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Black Dragon was a heavyweight robot built by Team Uai!rrior from Brazil, which competed in every season of the BattleBots reboot since Discovery Season 4.

It is a two-wheel drive, box-shaped robot armed with a dangerous 23kg eggbeater spinner and front wedges. Even though it is invertible, it can self-right by spinning its weapon up to speed and use gyroscopic forces to flip back over, much like fellow Brazilian competitors Minotaur. Black Dragon also had a flamethrower, but it was so powerful that it to be toned down for safety, and was not used after its first fight. Originally, Black Dragon was supposed to feature a large tail, but this was scrapped in the design stage. Black Dragon did well in its rookie season, reaching the Round of 16 before losing to the veteran builder Donald Hutson and Lock-Jaw.

In spite of the travel restrictions arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, Black Dragon was able to enter Discovery Season 5 after arranging for quarantine time in Mexico en route to filming.[1]

"We totally thought that we could not attend to season 5, 2020 was a ride with different emotions until we got everything prepared for our quarantine time in Mexico City."
— Team Uai!rrior explain how they made Discovery Season 5 as an international team.

An early render of Black Dragon.

Differences ahead of the season included but were not limited to the weapon pulley and twin belts being repositioned to the other side of their primary weapon, due to suffering many attacks on that side from horizontal spinners, and the dragon motif swapping to the left-hand side of the robot. The team also had numerous wedge and weapon configurations depending on the matchup. Black Dragon backed up its strong debut season in 2020, defeating the feared Tombstone and then the much-improved Ribbot in the quarter-finals, despite being on fire for the majority of that fight. Black Dragon faced Whiplash in the semi-finals, but ultimately lost by judges' decision.

For Discovery Season 6, Black Dragon unveiled a new eggbeater with teeth cut into it to inflict to gain more bite against opponents and deliver more wins by KO. The twin belts used in previous seasons for redundancy had also been replaced by one larger, more durable belt. Team Uai!rrior began their season with a win over Icewave, but lost to ROTATOR in the second fight. Black Dragon finished the Fight Night rounds with a knockout against Claw Viper, earning a 2-1 record and the No.18 seed. After taking down MadCatter, Black Dragon fell to Jake Ewert and Hydra in the Top 16.

Team Uai!rrior were formed back in 2001, and have competed in RoboGames since 2012 with Federal M.T., a lightweight version of Black Dragon, and a middleweight called General which debuted in 2013. Outside of US events, Team Uai!rrior was one of the most established teams in Brazil, along with Team RioBotz, having built robots from 150g called Kowalski and Recruta right up to the 250lb Black Dragon.[2] The team not only build combat robots, but also autonomous robots, sumobots and Hockey-Pro competitors too.

Robot History[]

Discovery Season 4[]

Black Dragon vs. Texas Twister

Up first for Black Dragon was veteran Michael Mauldin and his new robot, Texas Twister. Things were not off to a good start for Black Dragon as they were taking hits from Texas Twister without being able to retaliate much. Making matters worse, smoke began to pour out since the first hit as their weapon motor was damaged badly, leaving them with only their wedge to use against their opponent.

Black Dragon has a top panel torn off by Texas Twister.

Still, Black Dragon pressed on, taking hits with its wedge and pushing Texas Twister into the wall and into the screws.

Sparks fly as Black Dragon slams into Texas Twister.

At one point, after Texas Twister tore the burning piece off of Black Dragon, its weapon motor burst into flames, disabling its weapon, which lead to a pushing match between the two. Black Dragon took full advantage, pushing Texas Twister around, even flipping it over a few times.

Black Dragon takes Texas Twister to the killsaws.

Both robots nearly get hit by the pulverizer, and Texas Twister's right side gets disabled, before Black Dragon pushed it towards the screws before the time runs out. Despite Black Dragon's dominance in the latter half of the match, the judges award a split 2-1 decision to Texas Twister.

Black Dragon vs. Bloodsport

Black Dragon sends Bloodsport flying towards the wall.

