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Seven of the nine available toys in the series. From left to right: Atomic Wedgie, Ronin, Minion, El Diablo, BioHazard, Alpha Raptor and Vlad The Impaler.

All 9 of the toys produced, including First and Second Edition versions of Ronin, Vlad the Impaler and Atomic Wedgie.

Among the range of toys produced for Comedy Central BattleBots, Jakks Pacific introduced the Battle Bashers series. These toys featured friction motors and when their impact zones, usually at the front, were hit, the toy would "explode" and be considered knocked out.

The box art for each Battle Basher toy.

The range of Battle Basher toys included:

Jakks Pacific also released "Second Edition" toys, which differed in the fact that they were painted to appear battle-damaged. Due to copyright issues, the BioHazard toy had its name removed from both the toy and the packaging and was dubbed "Heavyweight Champion" on its packaging.

Third Edition[]

Known as the "Robo Graphics Collection", these toys were released in alternate packaging with an image of the real-life robot on the left-side. Bad Attitude became the last unique addition to the toy line, and was the only toy not to have featured in either of the first two releases.


A Fourth Edition Robo Graphics Collection was rumored to have been mentioned but never produced, likely due to the cancellation of BattleBots following Comedy Central Season 5.0.