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BattleBots: Bounty Hunters was a spin-off of Discovery's BattleBots format, which originally aired on their paid streaming service Discovery+ in January 2021 before eventually being aired for free on Discovery several months later.

The series saw the return of a straight knock-out tournament, with eight teams fighting through a bracket to earn the right to become the "Bounty Hunter". From then, the Bounty Hunter would fight the Bounty Holder - an iconic bot from BattleBots past or present. The winner of this final fight earned a share of $25,000. Rules otherwise followed those from the main season.[1]

Airing parallel to the 2020 season on Discovery+, BattleBots: Bounty Hunters had twelve episodes in total, with each tournament bracket split into two 30 minute episodes. The first episode would cover the four first round battles, whereas the second episode would cover the bracket semi-finals, the bracket final to decide the Bounty Hunter, as well as the Bounty fight itself.

The concept for the show was an evolved, but unused idea which spawned during the 2018 season, where it was pitched that anybody could put their name forward to take down Ray Billings' Tombstone for a quoted $1,000, but nobody took the offer.

"They tried to put a bounty on tombstone in S3, I think a grand, and not one team said they'd take it"
— Kyle Awner of HyperShock explains the original idea which evolved into BattleBots: Bounty Hunters.

There were six Bounty Holders in total, three of which fought exclusively in this spin-off series: Icewave, Bronco and Son of Whyachi. The other three, Tombstone, Witch Doctor and Beta, also fought during Discovery Season 5.

The spinoff received a sequel after the conclusion of the 2021 season, named BattleBots: Champions.

Bronco Bracket[]

Episode 1: Bronco's Back![]

Round 1
ROTATOR vs. Axolotl
Sharko vs. Captain Shrederator
ATOM#94 vs. MadCatter
Chomp vs. Bale Spear

Episode 2: Predator Becomes Prey[]

Bounty Semi-Finals
ROTATOR vs. Captain Shrederator
MadCatter vs. Bale Spear
Bounty Final
ROTATOR vs. MadCatter
Bounty Battle

Bronco vs. ROTATOR

Icewave Bracket[]

Episode 3: Cold as Ice[]

Round 1
Skorpios vs. Black Widow
Tracer vs. P1
HyperShock vs. Sporkinok
Ghost Raptor vs. Deadlift

Episode 4: Hunt or Be Hunted[]

Bounty Semi-Finals
Skorpios vs. P1
HyperShock vs. Ghost Raptor
Bounty Final
Skorpios vs. HyperShock
Bounty Battle

Icewave vs. Skorpios

Tombstone Bracket[]

Episode 5: A Song of Fire and METAL[]

Round 1
Gemini vs. Gruff
JackPot vs. Deadlift
Claw Viper vs. Kraken

Episode 6: Do We Have a King Slayer?[]

Bounty Semi-Finals
Gruff vs. Deadlift
Bounty Final
Gruff vs. Kraken
Bounty Battle

Tombstone vs. Gruff

Beta Bracket[]

Episode 7: Hammer of the Gods[]

Round 1
Axe Backwards vs. Lock-Jaw
Fusion vs. Rampage
HiJinx vs. SlamMow!
Bloodsport vs. Aegis

Episode 8: You Think You're Beta Than Me?[]

Bounty Semi-Finals
Lock-Jaw vs. Fusion
HiJinx vs. Bloodsport
Bounty Final
Lock-Jaw vs. Bloodsport
Bounty Battle

Beta vs. Lock-Jaw

Witch Doctor Bracket[]

Episode 9: Witchhunting[]

Round 1
Valkyrie vs. Extinguisher
SubZero vs. Pain Train
Malice vs. Tracer
Slap Box vs. HUGE

Episode 10: The Doctor is In[]

Bounty Semi-Finals
Valkyrie vs. SubZero
Malice vs. HUGE
Bounty Final
SubZero vs. Malice
Bounty Battle

Witch Doctor vs. SubZero

Son of Whyachi Bracket[]

Episode 11: Reap What You SOW []

Round 1
Kraken vs. Rusty
Copperhead vs. Chronos
Gigabyte vs. GRABOT
Big Dill vs. Perfect Phoenix

Episode 12: The Empire Swipes Back[]

Bounty Semi-Finals
Rusty vs. Copperhead
Gigabyte vs. Big Dill
Bounty Final
Copperhead vs. Gigabyte
Bounty Battle

Son of Whyachi vs. Gigabyte


  • HyperShock vs. Sporkinok became the only highlighted battle of the 2020 season and BattleBots: Bounty Hunters never to be shown in full.
  • Kraken, Tracer and Deadlift were allowed to fight in multiple Bounty Hunter brackets, though none of them made it as far as to fight the Bounty Holder of their respective episodes.
  • BattleBots: Bounty Hunters marked the final fights for Bronco and Son of Whyachi, who were effectively retired afterwards.
    • Icewave was the only Bounty Holder who returned for Discovery Season 6 after competing exclusively in the spin-off in 2020.
  • The Tombstone bracket saw the brief return of Gemini after their demolition at the hands of Uppercut, which was their one and only fight in the main season.
  • BattleBots: Bounty Hunters saw the only televised appearances in their debut seasons for rookie teams Rampage, Deadlift, and if you exclude its exhibition match versus Mammoth, Black Widow too.
  • Icewave and Son of Whyachi were the only two original Bounty Holders not to have been released as part of HEXBUG's lines of toys.
  • A selection of Bounty Hunters medallions.

    Tombstone and Witch Doctor were the only Bounty Holders to successfully defend their bounties in 2020.
  • Between seasons, medallions were produced to commemorate fight winners during the first BattleBots: Bounty Hunters brackets, Designed by Isaac Lubarsky and produced by Collin Royster of Team HyperShock with the help of Roysters Machine Shop, Signs Design and SendCutSend.