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Bot Whisperings is the name given to a series of videos presented by Pete Abrahamson, who interviews competing BattleBots teams about the design of their heavyweight robots. Its name is inspired by Abrahamson's role on the show, which is described as "The Bot Whisperer".

Pete Abrahamson Bot Whisperings

Pete Abrahamson presenting Bot Whisperings.

Similar to the short videos presented by Bobak Ferdowsi during World Championship I, Bot Whisperings serves to explain the design choices of key competitors. Unlike the short-lived series, however, teams are interviewed in the Pits by Ronin builder Pete Abrahamson.

It is unknown how frequently Bot Whisperings video will be uploaded, but the first was shared a day before Episode 9 of World Championship VII. The second came a day prior to Episode 11, which aired three weeks after the previous episode due to March Madness, and the third came just before Episode 12.

Meet Team End Game[]

The first episode featured an interview with Jack Barker, Nick Mabey and Shane de Rijk of Team End Game, who elaborated on the extreme levels of redundancy within their championship-winning design.

Meet Team Switchback[]

Pete Abrahamson spoke to Team Midnight Invention captain Greg Needel in the second episode about the development of Switchback in the off-season, and what the team learnt ahead of World Championship VII.

Meet Team Claw Viper[]

For Episode 3, Abrahamson interviewed Claw Viper driver and captain Kevin Milczewski about his impressive 3-0 start to World Championship VII. He spoke about the use of speed as a weapon in the BattleBox, the reason behind Claw Viper's magnet pattern and why the team prefer belt drive rather than chains.

Under Pressure with Team Quantum[]

In the fourth episode, The Bot Whisperer spoke to another 3-0 team ahead of their fourth and final Fight Night battle - Team Robo Challenge and Quantum. Speaking specifically to Grant and James Cooper, Pete Abrahamson discussed the crushing design and the brothers explained their unique driving style.

Meet Team Big Dill[]

Pete Abrahamson spoke to Big Dill captain and driver Emmanuel Carrillo in Episode 5 after the team's fourth and final Fight Night battle. They discussed Big Dill's original alternate position and the inspiration taken from Aren Hill in rebuilding the robot for World Championship VII. Emmanuel also showcased the array of spinning weapons Big Dill has, including some not yet seen throughout its Fight Night battles.

In-depth Botopsy on Blip[]

Following Blip's Round of 32 loss to SawBlaze, captain and driver Aren Hill offered a damage report on his robot. He explained how damage to a speed controller for one of the solenoids powering Blip's flywheel flipper disabled the primary weapon early in the battle. Aren Hill ran through the slightly damaged frame, but showed how much of SawBlaze's attacks were absorbed by the additional black Tegris armor.

Bot Whisperings with Mark Setrakian[]

Posted after the finale to World Championship VII, Pete Abrahamson interviewed his former Team Sinister teammate Mark Setrakian on his 77lb demonstration robot, Stalker. The pair discussed Stalker's unique walking design, and how Setrakian hopes to inspire more walking robots in the future following the hiatus of Chomp after World Championship V.