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"BioHazard is beautiful on the outside, but Bertocchini's attention to detail runs deep." - BattleBots: The Official Guide.

BioHazard was a heavyweight robot from California built by Carlo Bertocchini. It competed in all seven original BattleBots events, from 1999 to 2002, winning four titles in the process, also being runner-up once, and a quarter-finalist twice, as well as winning one heavyweight rumble. BioHazard also competed in U.S. Robot Wars, and won the title twice, in 1996 and 1997. These accomplishments made it one of the the most successful bots in the history of combat robotics. It was first designed entirely on a computer before a single part was even purchased; it is likely to be the heavyweight robot with the second shortest height at just 4 inches, or 10 cm, high. Carlo said that designing BioHazard's low-profile frame was one of his greatest engineering accomplishments.

The robot itself went through many changes. Originally, it had two forklift-like plates on its lifting arm and no anti-wedge skirts, but it had spring-loaded anti-intrusion device underneath its frame which prevented wedges from getting underneath. The anti-wedge skirts were added in 1997 for more protection against flipping. However, the skirts led to BioHazard's demise when it was flipped by Vlad the Impaler in the Las Vegas 1999 quarterfinals, impeding its original ability to self-right.

BioHazard continued to appear in combat events until the November 2005 Combots Cup, where it suffered two extremely destructive losses at the hands of more powerful horizontal spinners. Despite a strong performance against Megabyte in the preliminary round, where it deflected and at one point lifted the latter against the corner, it was eventually immobilized while also suffering significant damage to its lifter and skirts. Against Brutality in the losers' bracket, BioHazard suffered even more severe damage to its chassis, leading to its retirement from robot combat.[1]

Bertocchini was also building a superheavyweight robot for the later BattleBots events, but it was never completed.

Robot History[]

Long Beach 1999[]

After receiving a bye in round one, BioHazard went up against Kill-O-Amp. BioHazard won by KO and advanced to the next round, where it faced Monster. BioHazard won by crowd vote and advanced to the next round, where it faced Tazbot.

BioHazard flips Tazbot onto its back.

BioHazard's foe moved, slowly hoping to test their new tail and anti wedge devises that circled its perimeter. The only chance that Tazbot had to get under BioHazard was when it drove itself over the killsaws and a skirt was lifted for one second, but Tazbot missed this chance. BioHazard soon pushed Tazbot against the arena wall where it got underneath Tazbot and flipped it onto the killsaws. During the remaining four minutes, Tazbot tried to self-right with its arm before it was counted out. BioHazard won by KO at 2:34 and advanced to the next round, where it faced KillerHurtz.

BioHazard lifts KillerHurtz onto its side.

BioHazard won by KO and advanced to the gigabot finals, where it faced KillerHurtz again. KillerHurtz ended up doing much better as it went to the crowd vote. It managed to beat KillerHurtz again due to the double-elimination nature of the competition, this time on a crowd's vote, meaning BioHazard had won the gigabot championship. BioHazard also claimed the Best Engineering award.

BioHazard lifts Malicious Mischief onto Juggernaut.

BioHazard wasn't finished, however, as it participated in the gigabot royal rumble at the end of the tournament. In the beginning, BioHazard pushed Juggernaut against the spikestrip and tried to flip it, but missed and backed away. BioHazard headed toward the left side of Malicious Mischief and flipped it against Juggernaut. BioHazard then went after Rhino and flipped it onto its back. BioHazard then got underneath the right side of The Mauler and nearly flipped it onto its back. After BioHazard pushed Punjar against the spikestrip, the rumble was halted due to Juggernaut catching fire. When the rumble resumed, BioHazard started pushing S.L.A.M., Punjar, and Kill-O-Amp. BioHazard got underneath The Mauler again and started lifting it, but BioHazard got its lifting arm stuck under the front of The Mauler and couldn't free itself. As this was happening, Tazbot got its lifting arm underneath The Mauler and tried to free it from BioHazard. For the rest of the rumble, BioHazard pushed The Mauler against the arena wall and dragged it around the BattleBox. In the end, Razer was declared the winner of the gigabot rumble and BioHazard lost overall.

