2022 MSU article[6]

In January 2024, she debuted with a 3lb horizontal spinner called Reputation. in the NHRL 'New Year New Bots' event.


Name Weight Class Season
Bloodsport Heavyweight World Championship IV
World Championship V
BattleBots: Bounty Hunters
World Championship VI
BattleBots: Champions I
World Championship VII
BattleBots: Champions II
Retrograde Heavyweight World Championship VI
BattleBots: Champions I
World Championship VII (Withdrew)
Fireball Heavyweight BattleBots Proving Ground
World Championship VIII (Status pending)
Subatomic Heavyweight World Championship VIII (Withdrew)

Win/Loss Record[]

  • Wins: 21
  • Losses: 17

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