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"In its more than 20 year history, BattleBots has been home to massive explosions, military-grade shrapnel, and things you have to see to believe. With the help of the sport’s biggest stars, the Most Outrageous Moments in robot combat history will be counted down."
— The episode's official description.[1]

BattleBots: Most Outrageous Moments is a special hour-long episode of BattleBots which aired on Discovery on February 2, 2023, after the fifth episode of World Championship VII from 10pm until 11pm EST.

Again narrated by Mark Rider, BattleBots: Most Outrageous Moments was the second compilation episode of its kind, following on from BattleBots: Nastiest Knockouts. The episode counted down the most memorable moments in the show's history, featuring interviews with Mike and Andrea Gellatly, Will Bales and Ray Billings to discuss how each moment came to be.


Rank Moment Season
#1 HyperShock vs. Warrior Clan - The Rakening World Championship II
#2 HUGE vs. Hydra - The Horns of Hydra World Championship V
#3 DUCK! vs. Lucky, Red Devil, Bombshell, Valkyrie and Gigabyte - The Last Chance Rumble World Championship III
#4 Tombstone vs. Tantrum - Fist of Fury World Championship III
#5 Kraken vs. ROTATOR - Trap, Crackle, Pop World Championship VI
#6 HUGE vs. Mammoth - Battle of the Behemoths World Championship V
#7 Tombstone vs. Witch Doctor - Broken Dreams World Championship I
#8 Deep Six vs. The Test Box - Deep Impact World Championship IV