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Beta Raptor was one of eight BattleBots competitors selected for the Battle Chains line of toys. As part of the Third Edition released by Jakks Pacific, Beta Raptor was one of four Battle Chains toys released in 2002.

It is a strong representation of the Season 4.0 appearance of the Team Raptor lightweight, with its metallic look and decals applied on the toy. It also features bolt pattern detailing across the top and side panels.

BetaRaptorBattleChains Sealed

The toy in its packaging.

Like every other Battle Chains release, Beta Raptor had a keyring and chain attached which, when pulled, would activate its weaponry. In the case of Beta Raptor, its lifting arm raises.


The underside of the toy.

Beta Raptor is one of the rarer Battle Chains releases, due to Jakks Pacific and Road Champs losing the license to produce toys following the cancelation of BattleBots in late 2002.

The toy was sold individually in stores, and though Battle Chains were also sold a pack of four through the BattleBots Store, priced at $15.00, it is unknown whether a pack containing Beta Raptor was ever made available.[1]