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"Gnaw your way to victory with one of the hardest hitting vertical spinners in all of BattleBots. Bite Force can get under opponents' defenses with the front wedge plates, and launch them with ease. Maneuver the arena, and take out any bot that dares to get in your way.
— Bite Force's official description.

Bite Force was one of two BattleBots competitors released as part of HEXBUG's Rivals line of remote control toys. It was released in 2019 alongside Blacksmith in both a two-pack and individually.

The toy is representative of Bite Force's redesign ahead of the 2018 season of BattleBots, evident by the inclusion of its vertical spinner and pairs of wedgelets, each of which is independently hinged. It is highly accurate to the real robot, with much of its more intricate detailing included, such as bolt patterns for the weapon mount and the triangular construction of its side panels. Its sponsor decals are also present on the toy's top and back panel, accurate to real life.

Much like the real robot, the remote control HEXBUG release of Bite Force is able to drive upside-down thanks to its wheels protruding from the rear of the toy, and its "ears" at the top allow the weapon to run when the toy is inverted too. Like other BattleBots toys in the range, Bite Force has removable parts to simulate damage. In this instance, both sets of wedgelets as well as the top panel are removable.

Bite Force was later included as part of an Arena MAX set, alongside the orange Build Your Own Bot release.


  • In May 2022, the Bite Force vs. Blacksmith Rivals pack was released in the United Kingdom for the first time, as well as Bronco vs. Witch Doctor and the Arena MAX set.