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"The fully authorized guide to the World's most destructive sport!"
The tagline for BattleBots: The Official Guide.

BattleBots: The Official Guide is a 230 page reference book written by Mark Clarkson, designed by Ted Holladay along with images from Garry Gay and Daniel Longmire. It covers photos, facts, and stats on 40 recognizable bots from the Comedy Central era including a bonus introduction on how BattleBots first started and a handy glossary listing important terminology to the sport as well as a rank index displaying the wins and losses. It also includes a section on how to build your own bot written by Christian Carlberg. The book was published in 2002 by Osborne McGraw Hill Publishing.

Front Flap Summary[]

"Robotic Combat has arrived to inspire countless movies, novels, computers, and daydreams."

In the last decade it has become a reality, thanks in large part to BattleBots, the world's most popular robot fighting tournament and one of the highest-rated shows on cable TV. From the first official BattleBots competition in 1999 to it's current 5th successful season on Comedy Central, BattleBots has become an obbsession for people of all ages and from all walks of life. Some of the builders are what you'd expect - mechanical engineers, and computer geeks - but just as many are artists, musicians, high school students, and retirees. This destructive sport puts athletes and couch potatoes on equal ground. In BattleBots, an eleven year old girl can kick a grown man's ass. And the surprises don't stop there - wait until you see the bots! Beetle shaped bots. Spider-like bots. Beautiful bots and ugly bots. Bots with turrets and arms and spikes and chainsaws. Bots on wheels and tracks and feet. Bots that spin, hop, punch, hammer, and chop. Bots that can lift a car. Bots built by one guy working weekends in his garage. So step inside, here's your chance to meet some of the robots that have made names for themselves and thier builders in the fearsome sport of BattleBots.

Back Flap Summary[]

They're not just machines. They're BattleBots.

Meet the Mean Monsters of Metal:

  • Nightmare - a deadly vertical spinner whose giant toothed disc spins 300mph, disassembling other bots, and sending parts richocheting off the ceiling!
  • Sunshine Lollibot - a big ass saw blade, powered by a chainsaw motor. Oh yeah, and it's pink.
  • BioHazard - an amazingly low-slung bot that's nearly impossible to flip, this 6 wheeled beauty uses it's electric arm to lift opponents off the ground or tip them over.
  • Huggy Bear - a menacing capital 'H' with teeth, this crushing ClampBot looks like an escaped prop from the evil version of Sesame Street.
  • Ronin - a heavy, horizontally spinning disc driven by surplus electric treadmill motors, and sporting 3 red Japanese battle flags.

And many more!


Part 1: The Sport of Robotic Combat[]

Chapter 1: The History of BattleBots[]

  • Greg and Trey's Excellent Adventure.
  • From La Machine to rumble under the freeway.
  • Pete Lambertson creates the arena at the Pyramid.
  • BattleBots on TV.
  • Historical timeline depicting the events in order from 1970 to 2002.

Chapter 2: The Sport[]

  • Overview of famous bots over the years.
  • Rules and referees.
  • Memorable fights.
  • Judges' decision.
  • BattleBox features.

Chapter 3: The Competitors[]

Part II: The Bots[]

Note: All bots are in alphabetical order, not by weight class.

Chapter 4: Robot Types[]

  • Wedge Bots
  • Ram Bots
  • Spin Bots
  • Rotary Bots
  • Rotary Saw Bots
  • Lift / Launch Bots
  • Clamp Bots
  • Thwack Bots
  • Pound and Chop Bots
  • Barrell Bots
  • Punch Bots
  • Multi Bots
  • The Chimera

Chapter 5: The Robots[]

Part III: How it's Done[]

Chapter 6: How to build a BattleBot[]

  • Guide written by Christian Carlberg on how to build a BattleBot from scratch.

The Winners[]

  • All winners from Season 1.0 to 4.0.
  • Includes Best of Show Award and Rumble winners.


  • Index regarding Bot Rankings, wins, losses, weight class types, team, builder, etc.


  • The book was published during the airings of Season 5.0. That's why there was not any coverage on the winners of that respective season yet.
  • BattleBots: The Official Guide is considered a more comprehensive version of The Official Guide to BattleBots.
  • A reboot version by the same title will be published by Scholastic in October 2022.
  • The entire book can be loaned and viewed on