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The BattleBots Pro Championship was a BattleBots-sanctioned event held in 2009 within the Mare Island Naval Shipyard in Vallejo, California.

Registration opened to heavyweights in January 2009, and closed in March that year. In the end, 25 teams with robots weighing up to 220lbs entered the BattleBots Pro Championship.[1] This field included upgraded robots from the Comedy Central era, as well as early versions of robots which would enter seasons of the reboot on ABC and Discovery. As with other events sanctioned by BattleBots, fights were held within the iconic BattleBox.

The event was ultimately won by Paul Ventimiglia of Aptyx Designs, whose overhead bar spinner Brutality defeated Donald Hutson and Root Canal in the final.[2]

Aptyx Designs would later go on to win three Giant Nuts in the reboot era of BattleBots with Bite Force.


Tournament Tree[]

The full tournament tree.


  • Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was present in the audience for this particular BattleBots event.
  • According to the Builders Database, there was not a finite amount of slots for the competition, and each had a $500 entry fee.[3]