Next for Black Dragon was against fellow newcomer, Bloodsport. Black Dragon started strongly as they began throwing their opponent into the air and nearly getting it upside down. Bloodsport stayed upright and worked to get its weapon going again. Black Dragon went on the attack again throwing Bloodsport into the air, this time breaking off Bloodsport's self-righting pole. Bloodsport still landed upright but now did not have a working weapon, so Bloodsport promptly tossed it onto its top. Black Dragon attacked it twice more as Bloodsport was being counted out and nearly got them out of the arena before taking the win by KO.

Black Dragon vs. Captain Shrederator

Black Dragon closes in on Captain Shrederator.

Although it was 1-1, Team Ua!rrior entered Black Dragon took part in the Desperado Tournament to compete for the Giant Bolt trophy and a spot in the Top 16 bracket. As the No.3 seed, it was put up against Brian Nave and the No.6 seed, Captain Shrederator. To combat the full-body spinner, Black Dragon went with a feeder wedge to help the egg beater weapon cause damage. As the match began, both robots stayed away to allow their weapons to get up to full speed. Black Dragon received two minor shots from Captain Shrederator, but it did not phase the Brazilian team. A third hit sent both robots flying in opposite directions, and gave Black Dragon a nasty gash on the left side of their wedge. Black Dragon also landed upside down, but used its weapon's gyroscopic forces to right itself. Captain Shrederator was having drive issues so Black Dragon came in for another attack, sending Captain Shrederator into the arena barrier, breaking off a few teeth from the shell. By this point, Captain Shrederator was barely moving and Black Dragon delivered a final hit that stopped the deadly spinner completely. Captain Shrederator was counted out, giving Black Dragon the win by KO as they advanced to the semi-finals.

Black Dragon vs. WAR Hawk

WAR Hawk is thrown onto the screws almost immediately.

Black Dragon backs off as WAR Hawk is left immobile.

Next for Black Dragon in the Desperado Tournament was No.2 seed WAR Hawk. In response, they went with a slightly different configuration with added wedgelets on top of the feeder wedge. Fortunately for Black Dragon, WAR Hawk wasn't working properly in the opening seconds, allowing them to move in and throw WAR Hawk onto the screws. With the main bot taken out, Black Dragon decided to overpower WAR Stop, shredding the minibot into two pieces. WAR Hawk was unable to get down and was counted out, allowing Black Dragon to move to the finals against No.1 seed, Minotaur.

Black Dragon vs. Minotaur

Black Dragon and Minotaur face off.

For this battle of the Brazilian builders, Black Dragon removed their feeder wedge and opted for wedgelets to go for the lower ground clearance. Sparks flew as the match got underway as Minotaur's drum chipped away at Black Dragon's wedgelets. Both robots backed off and Black Dragon began to take some big hits, losing a wedgelet in the process. Black Dragon recovered and started to attack, pushing against Minotaur as they fought to get their weapon up to speed and/or right themselves. Black Dragon stayed on Minotaur, even after its weapon started to have issues. Eventually, Black Dragon got Minotaur up against the arena barrier and then on top of the screws, but Minotaur escaped both times. Time ran out with both robots still moving but the judges awarded Black Dragon a unanimous 3-0 decision, the Giant Bolt trophy and the first spot in the Top 16.

Black Dragon vs. Lock-Jaw

Black Dragon is attacked by Lock-Jaw.

As the 8th seed, Black Dragon's first opponent in the Top 16 was the first Desperado Tournament winner, former semi-finalist, and 9th seed, Donald Hutson and Lock-Jaw. As the match began, Black Dragon took a series of hits that threw it into the air but Black Dragon came out relatively unscathed each time. Black Dragon then got a bit of a break as Lock-Jaw was briefly stuck in the slot for the killsaws and managed to get a hit on them before Lock-Jaw escaped. Black Dragon then continued to take hits until Lock-Jaw's weapon began smoking. Black Dragon then took advantage by throwing Lock-Jaw upside down but as the match came to a close, Black Dragon was still taking hits and ended up upside down. Time ran out and the judges awarded a 2-1 split decision for Lock-Jaw, eliminating Black Dragon from the tournament.

