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Banana Ketchup was a heavyweight robot designed by Team Metabaino Tech, which applied for BattleBots World Championship V.

Designed by a team of Filipino natives, Banana Ketchup was a four-wheel drive robot armed with an angled horizontal spinning bar. The robot was essentially to be a scaled up version of their lightweight robot, HENERAL. Banana Ketchup was predominantly yellow with a red spinning bar, in keeping with its name, which derives from the popular Filipino condiment of the same name. Its front wedge, side armor and top panel were all designed to be cut from AR500 steel.

Team Metabaino Tech applied for the season in late 2019 with their heavyweight design, but announced their rejection in January 2020.[1] Even if they had been accepted, however, the team would have been forced to withdraw due to restrictions on international travel imposed as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. As a result, it is presumed that the heavyweight Banana Ketchup design was not actually built.

The team are not known to have reapplied for World Championship VI or any future seasons of BattleBots.

Outside BattleBots[]

Away from BattleBots, the team have also built various robots of smaller weight classes, often carrying the same name and sporting powerful vertical spinning weaponry. Their 15kg version fought in the 2018 Chinese event Fighting My Bots and RoboRumble, reaching the finals of the latter. Off the back of this success, the team designed Banana Ketchup V2 in August 2020.[2] In October 2020, this version was redubbed Banana Ketchup V2.5[3] and a month later, the team revealed CAD for a 100lb middleweight version called Banana Ketchup 45, intended for events hosted in Malaysia.[4]


  • Had Banana Ketchup been selected it would have been the first Filipino robot to compete at BattleBots.
    • Also, it would have been the first known heavyweight robot from The Philippines.