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Bombshell is a robot built by Chaos Corps which competed in three seasons of the BattleBots reboot, most recently appearing in Discovery Season 4.

It was dubbed a "Swiss Army Bot" due to its assortment of interchangeable weaponry: a large axe, a set of lifting forks, a vertical disc set within a wedge and an articulated horizontal blade. Bombshell was also joined in the BattleBox by Short Fuse, a flying drone equipped with a flamethrower. Bombshell was created by a team of Georgia-based roboteers well known for their entries into the long-running Robot Battles series of events. Bombshell earned its name after it was constructed within an old World War II bunker based in Georgia.

Bombshell had a bad start in the Round of 48, losing to Complete Control by a unanimous decision, but was reinstated as a wildcard. From then, it did incredibly well, making it all the way to the Championship fight before losing to Tombstone.

For Discovery Season 3, Bombshell was redesigned and featured a sleeker body. However, it could only be equipped with its 170mph vertical spinning disc due to a lack of time to build different configurations. Despite this, the team had two discs to choose from: their signature disc from the previous season and a new disc, which ended up being used for every fight. The drone Short Fuse notably did not join Bombshell in Season 3. Unfortunately, the design proved ineffective as Bombshell lost its first four matches. Bombshell redeemed itself by winning the "Last Chance Rumble" to qualify for the Top 16 and defeating top-ranked Tombstone before being KO'd by Lock-Jaw.

For Discovery Season 4, Bombshell had a new team leader in Matt Carroll, while its design was based off its 2016 season appearance. For weaponry, Bombshell had gained its modular options once again, in the forms of its signature vertical disc, only with this one being a heavily modified version from the previous two with bigger teeth, and the horizontal bar (much like the old lifter, the bar went unused for the season.) It also went from its eight wheel Colson wheels to four rubber wheels. However, it did much worse than last season, losing all four of its fights.

In a podcast, it was confirmed that Bombshell would not return for the 2020 season, but a few of the team members would assist Craig Danby and his new robot, SlamMow!. Bombshell's potential return for future seasons is most likely not to come due to most of the team members helping out with other robots or making their own.


Bombshell's hero shot, fitted with its axe.


Bombshell has four interchangeable weapons it could use depending on the fight. The first configuration they used for the tournament was the axe weapon. Unfortunately, the axe fired very slowly and barely caused damage to its first match against Complete Control. Therefore, they did not use this configuration for the rest of the tournament.

Bombshell with its horizontal blade.

Horizontal Blade[]

The horizontal blade configuration was used against its fights with Cobalt and Tombstone, the weapon is meant to impact any piece of the bot that is on the top layer, such as the wheels or a chain. This blade can be adjusted at any time of the match, though it takes a while to. It proved effective in their fight with Cobalt, being able to hit the wheels, in their Tombstone match however, it failed to hit the chain of the bot because it was too high.

Bombshell with the vertical spinning disc.

Vertical Spinning Disc[]

The vertical spinning disc configuration was used against its fights with Red Devil, Poison Arrow, and Minotaur, it also came with a wedge. Out of all the interchangeable weapons, this proved to be the most effective, being able to take hits from Poison Arrow and Minotaur, in its Red Devil fight however, one of its hit caused the weapon to shutdown, meaning it can be a danger to itself. Even if the weapon dies, the wedge is still strong enough to push bots around the arena. It also has an invertibility system similar to Backlash. However, the bot usually ended up sideways when upside down which made it lose all its fights in Season 4.

Bombshell with its lifting forks.

Lifting Forks[]

An early CAD of Bombshell's 2018 redesign.

The fourth configuration was a set of serrated lifting forks. Unlike the other configurations, however, this one was never used throughout Bombshell's first two seasons. The configuration was redesigned for Discovery Season 4, but was again not used.

Robot History[]

ABC Season 2[]

Bombshell vs. Complete Control

Bombshell with its axe covered by a box.

Complete Control carrying and cooking Bombshell.