Black Dragon vs. Skorpios

Black Dragon and Skorpios do battle.

Black Dragon take Skorpios to the pulverizer.

Later in the season, Black Dragon fought in an exhibition match against veteran Skorpios. Black Dragon was off to a very good start as they took advantage of Skorpios' tendency to tip backwards due to the weight of the weapon and threw them into the air. Skorpios recovered, so Black Dragon continued to control the fight with more tosses. Black Dragon then took minor damage from Skorpios before tossing them again. Black Dragon went straight at Skorpios' front, but neither robot had the edge. After the repeated attacks, Black Dragon managed to cause smoke to pour out from Skorpios, specifically around the point of the weapon arm. Still, both robots survived to a judges' decision, who ruled a unanimous 3-0 decision for Black Dragon.

Discovery Season 5[]

Black Dragon vs. Kraken

Black Dragon is bitten by Kraken.

Black Dragon's first opponent in the 2020 season was against Matt Spurk and Kraken. For the match, Black Dragon opted to use their lighter disc setup to allow for the tougher top armor and front wedgelets. Black Dragon didn't start off well as they were grappled so quickly by their opponent that they were unable to spin up their weapon in time. Black Dragon was pushed around, but also managed to push back at times. Eventually, Black Dragon was released, but lost a weapon belt in the process. Black Dragon worked to get its weapon going, but managed to collide with Kraken, bending one of Kraken's teeth. Black Dragon then flipped Kraken over, but Kraken quickly righted itself and Black Dragon was back to being in Kraken's mouth. After being released, Black Dragon circled again and its weapon managed to make contact with Kraken's teeth, ripping one of them out. This did not phase Kraken much, so Black Dragon toppled Kraken once more before being taken to the pulverizer. The time ran out with both robots still working and the judges awarded Black Dragon a 2-1 split decision.

Black Dragon vs. Claw Viper

Black Dragon attacks from the side of Claw Viper.

Next for Black Dragon was a match against newcomer Claw Viper, which had previously taken out HiJinx. Black Dragon went in with longer front wedgelets with the intent of getting under Claw Viper and this proved to be a good choice as they avoided their opponent's box rush and then threw them into the air. Black Dragon attacked Claw Viper's upper clamping arm before grinding away and taking them across the arena where they eventually pushed them into the screws. Claw Viper remained motionless as smoke began to pour out but got going so Black Dragon hit it again. This time, Claw Viper did not move as some fire built up and was counted out, giving Black Dragon the win by KO.

Black Dragon vs. Copperhead

Black Dragon and Copperhead square off.

Black Dragon now found itself up against Copperhead for their third and final Fight Night battle. The Brazilian bot was armed with front wedgelets in this fight and took full advantage of the lower ground game early on. However, Black Dragon then took two big hits that left it upside down and cost it its only weapon belt. Black Dragon continued to come at Copperhead and was tossed around and shoved into the arena barrier. By this point, Copperhead was slowing down and eventually lost its weapon completely. Both robots were unable to mount much of an attack as time ran out. The judges awarded Copperhead the unanimous decision.

Black Dragon vs. SlamMow!

Black Dragon and SlamMow! collide.

Despite its loss, Black Dragon made the Top 32 as the No.5 seed, and was pitted against Craig Danby's SlamMow!. Black Dragon started off rather poorly as they were unable to get under SlamMow!'s front wedge and were nearly flipped over. Black Dragon recovered and started delivering hits, throwing SlamMow! on its back but SlamMow! self-righted. Black Dragon then pushed SlamMow! around but was unable to get its flame thrower to ignite until after completing the shove. Black Dragon then tossed SlamMow! on its back again, costing SlamMow! a belt. Black Dragon then delivered a final hit that flipped SlamMow! over. This time, SlamMow! did not right itself but Black Dragon moved in just in case. SlamMow! was counted out, giving Black Dragon the win by KO and a spot in the Top 16.

