Biohazard spinbot

The BioHazard SpinBot.

Released as part of the SpinBots set, BioHazard was one of six robots to be made into SpinBots. There were no moving parts on BioHazard due to the size. As with the other BioHazard toys, due to Mattel owning the rights to the Biohazzard hot wheels toy, the manufacturer was forced to remove the robot's name from the toy in 1st Edition and black out the name on the packaging, then label the packaging as "Heavyweight Champion" for all newly released BioHazard toys. However, the logo on top and the sponsors remained untouched but this toy features the same damaged look.

BioHazard was released as part of two sets.


The lifting arm being extended is probably not only to provide some variation compared to the weapon being inside the body but also so the toy has a chance to hit the other SpinBots in battle.

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