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Blade, sometimes referred to as Blade v3 and often known as ORBY Blade, is a heavyweight robot built by South Korea's Team ORBY, which competed in Discovery Season 6 of BattleBots.

It is a four-wheel drive, neon yellow bot armed with a heavy horizontal bar spinner powered by a customized LEM-200 Lynch motor, and is capable of hitting 2500rpm.[1] The team have the choice of three other bars depending on their opponent, though each is designed to cause serious damage. One of these is asymmetic, as well as orange and green in color, called "The Death Carrot".[2] Blade is also equipped with a self-righting arm on the top section of the robot, in the event of being flipped over. As well as this, Blade has a defensive rear wedge to deflect blows and push other bots around, as well as a minibot called ORBY Wedge.

Under the name ORBY Blade, the team competed in China's This is Fighting Robots and Season 2 of King of Bots. These iterations are known as Blade v1 and Blade v2 respectively. While the bar was mean and powerful enough to deal massive damage, tough match-ups in both seasons and a broken self-righter in King of Bots led to its premature elimination. CheogGyu Hwang is the only Team ORBY member to have competed in China as well as in BattleBots.

Blade's 2020 season confirmation to Facebook Supporters.

Blade were confirmed to be competing in Discovery Season 5 under the name Blade v3. However, due to the season's inevitable postponement and COVID-19 restrictions preventing travel from South Korea at the time, Team ORBY were forced to drop out. Team ORBY and Blade finally got the chance to compete a season later, driven by Sangeun Ju. It initially encountered issues during safety tests as the team struggled to get Blade's primary weapon to decelerate within the permitted time. After assistance from Robotic Death Company, Team Skorpios and HUGE, Blade passed safety inspections after the fourth attempt.[3] Blade's first fight came against 2020 Bounty Hunter winner Skorpios, which resulted in a loss by judges' decision. Its early loss was compounded by a quick knockout against Lucky, in which Blade lodged a chunk of its 60lb aluminum bar into the BattleBox. Despite Blade's untelevised win over Dragon Slayer, Team ORBY failed to break into the Top 32 in their debut season.

Team ORBY's "Death Carrot".

ORBY Blade as it appeared in the second season of King of Bots.

Outside BattleBots, Team ORBY are one of South Korea's most established robot combat teams, with over 14 years of experience prior to their 2021 season debut, several of which were in televised Chinese competitions. Team captain CheogGyu Hwang has built several other robots in their neon yellow theme, including a 1lb antweight called ORBY Buzz, which sports a vertical spinner, as well as a 1lb version of Blade which served as a prototype for their heavyweight, aptly named ORBY Blade Mini.

Robot History[]

Discovery Season 6[]

Blade vs. Skorpios

Blade is pinned in place by Skorpios.

Both teams in the tents post-fight.

Blade's BattleBots debut came against the returning Skorpios. To begin the fight, Blade led with their large rear plow rather than their 50lb bar spinner. However, Skorpios was able to breach their ground clearance and coerce Blade into the corner, near the Upper Deck. Though Blade landed a strong glancing shot with their horizontal bar, they deflected into the arena barrier and exposed their rear to Skorpios, who took full advantage. Skorpios first landed a hit with their hammer saw and took a chunk out of the top of their plow, and then delivered a blow to the gearing of their self-righting mechanism. Blade was free from the corner, but found itself snagged on Skorpios' front wedge. Skorpios landed more attacks with its disc as it refused to give Blade the time or space to spin up to speed. Blade eventually did spin up, but could only graze the wedge of Skorpios as they caused further damage to Blade's plow. Skorpios then got to the front of Blade and lodged its disc into the head of its opponent and was able to lift its rear wheels off the floor and drag it around. Skorpios sent Blade to the pulverizer and attacked several more times with its primary weapon. Although Skorpios dominated for the remainder of the fight, Blade was still mobile at the end. The fight went to the judges, who ruled unanimously in favor of Skorpios.

Zach Lytle later showed off a piece of Blade's armor which Team Skorpios were gifted after their fight. CheogGyu Hwang signed it and labelled a cut with "겁나 아파!", which translates roughly to "freaking hurts!" according to Team ORBY.[4]

Blade vs. Lucky

Blade is left stuck on the arena barrier.

Blade's second fight was against Canadian veteran Lucky. For this battle, Blade opted for their 60lb aluminum bar, and Lucky added AR500 steel to its sides. As the match began, Blade spun around to show its rear plow to Lucky and landed a strong hit to their steel armor. However, Blade deflected into the corner of the BattleBox and lost part of its bar, which became lodged in the arena barrier itself. Now unbalanced, Blade attempted to spin up but could not control their robot and chose to spin down. Lucky took advantage and shoved Blade to the screws, sliding the front underneath the South Korean bot and overturning it. Lucky then threw Blade onto the housing for the screws, where it was high-centered and unable to escape. Blade was counted out, putting Team ORBY to 0-2.

Blade vs. Dragon Slayer

Blade and Dragon Slayer go weapon to weapon early on.

Blade watches on as Dragon Slayer is counted out.

In a last ditch push to make a case for the Top 32, Blade received a third opponent in the form of Dragon Slayer. For this fight, Team ORBY swapped out the defensive wedge for an angled plow. As the fight began, both robots' weapons spun up to speed as Dragon Slayer approached Blade's square. Blade then turned into Dragon Slayer and the two went weapon to weapon. This sent Blade twisting through the air and landing bar-first into the BattleBox floor. Blade recovered and opted to spin in place, throwing its weapon into Dragon Slayer and tearing part of its front armor away. Dragon Slayer deflected into the arena barrier and was no longer mobile, with one of its wheels visibly buckled from the impact. Blade backed off as Dragon Slayer was counted out, earning a first ever BattleBots victory for South Korea and Team ORBY. Despite this late win, Blade missed out on a place in the Round of 32.


Discovery Season 6
Fight Nights
Fight Night vs. Skorpios Lost (JD)
Fight Night vs. Lucky Lost (KO)
Fight Night vs. Dragon Slayer Won (KO)


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 2
Competition Wins Losses
Discovery Season 6 Dragon Slayer (Untelevised Undercard Match) Skorpios (Undercard Match)

Lucky (Undercard Match)

Faruq Tauheed Introductions[]

"From Seoul, South Korea, forget BTS. He's here to make you R.I.P. It’s BLADE!"

"From Seoul, South Korea, ready to mash your unit, give it up for BLADE!"

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  • Blade is the first South Korean BattleBots representative across both the classic and modern eras of the show.
  • Team ORBY's Blade is known as the "Korean Tombstone" due to the bar's size, weight, and power.
  • Blade driver Sangeun Ju is a professional violin player.