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Bear Punch was a middleweight robot built by a team from the Missouri State University, which competed in the 2009 BattleBots Collegiate Championship.

It was a silver, four-wheel drive robot with an invertible parallelogram-shaped profile. The robot's main weapon was a retractable pneumatic ram, described by the team as a "punching piston", hence its name.[1]

Bear Punch endured a difficult run through the Collegiate Championship, losing its very first BattleBots match to Chunk after getting thrown out of the BattleBox arena. It did, however, receive a bye and win its next match against DracUCLA by a three-minute knockout, allowing Bear Punch to make progress in the Loser's Bracket. Bear Punch was defeated again by Shark Tooth not long after, this time on a judges' decision, eliminating it from the Collegiate Championship with a 1-2 record.[2][3]

The team behind Bear Punch had previously won the College Division of BattleBots IQ 2007 with Bear Down.

Robot History[]

2009 Collegiate Championship[]

Bear Punch vs. Chunk

Chunk bear Punch

Chunk approaches Bear Punch.

2009 Collegiate Championship Bear Punch Chunk OOTA

Bear Punch is tossed out of the arena.

Bear Punch's first opponent was vertical bar spinner Chunk. After being knocked into the corner of the arena, Chunk was able to throw Bear Punch out of the arena and the Missouri State University robot fell into the loser's bracket.

Bear Punch vs. DracUCLA

After receiving a Round 1 bye in the loser's bracket, Bear Punch took on DracUCLA. Bear Punch won this fight by late knockout and picked up its first win of the competition.

Bear Punch vs. Shark Tooth

Bear Punch's next opponent was Shark Tooth. Both robots survived to the end of the battle and Shark Tooth was declared the winner, eliminating Bear Punch.


BattleBots Collegiate Championship 2009
Collegiate Championship 2009
Eliminated in Loser's Bracket (1-2)
Main bracket, Round 1 vs. Chunk Lost (KO)
Loser's bracket, Round 1 vs. No opponent Bye
Loser's bracket, Round 2 vs. DracUCLA Won (KO)
Loser's bracket, Round 3 vs. Shark Tooth Lost (JD)


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 2

NOTE: Bear Punch's bye is not included in the Wins tally.

Competition Wins Losses
2009 Collegiate Championship DracUCLA Chunk
Shark Tooth


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