BioHazard and The Mauler being separated after the rumble ended.

Las Vegas 1999[]

BioHazard lifts frenZy against the wall.

BioHazard's Las Vegas 1999 appearance.

BioHazard returned to BattleBots later that year as the reigning champion. Just like last time, BioHazard was given a first-round bye, which gained it automatic qualification to the round of 16, where it faced frenZy. BioHazard dominated the fight, flipping frenZy numerous times until BioHazard managed to tip frenZy onto its back, and for some reason, frenZy was unable to self-right, so BioHazard won the fight by KO. BioHazard advanced to the quarterfinals where it fought Vlad the Impaler.

Vlad the Impaler flips BioHazard over the killsaws.

BioHazard immediately drove across the BattleBox to meet Vlad, but its front skirts got lifted up, allowing Vlad the Impaler to get underneath BioHazard and push it into the arena spikes. This upended BioHazard against the arena Lexan and it landed directly on top of Vlad the Impaler's rear. Vlad then charged across the BattleBox with BioHazard still mounted on its back. It got BioHazard caught on a set of killsaws, damaging a skirt before reversing and ramming BioHazard onto another set of killsaws. The resulting impact combined with BioHazard's arm being raised at that moment flipped BioHazard, and since BioHazard was unable to self-right at the time due to the skirts, BioHazard was counted out and eliminated from the tournament.

BioHazard flips Blendo.

BioHazard was not done though, as it later returned for the heavyweight rumble and managed to win after lifting several robots into the air such as Tazbot and Mortis, and even flipping Blendo completely over. By the end of the fight, its arm was stuck open, but the remaining robots were luckily clumped together as the time ran out. BioHazard ended up winning the rumble on a judge's decision.

Season 1.0[]

BioHazard pushes Mjollnir to the killsaws, which causes Mjollnir to lose one of its wheels.

BioHazard returned again for a new decade, this time having to compete in the first round, where it faced Mjollnir. Nothing very much exciting happened in the battle as BioHazard had a hard time lifting Mjollnir's awkward frame with its arm. BioHazard and Mjollnir were hit hard by the killsaws, which caused sparks to fly from BioHazard and Mjollnir's tires to come off. In the end, BioHazard won on a unanimous 9-0 judge's decision. This win put BioHazard to the round of 16, where it faced the highly destructive Blendo.

Biohazard lifts Blendo

In the match, BioHazard went straight at Blendo and Blendo managed to rip off the lifting front of BioHazard. However, this impact caused Blendo's engine to stall and BioHazard flipped Blendo up and over for the KO. This win put BioHazard to the quarterfinals, where it faced Voltarc.

Voltarc drags BioHazard into the killsaws.

The match began with both bots moving around each other, and BioHazard almost lifted Voltarc twice. However, the tide turned when Voltarc was able to get underneath BioHazard and lift it up with its articulated arm. BioHazard was completely at Voltarc's mercy for the rest of the match and visited every killsaw in the BattleBox which caused many sparks to fly from BioHazard's armor. Since the rule in Season 1.0 only directly prohibited pinning the opponent against the wall, Voltarc was able to completely control the fight. Voltarc won on a unanimous 9-0 judge's decision and BioHazard was eliminated from the tournament again.

BioHazard wasn't done, however, as it entered the heavyweight royal rumble which featured every competitive robot in the season except for GoldDigger. BioHazard started lifting the behind of Voltarc and attempted to flip Vlad the Impaler but failed. BioHazard then went after Punjar and its arm was stuck underneath Punjar for only seconds before flipping Mauler against the spikestrip. BioHazard then flipped the walker Gammatron on its side near the corner and went back for Tazbot, Voltarc, and Vlad for the rest of the rumble. In the end, BioHazard was announced the winner of the royal rumble.

Season 2.0[]

BioHazard flips M.O.E.