Black Dragon vs. Tombstone

Black Dragon sends Tombstone into the screws.

Black Dragon pops Tombstone into the air.

Next up for the Brazilian team was Ray Billings and Tombstone. The fight started with Black Dragon inching slowly out of its square. Tombstone approached Black Dragon, pulling off a fake-out spin before going on the attack and testing Black Dragon's wedge. Tombstone began grinding on Black Dragon's wedge as it was being pushed around, soon being forced to spin around and avoid being shoved to the wall, then taking a shot to its left tire from Black Dragon's egg beater. Tombstone began to back away whilst swinging its blade at Black Dragon's wedge. Both bots went towards each other and met in a weapon-to-weapon collision which popped Tombstone several feet into the air. Tombstone then proceeded to land a counter-shot right to the left side of Black Dragon's wedge. Tombstone continued to press on, getting struck hard before turning around and being sent completely out of control by Black Dragon again, landing near the top-right corner of the BattleBox. Black Dragon charged at Tombstone again, trying to carry and box the 2016 champ. By this point, both robots lost their weapons due to Tombstone's wire for the weapon contractor coming loose, and Black Dragon suffering from an unknown cause, reducing the remaining two minutes to a pushing match. Black Dragon pushed Tombstone all around the BattleBox with its wedge until the end of the fight. It went to the judges, and Black Dragon took it unanimously, ending the King of Kinetic Energy's campaign for another Giant Nut.

Black Dragon vs. Ribbot

Ribbot clambers over a flaming Black Dragon.

Black Dragon is finally extinguished.

Fresh off its statement win, Black Dragon faced Ribbot in the quarter-finals, who opted for their forks and vertical spinner configuration for this fight. Black Dragon began by being circled by its opponents, but soon found its rhythm. The first weapon-to-weapon hit between the two bots caused Ribbot to pop in the air, shedding some of its decorative armor in the process. Black Dragon made contact with Ribbot once more, sending it flying across the box and damaging part of the side wall. With its entire cover now off, Ribbot escaped to the center of the arena, but Black Dragon had started smoking. As both bots drove around, the smoke became thicker and more substantial, creating a cloud inside the BattleBox. It became apparent that Black Dragon's weapon was no longer working, but the smoke continued. Ribbot was now upside-down, struggling for control of the fight. As it escaped, Black Dragon's smoke turned to fire but seemed unfazed, continuing to bully Ribbot into the screws. Neither robot had functional weaponry at this stage, but the flaming Black Dragon fought on and remained aggressive. With a minute to go, Black Dragon's fire engulfed the bot as it darted around the box, but Ribbot never found its feet for the remainder of the match. Despite being on fire for over two minutes, Black Dragon survived to the end and took the unanimous decision.

Black Dragon vs. Whiplash

Whiplash overturns Black Dragon and pushes it around the BattleBox.

Whiplash breaches Black Dragon against the wall.

Now in the semi-finals, Black Dragon faced the Vazquez family and Whiplash for a place in the final. Both weapons spun up to speed, but it was Whiplash who started on the offensive. Having gotten underneath its opponent, Whiplash landed a hit which sent one of Black Dragon's wedgelets flying away. Whiplash then managed to lift the Brazilian bot up, carrying Black Dragon to the side of the box and throwing it upside-down. Whiplash struck the wheel and flipped the Brazilian bot over again. Despite their attempts to hit with the weapon, Whiplash maintained its aggression and tipped Black Dragon over once more, before it was righted and Whiplash shoved it into the side of the box. Whiplash's right-side wedgelet had come off, temporarily beaching Black Dragon, but it managed to escape. After a few minor encounters, Whiplash then managed to tip Black Dragon onto its rear end, up against the wall. Stranded, Whiplash turned around and attempted to attack with the disc, using it as a hammer saw with the knowledge its opponent could not escape. This was unsuccessful however, as Black Dragon tried to spin up and tipped itself back over. With both bots now down a wedgelet and fork respectively, Whiplash hoisted its opponent onto the screws with ten seconds to go, landing another hammersaw attack as the screws reversed. This left a lasting impression on the judges, who unanimously ruled in favor of Whiplash, ending a remarkable run for Team Uai!rrior.