Bombshell's first fight in BattleBots was against Complete Control. Before the fight, Bombshell's axe was adorned with an empty gift-wrapped box, referencing the box containing a net Complete Control controversially used against Ghost Raptor the year before. Right from the start of the battle, Complete Control grabbed Bombshell, which escaped and managed to use its axe to no effect. Then after another grab, Bombshell managed to dig its axe into Complete Control's armor. Meanwhile, Short Fuse was flying near its main bot and nearly took itself out on impact with the BattleBox floor. Short Fuse then crashed against the lexan wall, rendering itself disabled for the remainder of the match. Complete Control grabbed Bombshell, lifting it up and using its flamethrower to fry its internals. Eventually, Complete Control dropped a smoldering Bombshell in the corner before picking it up once more, taking it to the pulverizer until time ran out. Complete Control's impressive performance resulted in a win by a unanimous judges' decision.

However, Bombshell was awarded one of the eight wild cards most likely for its flame breathing drone Short Fuse and its interchangeable weaponry.

Bombshell vs. Cobalt

Bombshell tearing into Cobalt's wheels.

This put Bombshell to the Round of 32 with its No.19 seeding, where it faced the No.14 seed Cobalt. For this match, Bombshell was fitted with its articulated horizontal blade and planned to cut Cobalt's wheels off from the top half of the bot. The match started out fairly evenly as both robots made contact with Cobalt backing in to save its weapon. Bombshell continued to show aggression, before its horizontal blade sliced into Cobalt's wheel. After a few more attacks, Bombshell tore the other tire completely off, leaving Cobalt unable to move around the BattleBox. Cobalt was counted out and Bombshell advanced to the Round of 16.

Bombshell vs. Red Devil

Bombshell delivers a big hit to Red Devil.

Bombshell now faced the No.30 seed Red Devil. Things started out well for Bombshell as the first hit on one of Red Devil's track pods tossed Red Devil into the air. However, the impact caused one of the wires leading to a battery powering the weapon to come out, leaving the weapon to power down and turn the match into a pushing match. Regardless, Bombshell continued to stay aggressive as the first hit with Red Devil damaged its track pods, causing Red Devil to have trouble moving around. Bombshell pushed Red Devil towards the pulverizer, but Red Devil escaped at the last second. Bombshell took a shot from the killsaws and the pulverizer before getting Red Devil on its back in front of the screws. Bombshell took a shot from Red Devil's saw onto the front wedge added and was pretty well out of drive power when time ran out. Bombshell won on a unanimous 3-0 judges' decision and advanced to the quarter-finals, where it faced No.27 seed Poison Arrow.

Bombshell vs. Poison Arrow

Bombshell decided to go with its powerful vertical spinner weapon again. When the match started, it proved to be a good choice as sparks went flying.

Bombshell clashing with Poison Arrow as the latter's drum grinds to a halt.

After a few more hits, Poison Arrow was sent flying and ended up on its drum against the arena wall.

Bombshell leaves Poison Arrow against the wall.

Its driver decided to try and free Poison Arrow with the drone, but it came up short. As Poison Arrow was being counted out, Bombshell struck both the drone, sending it into Poison Arrow, as well as the main bot itself, hard enough to free it from the wall. More sparks were made as the robots collided, but Bombshell landed a strong hit that sent Poison Arrow flying to just behind the screws where it couldn't move. Poison Arrow was counted out at 1:35 and Bombshell advanced to the semifinals, where it faced No.7 seed Minotaur.

Bombshell vs. Minotaur

Minotaur grinds into Bombshell's wedge.

Bombshell flings Minotaur away.

Bombshell takes a hit.

Bombshell kept its disc spinner for this fight. The match started out fairly evenly for Bombshell as neither robot gained the upper hand. However, Minotaur eventually managed to tear off Bombshells left side. But several seconds later, Bombshell started to inflict some hits on Minotaur, including one that flipped Minotaur over and dislodged a drive train. Minotaur used its drum's gyroscopic forces to help steer, but Bombshell kept coming after it. However, Bombshell's weapon had lost one of its teeth from one of the collisions with Minotaur's drum and was suffering a similar wiring problem to its match with Red Devil. Luckily for Bombshell though, the gyroscopic forces of Minotaur's drum caused it to eventually land upright, where its bottom plate that had been torn upwards by one of Bombshell's attacks, kept Minotaur's remaining working wheel off the arena floor. Minotaur was eventually counted out ten seconds from time, meaning the unlikely wildcard Bombshell advanced to the Championship Final, where No.1 seed Tombstone was waiting.