BioHazard entered BattleBots once again for Season 2.0. In its first match, it was pitted up against M.O.E. BioHazard dominated, slamming M.O.E. into the spikestrip and then pushing it over the killsaws, destroying its plastic frame. M.O.E. was flipped over and high-centered by the killsaws, and it was counted out. BioHazard won by KO at 2:22 and advanced to the round of 16, where it faced Suicidal Tendencies.

BioHazard lifts Suicidal Tendencies into the pulverizer.

BioHazard's anti-wedge skirts prevented Suicidal Tendencies' wedge, whose two forks were bent upwards, from getting underneath it. To make matters worse for Suicidal Tendencies, BioHazard was too low for its pickaxe to reach. After nearly getting stuck under the spikestrip, BioHazard managed to get the upper hand and pin Suicidal Tendencies under the pulverizer with its lifting arm. After driving some more, BioHazard eventually pinned and flipped Suicidal Tendencies over the killsaws, taking one of its tracks off. BioHazard chased its competitor down and pinned it against the Lexan. With only a few seconds left, BioHazard managed to pin Suicidal Tendencies between the Pulverizer's mounting and the Lexan wall, literally suspending the bot in mid-air. BioHazard did its victory dance and won on a unanimous 45-0 judge's decision.

BioHazard then moved on to the quarterfinals once again, pitted against the feared Nightmare. Both bots came out and BioHazard drove over the killsaws accidentally while trying to get behind Nightmare.

Biohazard takes a light hit from Nightmare.

After dancing around for a few seconds, Nightmare made direct contact to the side of BioHazard with its deadly blade, causing BioHazard to be hurled across the BattleBox in a shower of sparks.

Nightmare hits BioHazard with its disc, causing a shower of sparks.

This impact cut through BioHazard's anti-wedge skirt, causing part of the skirt to lift off the ground. After a few more seconds, Nightmare drove over the killsaws and its blade was forced into the ground, stopping it. BioHazard seized the opportunity and drove under Nightmare, lifted up and pinned it underneath the pulverizer, which disabled Nightmare's drive system.

Nightmare is lifted under the pulverizer by BioHazard.

Nightmare was being counted out and BioHazard won by KO at 1:36. This win put BioHazard to the semifinals, where it faced frenZy again.

BioHazard under Frenzy near the pulverizer.

The match lasted for a long time, with BioHazard having some trouble flipping frenZy because of its round shape. Eventually, frenZy was clipped by the killsaws and flipped on its back, causing it to become immobile due to its battleaxe ceasing to function seconds earlier. frenZy was now being counted out and BioHazard won by KO at 2:14. BioHazard entered its second championship match in its BattleBots career and its second match against Vlad the Impaler.

BioHazard lifts Vlad to the pulverizer.

This fight started out with both bots meeting in the middle of the box. After a few seconds, BioHazard made contact with the side of Vlad and flipped it over. Vlad self-righted and retaliated by getting underneath BioHazard and pushing it a little. BioHazard then caught the front of Vlad and tried to lift it on its side, but couldn't. Vlad got underneath BioHazard again and managed to slam Vlad into the spikes. Vlad then got underneath BioHazard a third time and rammed it into the spikes again. After a few more bumps by both bots, BioHazard finally seized the opportunity for another flip. Vlad, of course, self-righted again. Vlad then made the mistake of driving near the pulverizer, to which BioHazard responded by pinning Vlad under the pulverizer with its lifting arm. After a few hits, the pulverizer broke off its shaft. The remainder of the match involved both bots driving around each other looking for the opportunity to strike. The buzzer sounded and it was left up to a judge's decision. The judges voted 27-18 for the new champion, BioHazard.

BioHazard wasn't finished, however, as it competed in the Heavyweight Rumble at the end of the tournament. In this rumble, BioHazard suffered a direct hit from Killerhurtz's axe to its lifting arm actuators, breaking them in two and frying the motors that make it work. It was one of the robots still alive at the end of the tournament but lost to Tazbot overall.

Season 3.0[]

BioHazard flips the immobile Little Sister.

