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The first 2 series of Battle Chains: BioHazard, Mauler 51-50, Snake and OverKill.

These small versions of Battlebots had a Battlebots emblem attached to a string that was connected to the toy and when pulled, the weapon was activated. BioHazard's arm extended, Mauler's top spun, OverKill's blade swung down and Snake's jaws closed. 1st Edition and 2nd Edition had Mauler, OverKill, BioHazard and Snake. Not all of the models released in this range were entirely accurate, but they all had free-moving wheels aside from Snake, which had no wheels to begin with. The 3rd Edition Battle Chains introduced Ronin, Deadblow, Ziggo and Beta Raptor. Here are the toys respective pages:
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