Bombshell vs. Tombstone

Tombstone attacks Bombshell.

In this match, due to its disc spinner being badly damaged in the previous match, Bombshell opted to go with the horizontal spinning bar it used to defeat Cobalt, in hopes of disabling Tombstone's weapon by hitting and breaking the chain. However, this proved ineffective against Tombstone as it was too low to reach the chain. As a result of this missed attack, Tombstone could spin up and Bombshell's side was ripped open. Bombshell kept maneuvering as best it could, but Tombstone continued to attack, tearing off

Tombstone ripping wheels off of Bombshell.

wheels and eventually immobilizing Bombshell. Tombstone circled around the then-smoking Bombshell and just before the K.O. countdown started. Tombstone went in for a ravaging final attack, aiming for Bombshell's exposed chassis. This violent hit caused Bombshell's external armor and some parts of the chassis to fly into the BattleBox walls, in-box cameras, and behind the kick plate next to the driver stand. Bombshell was counted out and Tombstone won by KO after just 53 seconds to take the Championship Giant Nut.

Discovery Season 3[]

Bombshell vs. Lock-Jaw

Bombshell is high centered by Lock-Jaw.

Bombshell's first match in Season 3 was an undercard match against Lock-Jaw. At the start of the match, both robots rushed out to the center of the arena. Both delivered minor damage to each other before Lock-Jaw got its forks under Bombshell and flipped it. Bombshell drove around for a bit trying to right itself and Lock-Jaw hit it again, causing Bombshell to become high-centered on its own wedge. Normally, Bombshell's weapon would've been able to get Bombshell back over, but the weapon had so much torque that it was slipping on the belt that powered it. Unable to move, Bombshell's countdown was underway, but with 2 seconds left, Lock-Jaw hit Bombshell back so its wheels were touching the floor. After this, Bombshell went at Lock-Jaw and ran over it. Lock-Jaw eventually high-centered Bombshell again, this time against the arena wall and Bombshell was counted out, giving Lock-Jaw the win by KO at 2:33.

Bombshell vs. Bronco

Bombshell is tossed over the barrier.

Bombshell's next opponent was Bronco. In this match, Bombshell was keeping Bronco from getting underneath and managing to land hits on Bronco's armor, but only caused sparks. After nearly flipping Bronco on another hit, Bombshell found itself upside down in the corner of the arena thanks to a big flip from its opponent. Bombshell was left helpless and was eventually thrown out of the arena, giving Bronco the win by KO.

Bombshell vs. Yeti

Bombshell splits Yeti's forks.

Bombshell's wheel is damaged by Yeti.

Bombshell catches fire in the final few seconds.

Bombshell's third opponent was against semi-finalist, Yeti. The match started out well for Bombshell as they threw Yeti into the air almost immediately. After the second hit, Bombshell was pushed into the arena screws as Yeti took advantage of the gyroscopic forces plaguing its opponent. Bombshell continued to attack and mangled Yeti's front lifting forks, making them virtually useless. Bombshell then took a hit to the side that tore off one of the wheel guards and bent the axle on that side, causing the wheel to wobble for the rest of the fight. Still, Yeti kept coming, so Bombshell delivered another hit that took off the chain that powered Yeti's drum. Yeti remained sturdy and continued to attack, even without a primary or secondary weapon, so Bombshell struck it again. Unfortunately, as the fight drew to a close, smoke and flames began to appear and Bombshell was no longer moving. The fight went to the judges, who awarded a shocking unanimous 3-0 decision for Yeti, despite all the damage Bombshell did.

Bombshell vs. Bite Force

Bombshell gets tossed by Bite Force's spinning bar.

Bombshell is tossed out of the arena by Bite Force.

Bombshell's next opponent was the former champion Bite Force. Things were off to a very poor start for Bombshell as the first hit immediately flipped them over, where they had no direct means of self-righting near the arena barrier. There was little else for Bombshell to do and they took two more hits from their opponent, the latter of which sent them out of the arena. Bombshell was counted out, giving Bite Force the win by a KO. This made Bombshell one of only two robots in the season to go 0-4, the other being Chomp.

