Not to be confused with Battlebots Battlebox (Toy)

As part of a range planned to be released in 2016 by HEXBUG, The Battlebots Arena was made to go along with the RC toys released by HEXBUG. It is a rather large toy that is made of plastic wall panels (the bottom half resembles the barrier closest to the arena floor while the top half is see-through and more flexible to resemble the lexan) and a foldout cardboard floor. It greatly resembles the arena used in the first season of the ABC reboot as it includes all the arena hazards and is the right shape but aside from the pulverizers, which are controlled via levers behind the wall supporting them, the hazards are painted into the toy.

The toy also lacks a separate barrier to allow bots flipped out of the arena and the fully assembled arena walls themselves are too high to allow it as is but do not have to be attached and thus make it possible to have a robot flipped out. Also, what was going to be included with the toy were tiny orange spheres that could have been used for practice or just when you need a moment of destruction. It is currently unknown if the arena will also be sold without any RC robots. The set was originally supposed to include a Bronco RC toy with the Tombstone RC toy but since the Bronco RC toy couldn't make the deadline in time, a Witch Doctor RC toy takes its place. Later, the playset was released in a new orientation, possibly to give the buyer a better view of the toys included and/or reduce the box's size. The playset was later re-released with a slighly updated Tombstone and Minotaur RC to include their sponsors and/or change the colors of a few areas on the toy.

For 2019, an accessory has been revealed and is currently slated for release later this year with the same sounds from the TV show and can be inserted into the playset.


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