BioHazard was a veteran competitor, so it was allowed to skip the qualifying rounds set in place for this season because of the large number of robots that entered. It first came up against Little Sister. The fight began with Little Sister maneuvering around BioHazard, but BioHazard responded by driving the robot into the pulverizer for a quick smack. Little Sister then took damage from the nearby killsaws. BioHazard then drove toward Little Sister, who turned around to face it and fired its flipper, almost flipping BioHazard over. Little Sister managed to get under BioHazard a second time, but its flipper was ineffective thanks to BioHazard's anti-wedge skirts. After a few moments, BioHazard was underneath Little Sister and toppled it on its back. Little Sister used its arm to self-right. BioHazard then drove Little sister into the pulverizer and then flipped Little Sister over a second time. Little Sister self-righted, but the British robot's arm appeared to be malfunctioning, as it would not come down. With one final flip, BioHazard toppled Little Sister over a third time for a knockout and moved on to the next round. BioHazard's next match was against Incoming.

BioHazard lifts Incoming.

After BioHazard lifted Incoming multiple times, the time eventually ran out and BioHazard won on a 42-3 judge's decision. This win put BioHazard to the quarterfinals, where it faced Tazbot again.

BioHazard gets locked with Tazbot.

The buzzer sounded and both bots clashed in the center of the BattleBox. Both bots bumped each other around for a little bit, but then BioHazard gained the upper hand, first with a slight lift and then another, pinning Tazbot against the wall in the process. BioHazard then proceeded to maneuver Tazbot into the pulverizer for a few seconds. After escaping the pulverizer, Tazbot and BioHazard took shots from the killsaws. After a few more lifts, BioHazard finally flipped Tazbot over in the last remaining seconds of the match. BioHazard won by a 27-18 judge's decision.

BioHazard lifts OverKill.

BioHazard advanced once again into the semifinals where it faced OverKill. The match was extremely uneventful as builder Christian Carlberg locked OverKill's blade so that he could try to use the wedge more. This, however, proved ineffective and the two bots drove around each other in the ring, with BioHazard getting in a couple of flips. BioHazard once again won by a 38-7 judge's decision.

The initial hit between the 2 Heavyweights.

BioHazard made it to the championship round once again, however it found itself against a more challenging opponent. BioHazard came up against Son of Whyachi. The fight had a heavy hype, as it was the first time in Season 3.0 that BioHazard had gone up against a robot built for destruction, rather than a lifter or thwacker. The fight began with BioHazard charging at Son of Whyachi, but Son of Whyachi had already got its hammers up to full speed. The resulting hit tore off BioHazard's front left skirt and sent BioHazard spinning across the BattleBox floor. BioHazard then charged at Son of Whyachi once more, but got promptly thrown across the BattleBox again. This hit caused one of Son of Whyachi's red support rods to become broken free at one end. As a result, Son of Whyachi's weapon got stuck at the Spike Strip and its body spun at full speed. This allowed BioHazard to lift Son of Whyachi into the pulverizer but once Son of Whyachi got out, BioHazard pushed Son of Whyachi into the pulverizer further, where it got hammered for 30 seconds. BioHazard then lifted Son of Whyachi into the arena Lexan, nearly flipping it. However, this hit seemingly incapacitated BioHazard, as it did not move for quite a while. During this time, Son of Whyachi got itself free from the corner of the BattleBox, spun its now-unstable hammers back up to speed, and ripped off the entire right side skirt of BioHazard. The referee then began counting out BioHazard, as it had stopped moving, but just as he reached 7, BioHazard regained control of its left side drive, and it crab-walked into the center of the BattleBox. BioHazard plowed straight into the front of Son of Whyachi and locked up its already disabled right side drive, leaving it spinning in circles. This time around, BioHazard was counted out but since BioHazard was still mobile on one side, it was changed to a judge's decision. The final scoring was 29-16 for Son of Whyachi, meaning BioHazard had lost its championship (becoming a runner-up instead.)

BioHazard didn't participate in the heavyweight royal rumble at the end of the tournament, probably because of the damage it suffered against Son of Whyachi.

Season 4.0[]

BioHazard flips Stealth Terminator.

BioHazard in the Season 4.0 BattleBox.

