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This is the encyclopedia about the BattleBots TV show and its competitors, fights, teams and personalities covering the Comedy Central, ABC and Discovery eras of the show. With 2,521 pages in total, the Wiki is always growing. It also contains information on pages deemed relevant in terminology and sport of combat robotics.


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This Wiki covers BattleBots, and despite frequently making reference to other competitions, does not provide detailed insight into other televised shows and live events. These competitions have their respective Wikis, which are linked below:

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Marc Thorpe

Marc Thorpe

Marc Thorpe was an electronics expert, engineer and model designer from San Francisco who founded Robot Wars in 1994. Widely considered the pioneer of combat robotics, his early events ultimately evolved into the creation of BattleBots in 1999. He was one of the first two inductees into the BattleBots Hall of Fame in 2022.

Having thought up the idea of fighting robots in 1992, Marc Thorpe began advertising his plan for a combat robotics event in 1993. The inaugural competition took place a year later, under the name Robot Wars. Three more Robot Wars competitions took place, enticing builders who would become key figures of what would ultimately become BattleBots, including but not limited to Donald Hutson, Mark Setrakian, Carlo Bertocchini and Gage Cauchois.

Following legal pressure, Marc Thorpe ultimately relinquished ownership of the Robot Wars name to Profile Records co-founder Steve Plotnicki in February 1999, who holds the name to this day. However, among the competitors in Thorpe's events were cousins Greg Munson and Trey Roski, who piloted La Machine with assistance from future championship-winning builder Gage Cauchois. In the face of adversity from legal action taken by Steve Plotnicki, Trey Roski convinced his cousin to close his company Impact Media and join him in developing their own competition in Las Vegas, BattleBots. More...

Nola Garcia

Nola Garcia

Nola Garcia was a STEM teacher and former BattleBots competitor who served as the National Education Director for many of the BattleBots IQ events following the televised show's cancelation on Comedy Central.

Alongside her husband Bill, she formed part of Team Loki, who entered numerous robots into the classic era of BattleBots under three branches - Team Loki 1, Team Loki 2 and Team Fembot. The latter of which was the only all-female team in Comedy Central BattleBots, and was who the novelty middleweight entry Buddy Lee Don't Play in the Street competed under for three competitions. Her son, William Garcia, also competed in the lightweight class of BattleBots with General Gau and served as a judge in various BattleBots IQ events.

With the return of BattleBots on ABC in 2015, Nola Garcia mentored a team of female high school students from the Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart as they built and competed in World Championship I with Sweet Revenge. More...


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Did You Know?

... there were untelevised events aimed at encouraging high school and college students into STEM called BattleBots IQ?

... that prior to competing in the 2021 season of BattleBots, Todd Mendenhall of Triple Crown has previously won championships in both Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors as well as Robotica?

... that Quantum can crush with up to 50,000lbs of pressure?

... that Chomp is the only 500lb walking robot in BattleBots history?

... that popular YouTube content creator VSauce, real name Michael Stevens, featured on an episode of ABC BattleBots as a guest judge?

... that at its tallest, Mammoth measured 6'3" in height and over eight feet in length?

... that Beta was originally supposed to compete in Season 5.0 of Comedy Central BattleBots, but had to withdraw?

... that a second wave of Push Strike toys were prototyped by HEXBUG, but never released?

... that before becoming a feared competitor with undercutter Valkyrie, Leanne Cushing was part of 2016 season drop-out Preying Mantis?

... that a French dub of BattleBots aired under the name BattleBots: Le Choc des Robots, and even had its own presenters?

... that despite both competing in every World Championship since the show's 2015 revival, Witch Doctor and HyperShock had never fought one another until BattleBots: Champions I in 2021?