Last Chance Rumble

All six robots in the BattleBox.

Red Devil gets to grips with Bombshell.

Bombshell tears away Red Devil's tread.

Red Devil is immobilized as the rest fight on.

Bombshell struggles to move in the red square as DUCK! watches on.

The Last Chance Rumble comes to a close.

Bombshell was chosen to take part in a Last Chance Rumble with DUCK!GigabyteLuckyValkyrie and Red Devil to determine the 16th seed in the Top 16 bracket. Early on, each of the spinners got up to speed as Red Devil got an early grab on DUCK! and with assistance from Bombshell, took it to the screws. DUCK! was then taken to Valkyrie's undercutter, who ran into the spinning shell of Gigabyte and deflected away. Gigabyte itself then ran into the wedge of Bombshell, unbalancing it as John Mladenik's bot hit the screws. Not yet back up to speed, Gigabyte's ground clearance was breached by Bombshell as Valkyrie drove itself into the arena wall. Lucky and DUCK! tussled in the far end of the arena as Red Devil got back into the action and grabbed the back end of Bombshell, but could not get its saw into play. DUCK! and Gigabyte collided in the middle of the BattleBox before Hal Rucker's bot rammed into the back of Valkyrie, before taking a blow to its plow. Lucky was experiencing drive issues on one side while Bombshell looked to prevent Gigabyte from spinning back up. As Red Devil drove up Bombshell's wedge, its vertical spinner hit their right side tread and tore it off, which was the first major damage of the rumble. Gigabyte dealt a follow-up shot which sent Red Devil spinning away from the action. As it tried to spin up, Bombshell ran into Gigabyte with its front and popped it into the air several times. Gigabyte escaped, driving into DUCK! before turning its attention towards Valkyrie. Bombshell again ran at Gigabyte, but suffered drive issues as a result and was no longer mobile with 1:30 on the clock. Gigabyte drove into DUCK! and then Valkyrie again before it suddenly stopped moving, but was still an active hazard as its shell continued to spin. Valkyrie also appeared weary as DUCK! got to its rear and shoved it into the corner. Lucky had managed to maneuvre into the action by this point as it feebly lifted DUCK! with its arm. Valkyrie had also driven to the center of the BattleBox, but DUCK! lifted it up and dropped it into Gigabyte's spinning shell. Lucky was no longer mobile at this stage, but as DUCK! lifted Valkyrie into the arena wall once more, Bombshell found life and escaped the red square that it had been immobile in for over a minute. As there had been no official countouts during the rumble, the fight went to the judges with all six robots technically still in contention as per the rules concerning no individual knockouts.

Despite its mobility issues, the damage Bombshell caused throughout the fight carried the most weight and the judges awarded the Last Chance Rumble in favor of Bombshell.

Bombshell vs. Tombstone

Bombshell hits Tombstone.

Winless in the season but victorious in the rumble, Bombshell advanced to the tournament and faced Tombstone in a rematch from the previous season's title decider. Bombshell had to absorb hits from Tombstone's weapon off the bat, but did not take much damage from them in return. Tombstone continued to hit, but after a few collisions, Tombstone's weapon chain came off, laid strewn across the BattleBox. By this point, Bombshell had lost its weapon too, resulting in a pushing match between the two robots. Bombshell was able to get underneath Tombstone using the sloped front and flipped it over, but Tombstone was able to drive inverted, so this did not trouble them. What did, however, was the moment Tombstone moved to the corner near the pulverizer, and drove over its own chain, becoming high-centered in the process. Still mobile, Bombshell drove to the center of the BattleBox and started spinning in celebration as the count started on the defending champion. Tombstone was counted out, marking Tombstone's first knockout loss in modern BattleBots, and allowing Bombshell to earn its revenge and advance to the quarter-finals.

Bombshell vs. Lock-Jaw

Bombshell gets tossed onto its back by Lock-Jaw.

The defeated Bombshell catches fire again.

In the final eight, Bombshell faced Lock-Jaw in another rematch. Both robots roamed around the arena a bit before Bombshell was thrown onto its back near the arena barrier and stopped moving. Bombshell's drive speed controller shorted out and caught fire, and the robot was counted out, eliminating Bombshell from the competition two stages earlier than the previous season.

