This chassis is one of at least two build-your-own-robot toys you can customize with different weapons and wheels, similar to the BattleBots Custom Series released by Tiger Electronics in 2002. The two revealed designs have two-wheel drive and a flat chassis. In the case of this chassis, it comes with:

  • A horizontal spinner attachments
  • 2 plow attachments
  • A different pair of wheels with more torque
  • An axe attachment
  • 2 removable armor panels

Each of the components can be used with Chassis B and vice-versa are snap-fit into the chassis. A hole at the back of the toy fits a small gear on each of the motorized attachments to provide a continuous motion of that weapon. Consequently, this means the axe is continuously moving, making it a slight deviation from robots that uses hammers in real life. Underneath the the toy is the battery cover, which also holds the wheels in place. If this cover is removed, the wheels can easily be swapped out and fit into a special slot that fits perfectly with the other gears that make up the toy's gearboxes. The axe is quite powerful, capable of not only self-righting the toy but also causes the toy to inch forward each time the axe fires.







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