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Bear Tooth was a middleweight robot built by students of Missouri State University which competed at BattleBots IQ in 2011.

Bear Tooth was a two-wheel drive, invertible long rectangle-shaped robot armed with three spinning discs at the front. The discs were raised off the ground with plastic bumpers on the the top and bottom of the robot. Despite not winning the tournament, Bear Tooth won the Coolest Robot Award at the end of the competition for the College 120lbs division.

The team also competed in various BattleBots events with BattleBear, Bear Punch, and Bear Necessity, notably also winning the 2007 College Division with Bear Down.

Bear Tooth

CAD of Bear Tooth.

Robot History[]

BattleBots IQ 2011[]

Blue Flame fight
Please note that the order of the following fights is unknown, as documentation on the event itself is either limited or non-existent.
This is typically true of untelevised events such as BattleBots IQ and those sanctioned by the BattleBots name.

Bear Tooth vs. Fuchsia Fusion

Bear tooth

Bear Tooth facing Fuschia Fusion.

Bear Tooth fought Fuchsia Fusion, fleeing the blue square as the fight began. Fuchsia Fusion spun up to speed, but Bear Tooth immediately stopped moving. Bear Tooth escaped a count and turned to face its opponent, but suffered several more glancing hits from its opponent. Bear Tooth then rode over the top of Fuchsia Fusion, who appeared content remaining in the center of the arena and letting its opponent damage itself. After taking its time to line up a hit, Bear Tooth attacked and then rode over the top of Fuchsia Fusion again. It soon became apparent that Fuchsia Fusion had lost drive, and could not maneuver away. A count began and Bear Tooth took the win by knockout.

Bear Tooth vs. The Blender

The blender vs bear tooth

Blender and Bear Tooth at the end of the fight.

Bear Tooth also fought another shell spinner in The Blender. Early on, The Blender took advantage of Bear Tooth struggling to drive as it delivered several blows. Bear Tooth escaped to the center of the arena, but not without losing a few small pieces of armor. Its blades were not spinning, and Bear Tooth was vulnerable to further attacks from its opponent. The Blender began to tear into the wheels, causing visible damage to its tires. The Blender remained aggressive and deformed Bear Tooth's wheel hubs, but Bear Tooth kept running. In the final minute, The Blender managed to tear more and more pieces away from Bear Tooth, whose weapon assembly fell out as the fight went the distance. The Blender took the win by judges' decision.

Bear Tooth vs. Witch Doctor

Witch doctor bear tooth 2010

Witch Doctor deforms Bear Tooth's frame.

Bear Tooth then took on Witch Doctor. Bear Tooth appeared stuck on the arena wall in the opening seconds as Witch Doctor slowly approached. Bear Tooth was freed and Witch Doctor delivered a hit which tore parts away from its opponent. With a side panel dangling loose, Bear Tooth opted to behave as a sit and spin bot, but Witch Doctor sent it flying into the air and across the arena. Bear Tooth suddenly stopped moving and was deemed immobile, giving Witch Doctor the victory.


BattleBots IQ 2011
120lb College/Pro Championship
Match 1 vs. Fuchsia Fusion Won (KO)
Match 2 vs. The Blender Lost (JD)
Match 3 vs. Witch Doctor Lost (KO)

Bear Tooth before battle


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 2
Competition Wins Losses
BattleBots IQ 2011 Fuchsia Fusion The Blender

Witch Doctor


BattleBots IQ 2011
Coolest Robot Award