Discovery Season 6[]

Black Dragon vs. Icewave

Black Dragon hunts down Icewave in the opening seconds.

Black Dragon returned for the 2021 season, and its first opponent was against former quarter-finalist Icewave. As the fight began, Black Dragon attempted to charge down Icewave before it got up to speed, and successfully unbalanced the bot. It then got underneath the rear of Icewave as it tried to spin up again, sending it weapon-first into the Upper Deck. Though Icewave’s internal combustion engine was still firing, the primary weapon itself was no longer spinning, allowing Black Dragon to bully it into a corner. Icewave was still able to drive as it returned to the center of the BattleBox, but Black Dragon again slid underneath, forcing it into the pulverizer where it lay dormant. Icewave was counted out soon after, giving  Team Uai!rrior and Black Dragon their first win of the 2021 season.

Black Dragon vs. ROTATOR

Black Dragon attempts to attack with its flamethrower.

Black Dragon's second opponent was another former quarter-finalist in the form of Victor Soto and ROTATOR. ROTATOR led with its rear forks in an attempt to breach the front of Black Dragon's plow, and this proved successful in the opening seconds as Black Dragon was immediately shoved under the pulverizer. ROTATOR delivered the first hit of the match with its horizontal undercutter and pointed their forks at Black Dragon again. The Brazilian team got to the side of ROTATOR and shoved it into the arena barrier, threatening to score a big hit with their own primary weapon. However, the plow acted as a barrier between their weapon and ROTATOR's side and Black Dragon was unable to capitalize. ROTATOR delivered several glancing shots to the front of Black Dragon before a bigger hit caused their flamethrower to malfunction and throw sparks, accompanied by smoke. ROTATOR continued to attack and rode up the front of its opponent, digging into the floor as it used its own weapon to right itself. As smoke began to fill the BattleBox, Black Dragon struggled to get a meaningful attack on its opponent, who continuously used its forks to win the ground game. In the closing moments, ROTATOR pinned Black Dragon against the barrier before releasing, and the fight went the distance. The judges ruled unanimously in favor of ROTATOR, pushing Team Uai!rrior to a 1-1 record.

Black Dragon vs. Claw Viper

Claw Viper gets to grips with Black Dragon.

Black Dragon lands a hit with its weapon.

Last up for Black Dragon in the Fight Night rounds was a rematch from last season against Claw Viper. For this fight, Black Dragon dropped the plow in favor of two smaller wedges either side of their primary weapon. Black Dragon was box-rushed by Claw Viper in the opening seconds, evading the charge but finding itself picked up by their opponent. Claw Viper dropped the Brazilian bot, which landed a glancing blow to its rear to right itself. In doing so, Black Dragon appeared to have harmed the drive of Claw Viper as it only seemed able to drive in wide arcs. However, it was able to grab Black Dragon again but tipped over in the process on two occasions. The eggbeater drum then got underneath Claw Viper and coerced it against the screws, before backing away. Claw Viper was counted out, putting Black Dragon to 2-1 and earning it the No.18 seed.

Black Dragon vs. MadCatter

Black Dragon and MadCatter do battle.

Damage to Black Dragon's drum shows MadCatter was able to split it.

