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"Get in the grind with a subscription to BattleBots Magazine. Read about the events, the builders, and the Comedy Central show. Get behind the scenes information about the sport and the BattleBots organization. Check out the high resolution pictures of event action and peek inside the bots with the robot cavity search."
— Official description from the BattleBots website

The BattleBots Magazine was an officially-licensed magazine distributed by BattleBots between winter of 2001 and summer of 2002. The magazines covered various topics from BattleBots in that era, and featuring exclusive interviews with teams and builders.

The magazines were available to purchase on a subscription, which cost $20.00 according to the BattleBots website. Interestingly, it also confirmed the intent for there to be at least five issues released quarterly, though only three issues were ever produced for unknown reasons.[1]

Volume I[]

Volume I was the first issue released of the BattleBots Magazine, released in Winter 2001.

The front cover features a fight between T-Minus and Sunshine Lollibot.

BattleBots Magazine Premiere Issue Features:

Volume II[]

Volume II was the second issue produced, released in Spring 2002.

The front cover features a fight between OverKill and Greenspan.

BattleBots Magazine Volume II Features:

Volume III[]

The rarest of the three available issues, Volume III was the final BattleBots magazine produced, released in Summer 2002. It includes detail of the inaugural BattleBots IQ event in 2002, as well as stats pages for each competing robot. The Season 5.0 BattleAnts competition is also mentioned. There is also a page dedicated to Infernolab captain Jason Bardis discussing the use of composite materials in building combat robots.[2]

The front cover features a fight between HammerRoyd and Green Wave.

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