BioHazard returned once again for BattleBots Season 4.0, largely unchanged from the previous season. Its first match of the season was Stealth Terminator. In the match, BioHazard attempted to flip Stealth Terminator, but both robots got caught on the killsaws. As Stealth Terminator was on the floor spinner, BioHazard finally flipped Stealth Terminator and Stealth Terminator was being counted out. BioHazard won by KO at 1:42 and advanced to the round of 16, where it faced Jabberwock.

BioHazard lifts Jabberwock against the arena wall.

After BioHazard was lifting Jabberwock towards the arena wall, the time eventually ran out and BioHazard won on a dominant 41-4 judge's decision. However, Jabberwock's ram hit and broke a vital part to BioHazard, and so Carlo returned to his nearby shop and made a new piece for BioHazard's next battle. This win put BioHazard to the quarterfinals, where it faced Nightmare again.

Nightmare proceeds to rip in to BioHazard.

At the start of the fight, the two bots met in the middle of the arena, Nightmare smashing the front of BioHazard and causing a tremendous shower of titanium sparks. This attack damaged one of the actuators for the lifting arm, causing the lifting arm to malfunction for the remainder of the match. BioHazard was struck in the front again by Nightmare, sending more sparks flying. BioHazard was seemingly dazed and skidded over the killsaws, making even more sparks. Luckily for BioHazard, Nightmare's disc motor was fried, causing the disc to slow to a stop. As a compromise, Nightmare tried to push BioHazard. Because of BioHazard's low profile, Nightmare just ended up driving onto the top of BioHazard almost every time Nightmare attempted to push its low profiled foe. This continued with both bots trying to get into a position so they could shove each other around. Nightmare had started losing power to its right side drive motor, resulting in it hobbling around on one wheel, trying to avoid the killsaws. However, Nightmare managed to get its tail end on top of BioHazard, crippling BioHazard's arm and pushing BioHazard over the killsaws one last time. But it wasn't enough for Nightmare and BioHazard won on a 32-13 judge's decision.

BioHazard lifts Tazbot.

BioHazard's next opponent in the semifinals was another rematch, this time Tazbot. The match started with Tazbot and BioHazard immediately ramming into each other, causing BioHazard to spin 180 degrees in the air and Tazbot to be turned away from BioHazard. BioHazard was then pushed towards a pulverizer, but it escaped and Tazbot nearly got hit instead. After bumping each other a couple of times, BioHazard attempted to topple Tazbot but only succeeded in lifting the turret armed robot up. BioHazard then got under Tazbot and pushed it before letting it go and raising the lifter. BioHazard got under Tazbot again and tried to lift it, but was clipped by the killsaws and Tazbot escaped. Tazbot ran away but was clipped by the killsaws and BioHazard then pushed its opponent before firing the lifter. BioHazard got under Tazbot again and pushed around in a circle before trying to topple Tazbot. Tazbot then ran at BioHazard, driving onto and off BioHazard before fleeing with BioHazard in close pursuit. BioHazard's front skirt was hit by the killsaws before BioHazard continued to chase Tazbot around raising the lifter slightly, before turning and catching Tazbot and trying to put Tazbot on its side, only for it to fail and Tazbot's axe to get under the lifting arm, preventing the arm from going down. Tazbot removed the axe and escaped BioHazard before the low down robot got under Tazbot again. Tazbot's wheels weren't on either side of BioHazard's body, preventing it from escaping. BioHazard drove over to a pulverizer where Tazbot fell off BioHazard's back and BioHazard nearly got hit by the pulverizer. BioHazard drove at Tazbot again, getting under and attempting to topple its opponent, but Tazbot slid off and escaped. BioHazard got under Tazbot again, lifting it slightly before trying again to turn over Tazbot, only to lift it up. Tazbot escaped and headed towards the blue square. BioHazard followed and was clipped by the killsaws. Both robots started pushing each other before Tazbot ran away and BioHazard got under for a brief moment before Tazbot escaped. BioHazard ran at Tazbot but stopped. Tazbot drove onto the low down robot, which started to move again. BioHazard continued to stop and start for the last 20 odd seconds of the fight, before Tazbot got one of its small wedges stuck on BioHazard's skirt. BioHazard raised the lifter one last time before the fight ended. BioHazard won on a close 24-21 judge's decision and advanced to the heavyweight finals, where it faced OverKill again.