Black Dragon's first opponent of the 2021 bracket was No.15 seed Martin Mason and MadCatter. As the fight started, MadCatter raced towards Black Dragon, who fired their flamethrower in response. Black Dragon was able to flip MadCatter over and shove it into the short corner, but MadCatter righted itself and escaped. Black Dragon retreated to spin its weapon back up and popped its opponent up, taking a conservative approach to their weapon usage early on. MadCatter's elongated wedgelet then locked itself underneath the front of Black Dragon and as both weapons were up to speed, MadCatter was able to rip away the Brazilian bot's left-side wedgelet. The two locked horns in the middle of the BattleBox before MadCatter drove itself into the screws of the Upper Deck and fell back as Black Dragon threatened to attack. MadCatter righted itself using its lifting arm and attacked the front of its opponent, tearing off its other wedgelet. Black Dragon was able to land hits to MadCatter's underside and gave chase as a chunk of its rear armor flew away. From this point, MadCatter was able to win the ground game more consistently and slid its wedgelet underneath the front of Black Dragon with its weapon down, punting it against the wall. Team Uai!rrior spun their weapon back up and almost returned the favor, digging into the underside of MadCatter again. Black Dragon had its opponent pinned against the paddle hazard for a brief moment as it later carried MadCatter across the BattleBox with its flamethrower blazing. MadCatter landed the final hit of the match, overturning Black Dragon as the clock hit zero. However, the judges awarded a split decision in favor of Black Dragon, who advanced in the tournament bracket.

Black Dragon vs. Hydra

Black Dragon becomes stuck on the BattleBox.

Black Dragon throws itself at Hydra.

Now in the Top 16, Black Dragon faced off against Jake Ewert and Hydra. For this fight, Black Dragon again opted for wedgelets rather than its front plow. Immediately, Black Dragon spun up and tested Hydra's ground clearance, but rode up it and was thrown into the air, bouncing back upright. Black Dragon fought back and pushed Hydra towards the arena barrier, but was again flipped away. Hydra tentatively approached the center of the BattleBox as Black Dragon got to their left side, but could not make contact with their spinning weapon. Hydra misfired before Black Dragon again rode up the front of Jake Ewert's bot and was thrown high into the air. Unbeknownst to Team Uai!rrior, Hydra was suffering from drive issues in the middle of the floor, but Black Dragon continued to attack Hydra. Landing upside-down, Black Dragon was now able to make contact with their weapon, but was spinning downwards, propelling itself off its opponent every time the Brazilian team drove at Hydra. As a result, Hydra barely had to reposition as Black Dragon kept throwing itself at its opponent. Especially as Black Dragon was now right side up, this more often than not resulted in it being thrown in the air by Hydra rather than making meaningful contact with their own weapon. Black Dragon landed against the housing for the screws at one stage, but managed to shake itself free. Team Uai!rrior refused to leave Hydra alone, but the Team Whyachi bot countered every attack as Black Dragon caught fire with seconds to go, and their weapon was no longer spinning. The fight went the distance, and Black Dragon were eliminated at the Round of 16 stage.


Discovery Season 4
Fight Nights
1-1 in Fight Nights, won Desperado Tournament
Fight Night vs. Texas Twister Lost (Split JD)
Fight Night vs. Bloodsport Won (KO)
Desperado Round 1 vs. Captain Shrederator Won (KO)
Desperado Round 2 vs. WAR Hawk Won (KO)
Desperado Final vs. Minotaur Won (JD)
Top 16
9th Seed
Round of 16 vs. Lock-Jaw (9) Lost (Split JD)
Exhibition Matches
Exhibition Match vs. Skorpios Won (JD)
Discovery Season 5
Fight Nights
Fight Night vs. Kraken Won (Split JD)
Fight Night vs. Claw Viper Won (KO)
Fight Night Main Event vs. Copperhead Lost (JD)
Top 32
5th Seed
Round of 32 vs. SlamMow! (28) Won (KO)
Round of 16 vs. Tombstone (21) Won (JD)
Round of 8 vs. Ribbot (20) Won (JD)
Semi-Final vs. Whiplash (8) Lost (JD)
Discovery Season 6
Fight Nights
Fight Night vs. Icewave Won (KO)
Fight Night vs. ROTATOR Lost (JD)
Fight Night vs. Claw Viper Won (KO)
Top 32
18th Seed
Round of 32 vs. MadCatter (15) Won (Split JD)
Round of 16 vs. Hydra (31) Lost (JD)