Discovery Season 4[]

Bombshell vs. DUCK!

DUCK! flips Bombshell over.

Bombshell kicked off its 2019 participation with a redemption battle with DUCK! after its controversial victory in the 2018 Last Chance Rumble. For this fight, Bombshell went with its vertical spinner setup. The match got underway and after some circling, Bombshell found itself on the receiving end of a lift by DUCK! Unfortunately, Bombshell was thrown onto its back and bounced on its spinning disc, landing similarly to its defeats last season. Bombshell was unable to self-right or drive inverted and was counted out, giving DUCK! the win by KO.

Bombshell vs. ROTATOR

ROTATOR impacts the rear of Bombshell.

Bombshell's next opponent was against quarter-finalist, ROTATOR. As a result, Bombshell opted to stick with its vertical spinner setup. As the match got underway, Bombshell was having some control by attacking ROTATOR and sending them flying. ROTATOR recovered and took another hit. Bombshell then took damage to its side, costing it a drive wheel in the process. After another big hit, ROTATOR sent Bombshell across the arena, dislodging its left base plate before Bombshell stopped moving since none of its remaining drive wheels were touching the ground due to being too small and was counted out, giving ROTATOR the win by KO.

Bombshell vs. Cobalt

Bombshell on top of Cobalt, the latter losing its wedge from the impact.

Bombshell landing upside down, Cobalt's broken wedge visible in the foreground.

Up next for Bombshell was a rematch with Cobalt from 2016. In response, Bombshell was originally planning on using their new horizontal spinner but had technical issues that were unable to be sorted and there was also not enough time to swap out the drive pods. Bombshell was still configured to drive upside down but the wedge was removed to not only allow the weapon to be Cobalt's first contact point but also to avoid getting high-centered on the floor. The match got underway but Bombshell was flipped over while Cobalt was high-centered on the floor. The match was paused and reset (any hint of this was cut from the TV airing.) When the match resumed, Bombshell was thrown into the air, taking Cobalt's wedge extension as a result. Bombshell landed upright and went in for another hit. Much like before, Bombshell went up the front of Cobalt, but this time landed upside down and still had no self-righting mechanism or way of running inverted, due to changing the chassis' position for the drive wheels and the smaller diameter drive wheels. Bombshell was counted out, giving Cobalt the win by a quick KO and sealing its revenge.

Bombshell vs. Lock-Jaw

Lock-Jaw smokes once more as Bombshell is counted out

Both bots collide.

Bombshell's fourth match of the 2019 season was a rematch against Lock-Jaw from both instances last season. Bombshell went with its boat configuration and seemingly worked out all the kinks regarding invertibility. The match got underway and Bombshell did well, clipping Lock-Jaw's right rear wheel and hindering Lock-Jaw's ability to drive. However, Bombshell soon took a hit from Lock-Jaw that left it only able to turn in large circles or drive backwards. Bombshell then had some of its side armor damaged by Lock-Jaw before Lock-Jaw started temporarily emitting smoke. Bombshell circled wide in reverse and took another hit that caused it to strike weapon-first into the arena floor and stop working. Bombshell was counted out, giving Lock-Jaw the win by KO.


ABC Season 2
2016 Championship
19th seed
Round of 48 vs. Complete Control Lost (JD)
NOTE: Bombshell received a wildcard and moved on to the next round.
Round of 32 vs. Cobalt (14) Won (KO)
Round of 16 vs. Red Devil (30) Won (JD)
Round of 8 vs. Poison Arrow (27) Won (KO)
Semi-Final vs. Minotaur (7) Won (KO)
Final vs. Tombstone (1) Lost (KO)
Discovery Season 3
Fight Nights
0-4 in Fight Nights, won Play-in
Fight Night vs. Lock-Jaw Lost (KO)
Fight Night Main Event vs. Bronco Lost (KO)
Fight Night vs. Yeti Lost (JD)
Fight Night vs. Bite Force Lost (KO)
Last Chance Rumble vs. DUCK!, Gigabyte, Lucky,
Red Devil, Valkyrie
Won (JD)
Top 16
16th seed
Round of 16 vs. Tombstone (1) Won (KO)
Round of 8 vs. Lock-Jaw (8) Lost (KO)
Discovery Season 4
Fight Nights
Fight Night vs. DUCK! Lost (KO)
Fight Night vs. ROTATOR Lost (KO)
Fight Night vs. Cobalt Lost (KO)
Fight Night vs. Lock-Jaw Lost (KO)


