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"Before BattleBots became known to millions of fans, before the rest of the world met killer robots like Tazbot, Ziggo and Mechadon, a group of dedicated robot builders and a few thousand loyal fans gathered in Long Beach, California to make history"
— Main Blurb

BattleBots Beginnings (Also known as BattleBots Beginnings: Long Beach California 1999) is one of two VHS / DVD releases of BattleBots which features over 40 minutes of highlights of the Long Beach 1999 event. It featured brief interviews in the pits with teams, battles montages and behind the scenes information. Only the Heavyweight rumble is shown in full. It was released in 2004 and is still available on Amazon and on the Battlebots website.


  • The Battlebox
  • The Pit
  • Battle Highlights
  • Building a BattleBot
  • The Rules
  • More Battle Highlights
  • Post-Battles
  • Rumbles
  • The Bots: Lightweights
  • The Bots: Middleweights
  • The Bots: Heavyweights
  • Credits

Battles featured[]

(In order of appearance on the DVD, NOTE: Not all battles shown in full mainly in highlights)