  • Wins: 13
  • Losses: 6
Competition Wins Losses
Discovery Season 4

Bloodsport (Undercard Match)

Captain Shrederator (Desperado Tournament)

WAR Hawk (Desperado Tournament)

Minotaur (Desperado Tournament)

Skorpios (Exhibition Match)

Texas Twister (Undercard Match)


Discovery Season 5 Kraken (Undercard Match)

Claw Viper (Undercard Match)




Copperhead (Main Event/Undercard Match)


Discovery Season 6 Icewave (Undercard Match)

Claw Viper (Undercard Match)


ROTATOR (Undercard Match)


Faruq Tauheed Introductions[]

"Stronger than the iron throne with a flamethrower. Hotter than Jon Snow. What? He's a good looking guy. When you play the game of BattleBots, you win or you die. It's BLACK DRAGON!"

"You're gonna want to call your momma after this blunt force trauma. Let's face facts, you're about to get destroyed by this Brazilian's wax. BLACK DRAGON!"

"This bot is like a creature from Harry Potter. It'll Slytherin to your personal space, and send you flying into the Gryffin-door. Expecto bot-tronum! It's BLACK DRAGON!"

"From Brazil, its Spanish cousins are called negro dragones. In English, that stands for watch your cajones. It shredded the Captain, now it's your neck it's snapping. It's the fire breathing BLACK DRAGON!"

"From Itajubá, Brazil, in the semi-final, it plucked War Hawk's wings. Now it's a fight for the crown between two country kings. It's the fight of a lifetime, for all the braggin'. So get fired up for BLACK DRAGON!"

"From Brazil, it's the 2019 Desperado winner ranked #8. In Portuguese, it's pronounced "oito". He may've started this season incognito, but a fight with him now means certain defeato, isn't that neato? He ain't humble, he's braggin'. It's BLACK DRAGON!"

"This bot is famous like these flying beasts. It's not toothless, it's ruthless. You're gonna want to Hungarian hail tail it out of here, cause you're dra-going home, I'm Vaserious. Raise your flagon for BLACK DRAGON!"

"It's the Brazilian brawler, who's last name's not Gracey. Here to choke bots out 'til their vision gets hazy. They're back this season to deliver more fiery knockouts, and make their competition wish they had arms so they can tap out. The South American assassin, BLACK DRAGON!"

"This bot is a Brazilian sporting legend like Pelé. He’s always down for the rumble, always up for the melee. He gets a kick out of torturing you and taking your soul, and winning the Giant Nut is his only team’s GOOOOAAALL! It’s BLACK DRAGON!"

"This robot comes to us from Brazil. He has only two motives: to crush and to kill. So before you step in the box, you better update your will. Introducing the tire-screeching, high-speeding, wire-eating, fire-breathing, entire reason why you're bleeding, BLACK DRAGON!"

"He has an egg-beater spinner so his options are ample. His opponents will get hard-boiled, poached, or scrambled. It's all up to you. He can make it slow or speedy. Either way, this battle will be over easy. It's BLACK DRAGON!"

"From Medas Durias, Brazil, making bodies hollow from Rio to Sao Paolo, it's BLACK DRAGON!"

"This fighter is Brazilian, his team is reptilian. How many bots has he killed? Try a billion. Bring the pain is his credo, make you bleed like a mosquito. Then he'll be rollin' in a beach in Rio, rockin' a speedo. It's BLACK DRAGON!"


  • As of 2021, Black Dragon has had a different team captain every season:
    • João Marcos captained the team in their debut season, Gabriel Silveira Teles took captaincy in 2020 and for Discovery Season 6, Gabriel Gomes was listed as captain.
  • Though Team Uai!rrior have built well over a dozen robots over the years, Black Dragon was their first heavyweight build.
  • The team's duck mascot is called Mano, and was won during their time competing in the US. It has since become a good luck charm for the team.
  • Black Dragon's "Brazil wheels" have been used by other teams, including but not limited to Claw Viper, Malice and Whiplash.
  • Black Dragon has yet to be KO'd in any of its fights.