BioHazard and OverKill face off.

Both robots drove out of their squares and BioHazard drove straight into OverKill, nearly flipping it over. While OverKill was swinging its blade, BioHazard got underneath OverKill, lifted the arm and headed toward the arena wall, tipping it onto its side. OverKill landed right side up and drove back. BioHazard then took a few hits from OverKill's blade and BioHazard's skirt was lifted by the killsaws. OverKill drove itself on the killsaws and went straight at BioHazard, flipping it onto its back again. The flipped OverKill drove over the spikestrip and flipped itself back over. After it does this, OverKill tried to run away, but one of the big holes in the blade was caught on a spike on the

BioHazard pushes OverKill onto the killsaws.

spikestrip. BioHazard came over and started pushing on OverKill, bending the blade in the process. OverKill was now on its back and BioHazard pushed it to the middle of the BattleBox. BioHazard flipped OverKill back over again and BioHazard's lifting arm was stuck in the up position. OverKill kept hitting BioHazard with its blade and OverKill drove over BioHazard. BioHazard drove into OverKill, flipping it and started pushing OverKill. BioHazard drove straight into OverKill's wedge, but ran away before the blade could hit BioHazard. BioHazard's front skirt was flipped upwards and OverKill was caught on the killsaws again. BioHazard's arm was still seemingly stuck upwards and the front skirt fell back down on the BattleBox floor. OverKill drove onto BioHazard and BioHazard pushed OverKill onto the killsaws. Both robots tried to push the other, but neither gained an advantage before the time ran out. BioHazard won on a 27-18 judge's decision and was declared the heavyweight champion for the third time.

Season 5.0[]

Biohazard lifts Center Punch.

BioHazard's first fight in Season 5.0 was against Center Punch. In the match, Center Punch was driving over BioHazard and slammed itself against the spikestrip. After this, BioHazard started lifting the rear of Center Punch. However, BioHazard's lifting arm was locked on the front of Center Punch and Center Punch started pushing BioHazard toward the spikestrip. Both robots were soon separated after this and BioHazard started lifting Center Punch again before the time ran out. BioHazard won on a close 23-22 judge's decision and advanced to the round of 16, where it faced Greenspan in its first televised fight of Season 5.0.

BioHazard flips Greenspan.

This match was over quickly as BioHazard maneuvered over to Greenspan's side of the arena and flipped it over after having some sparks shaved off by Greenspan's spinning disc. Since Greenspan didn't have a self-righting mechanism, it was counted out and BioHazard won the match by KO at 1:08. This win put BioHazard to the heavyweight quarterfinals, where it faced MechaVore.

BioHazard flips MechaVore before losing its arm.

BioHazard started by driving at the sides of MechaVore. After getting MechaVore side-on two times, BioHazard then lifted MechaVore over completely. However, as MechaVore went over, it ripped off BioHazard's lifting arm before BioHazard finished its flip, leaving MechaVore to turn 90 degrees and gash the Lexan wall with its flywheel. MechaVore came to a rest and BioHazard balanced MechaVore on one of its top's sloped sides before MechaVore was counted out, giving BioHazard the win via KO.

BioHazard gets underneath Aces and Eights.

After having its lifting arm fixed, BioHazard had Aces and Eights to fight in the heavyweight semifinals. Aces and Eights' driver had added two forks to the front of his machine in the hopes of getting under BioHazards skirts. After an uneventful fight where BioHazard failed to flip Aces and Eights, BioHazard did manage to get underneath Aces and Eights multiple times during the fight. The fight went to a judge's decision, which BioHazard won 28-17.

BioHazard lifts Voltronic against the wall.

