As part of a series released by Road Champs in 2001,BioHazard was 1 of 9 licensed BattleBots made for the Battle Basher range. It is based on the Season 2.0 version of BioHazard, due to the sponsor logos and the fact it was classed as the "Heavyweight Champion". Like the other Battle Bashers, if the robot has been hit hard enough or a certain button is pressed, parts of the body will "explode." In the case of BioHazard, the entire body will split into four parts as the lifting arm pushes them outward. There is a hump located on one of the sides in order to house the fricton motor, which isn't in the actual robot. Due to Mattel owning the rights to the Biohazzard hot wheels toy, the manufacturer was forced to remove the robot's name from the majority of the BioHazard toys in 1st Edition to black out the name on the packaging and label the packaging as "Heavyweight Champion" for all newly released BioHazard toys. However, the logo on top and the sponsors remained untouched. On the tiny sheet of instructions that show how to put the toy back into fighting form, BioHazard is listed as "Robot" instead of either its actual name or its new name "Heavyweight Champion" from the later releases of the toy. The tab at the front and its high ground clearance make it harder for it to get underneath its opponents like the real robot.

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