  • Wins: 6
  • Losses: 11
Competition Wins Losses
ABC Season 2 Cobalt

Red Devil

Poison Arrow


Complete Control


Discovery Season 3

DUCK!, Gigabyte, Valkyrie, Red Devil and Lucky (Last Chance Rumble)


Lock-Jaw (Undercard Match)

Bronco (Main Event/Undercard Match)

Yeti (Undercard Match)

Bite Force (Undercard Match)


Discovery Season 4 None

DUCK! (Undercard Match)

ROTATOR (Undercard Match)

Cobalt (Undercard Match)

Lock-Jaw (Undercard Match)

Faruq Tauheed Introductions[]

"Bad for your health, it comes real stealth. Droppin’ bombs on your moms! It’s BOMBSHELL!"

"It rules the 'Box like Kim Jon Kill. Welcome the remilitarized's own BOMBSHELL!"

"They're the Chaos Corps and they're back for more. They'll sign your obituary, "Tanks for the memories". It's BOMBSHELL!"

"If this bot were running for president, it would be called Artilary Clinton. Feel the burn of BOMBSHELL!"

"Practical and tactical with more tools than a Swiss-army knife, You're gonna lose if you can't diffuse BOMBSHELL!"

"This bot is an expert in Wrench Warfare. It's about to stuff you in a hurtlocker. It's BOMBSHELL!"

"Here to get down and dirty from the ATL, it's BOMBSHELL!"

"This bot looks like a military plane but its powerful spinner will drive you insane. You'll end up in the dust feelin' concussed. It's BOMBSHELL!"

"This is one bomb that you can't de-activate. It will straight-up detonate. It's BOMBSHELL!"

"*airraid siren sounds* We're about to enter a state of war. This is defcon 4 and you're about to be blitzkrieged by a bot. It's BOMBSHELL!"


"It won the Last Chance Rumble and earned the final spot. Can it keep the momentum going and remain red-hot? Will it win? How far will it go? Don't light its fuse or else this bot will blow, BOMBSHELL!"

"It just beat the unbeatable, the mighty Tombstone. Can it keep the streak going? What a story to tell. It's about to explode. It's BOMBSHELL!"

"I don't know if this bot shops at Walmart, but it's ready to destroy a Target. Ready to take you to Blood, Bath, and Beyond, it's BOMBSHELL!"

"This bot hails from Georgia, but it ain't no peach. It'll assault you like a German on Normandy Beach. Make some noise on the western front for BOMBSHELL!"

"This bot will have you crying "su-su-sudio." It's gonna stop your two hearts. You're fighting against all odds 'cause there's pain in the air tonight. du-dun-da-dun-dundun. It's BOMBSHELL!"

"If this bot's the steak, you're the gristle. Chew through you just like that. And ain't nobody got time for fat! It's BOMBSHELL!"


  • Bombshell is the first robot to lose to the same robot twice in one season. It also lost a third time from the same robot in Discovery Season 4.
  • Out of every robot handed a wildcard after losing their first fight, Bombshell is the competitor to have found the most success afterwards, reaching the Championship Final of Season 2.
  • Team member Chris Williamson competed with Red Devil's Jerome Miles in Season 2 of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors with Unibite.
  • Bombshell was responsible for Tombstone's first KO loss in modern BattleBots.
  • Bombshell's only match in the 2019 season not to be a rematch was its fight against ROTATOR.
  • All of Bombshell's opponents in Season 4 had to fight in the play-offs to earn a spot in the Top 16, with only Lock-Jaw succeeding there.
  • For Season 3, one of the proposed weapon configurations was a horizontal chain spinner, loosely inspired by Robot Wars competitor Nuts 2.
  • Bombshell was the first 0-4 bot to get into the top 16.