In the fight to decide the champion, BioHazard had a grudge match against Voltronic to win. This fight was over quickly as BioHazard got under Voltronic's ground clearance a couple of times and then lifted Voltronic by the side towards the wall. Voltronic escaped and BioHazard then lifted Voltronic up against the wall for a second time and reversed away, pulling Voltronic away from the wall. BioHazard then pushed Voltronic again, this time beaching Voltronic on its back with no way of self-righting. Revenge had been taken by BioHazard and it had won its fourth BattleBots championship in a single move.

BioHazard couldn't compete in the heavyweight royal rumble because the rest of the rumbles were canceled due to an accident with Nightmare during the heavyweight consolation rumble.  


  • Wins: 27
  • Losses: 3
Competition Wins Losses
Long Beach 1999 Bye




KillerHurtz (X2)

Las Vegas 1999 Bye


Vlad the Impaler
Season 1.0 Mjollnir


Season 2.0


Suicidal Tendencies



Vlad the Impaler

Season 3.0 Little Sister




Son of Whyachi
Season 4.0 Stealth Terminator





Season 5.0 Center Punch



Aces and Eights



Series Record[]

Long Beach: Champions

Las Vegas: Quarterfinals

Season 1.0: Quarterfinals

Season 2.0: Champions

Season 3.0: Runners-Up

Season 4.0: Champions

Season 5.0: Champions

Mark Beiro Introductions[]

"From Belmont, California in the heavyweight division weighing in at 206½ pounds with a ranking of number 1 and creator Carlo Bertocchini here is the current heavyweight champion. BIOHAZARD!"

"From the gates of hell to the streets of San Francisco. Weighing in at 210 pounds and is currently the number 1 ranked heavyweight BattleBot. Here is BIOHAZARD!"

"Also weighing in at 210 pounds. You're always in danger when you're near this Toxic Avenger. It's BIOHAZARD!"

"Rubber gloves, a surgical mask and goggles will not protect you from the robot in the blue square, BIOHAZARD!"

"Upside down, you know he'll turn you inside out and round and round. Here is BIOHAZARD!"

"Opponents will find no safe place to depose of this toxic demon. Generations of robots to come will pay the price. For exposure to BIOHAZARD!"

"This lethal concoction of venom and steel is ready to bring a world of hurt on robot kind. Here's BIOHAZARD!"

"His road to glory ends here. The Giant Nut is close at hand. Will he be the baddest heavyweight in the land? Welcome back BIOHAZARD!"

"More deadly than anthrax, more fatal than the Ebola, more dicey than the nachos at the concession stand. Here is the defending BattleBots heavyweight champion BIOHAZARD!"

"If you want to take away his crown, you'll have to pry it from his cold, dead, lifting arm and that ain't gonna happen. Your defending heavyweight champion BIOHAZARD!"

"Remember to always turn the other cheek. That way the swelling will be even. Welcome BIOHAZARD!"

"Do you remember the robot everyone made fun of when you were a kid? He's all grown up now and he's coming to get you. Its BIOHAZARD!"

"He's been called the perfectly designed bot. Here is the former heavyweight champion of the world BIOHAZARD!"

"This two-time champ is looking to make it three. Introducing, the defending BattleBots heavyweight champion BIOHAZARD!"

"He'll spank, you, whip you, tease you, and spit on you but when the fun is over, he'll kick the crap out of you. Here is BIOHAZARD!"



  • The first two of BioHazard's losses came against opponents it would later beat.
  • BioHazard is the only robot whose toy merchandise was renamed after the initial release.
  • BioHazard fought a total of eight other heavyweights more than once, KillerHurtz (in the same season), Tazbot (the only one it fought three times), Nightmare, frenZy, Vlad the Impaler, OverKill and Voltronic (who was named Voltarc during their first fight).
  • BioHazard was one of at least six robots to battle at the Hasbro Showroom's miniature arena for the 2001 Toy Fair. The other five robots known to have participated are Tazbot, Overkill, Vlad the Impaler, Ginsu and Diesector.
  • A LEGO version of BioHazard appeared at the 2019 BrickCan exhibition, fighting in multiple battles alongside replicas of various other BattleBots competitors.[2]
  • Robot Fighting Replicas Ertwas built a version of BioHazard from its 1996 appearance.


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