Not to be confused with the other Superheavyweight called Black Knight: The Black Knight

Black dawn

Black Dawn's Season 5.0 appearance.

Black Dawn was a superheavyweight robot which competed in the final season of BattleBots. It was a four-wheel drive robot armed with a horizontally-spinning gas-powered disc and a rear lifting spear. It didn't perform well in competition, losing its first and only match.

Black Dawn was built by Jim Klein, who previously competed with Dawn of Destruction. After BattleBots ended, Klein continued competing with Black Dawn largely unchanged, renamed Black Knight to avoid copyright issues. Black Knight returned to the NPC Charity Event under that name, where it won one battle but lost two.

Robot history

Season 5.0


Under-Taker flips Black Dawn.

Black Dawn's first ever opponent was Under-Taker. Black Dawn charged at Under-Taker with its spear, and the two met in the center of the arena. Under-Taker flipped Black Dawn up, but not over, and Black Dawn managed to get underneath Under-Taker and lift it. Under-Taker then escaped and flipped Black Dawn up and over onto its back, its spear folded under its body, and it was unable to self-right, so Under-Taker won by knockout and Black Dawn was eliminated.

2004 NPC Charity Open

The Black's knight's 1st match was against Mad Mer . Black Knight lost and went to the loser's bracket where it revived a bye and faced Steel Piranha. The Black Knight won and went against ShovelHead. The Black Knight lost and was eliminated.

BattleBots Rochester R3

Black Knight's first match was against Star Hawk 3.0. It won this match, and was next drawn against Steel Reign. It lost this fight, and was then supposed to fight Migraine. However Migraine had unknown mechanical issues, and was forced to forfeit the match. This put Black Knight in the semifinals against Ziggy, it lost this fight, and was eliminated from the competition.


  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 5
Wins Losses
Season 5.0 None Under-Taker
2004 NPC Charity Open


Steel Piranha

Mer Madd


BattleBots Rochester R3 Star Hawk 3.0

Migraine (forfeit)

Steel Reign


Black Knight 2004

Black Knight's appearance after BattleBots ended with a anti Judge plate at the front.

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