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BABS was a middleweight robot built by Team Whyachi which competed in the 2009 BattleBots High School Championship under the Team Falcon banner.

A low box-shaped robot with four-wheel drive and an estimated height of only 50mm (approximately 1.97 inches),[2] it was painted silver and armed with a four-bar lifting arm as its main weapon. The lifter, along with the hinged skirts at the front, sides and rear, gave BABS a passing resemblance to multiple BattleBots heavyweight champion BioHazard.

BABS pits

BABS in the pits.

However, BABS differed both in size and in featuring interchangeable lifter and front-end configurations, one of which included a broad angled wedge to counter powerful horizontal spinners.

With Luke Ewert as the robot's driver, BABS enjoyed a highly competitive run in the 2009 High School Championship, opening its campaign with three consecutive victories over Adeptus Mechanicus, The Piecemaker and Slingshot respectively. This enabled it to face The Blender in the Winner's Bracket semi-finals where it put on a controlling performance for the majority of the match. However, damage sustained towards the end cost BABS the judges' decision, forcing it to defeat Mr. Plow IIX and ODDBOTT 3.75 to meet The Blender again in the Loser's Bracket final. On this occasion, BABS took even more severe damage and was eliminated by knockout, finishing the High School Championship third overall with a 5-2 record.[3][4]

Robot History[]

High School Championship 2009[]

BABS vs. Adeptus Mechanicus

BABS' first fight in the High School Championship put it up against the full-body spinner of Adeptus Mechanicus, which also served as the first scheduled match of the 2009 Championships. Very limited information is available, though official BattleBots records confirm that BABS won on a Judges' decision after both robots lasted the full three minutes.[3][4]

BABS vs. The Piecemaker

BABS The Piecemaker

BABS (left) after lifting The Piecemaker onto its back.

Progressing to the second round of the main Winner's Bracket, BABS next faced The Piecemaker, one of two entries from the New York-based Gow School. A photograph taken at the 2009 events suggests that despite the risk of its opponent's pneumatic flipping arm, it succeeded in lifting The Piecemaker onto its rear end at one point. Having appeared to leave The Piecemaker in a position where it could not self-right, BABS emerged victorious by knockout after two minutes and 8 seconds according to BattleBots records.[3][4]

BABS vs. Slingshot

Next to face BABS was another flipper-wielding machine, this time Slingshot from Vintage High Robotics. This proved to be BABS' quickest match of the entire competition, winning by knockout after only 40 seconds.[3][4]

BABS vs. The Blender

With this as-yet undefeated streak, BABS fought Richardson High School and their full-body spinner The Blender for a chance to secure a place in the Winner's Bracket final. This was the first of only two matches featuring the robot to be publicly released by BattleBots, with footage of the entire fight being shared through one of their official YouTube channels.[5]
The Blender vs BABS I (1)

Babs successfully lifts The Blender, directing it to the corner.

Sporting its broad wedge configuration with the shorter lifting arm, BABS immediately darted out of the red square in pursuit of the spinning Blender. A lengthy chase across the center of the BattleBox ensued, leading to two head-on collisions with The Blender's shell. Titanium sparks flew and BABS began to pick up minor damage to the wedge as a result. Undeterred, BABS succeeded in getting underneath The Blender, absorbing more blows before deflecting its opponent away with the lifting arm. BABS repeated this process as it next steered The Blender into the BattleBox corner, lifting it upwards against the spiked bumper. As The Blender took hits from a nearby Pulverizer, BABS drove its wedge underneath it, blocking The Blender's escape for several seconds as it lifted the cylindrically-shaped machine a second time.

BABS reversed, briefly dragging The Blender with it before both machines separated. Once more, it drove underneath and pushed The Blender against the spiked bumper, this attack indirectly resulting in The Blender taking further attacks from the Pulverizer and Killsaws as it attempted to lure BABS away. The latter launched The Blender upwards and caused it to land back on BABS' wedge, allowing Luke Ewert's machine to keep pushing it across the BattleBox. Eventually, The Blender clipped the front-left side of BABS, separating both robots and forcing BABS to give chase once again. BABS tanked more direct blows from The Blender's shell in its next attempt to breach its ground clearance, but, while succeeding, drove itself partway over the nearby Killsaws. This launched BABS lengthways across the BattleBox, but seemingly without detriment as it continued to pressure and briefly wedge underneath The Blender yet again.

The Blender vs BABS I (2)

BABS has one of its skirt torn off by the shell spinner.

Both competitors were briefly jostled together by the Hellraisers, though BABS was slower to escape as it was thrusted upwards a second time by the hazard. More collisions with The Blender's shell followed; despite getting underneath, BABS had its right-hand skirt torn off by a powerful blow from The Blender. BABS kept circling around and pushing The Blender near the Screws regardless; however, one of its batteries was now left dangling out of the exposed side as it proceeded to steer The Blender back towards the center. As the camera cut away to the Richardson High School team, another heavy impact sent both machines spinning away towards either side of the BattleBox. The battery being dragged by BABS was ripped free, but the robot kept mobile, destabilizing and deflecting The Blender away with its next succession of attacks. In this onslaught, however, BABS' top-left panel got torn upwards by these collisions, though a final deflection allowed BABS to send The Blender wobbling into a nearby Screw mount just as the full three minutes expired.

The match was met with a standing ovation from audience members, and ultimately went to a Judges' decision. Mark Setrakian and Pete Abrahamson praised both competitors' 'exquisite' driving and BABS' controlling performance during the early stages, with Frank Jenkins also commenting on BABS' durable design. However, all three unanimously voted in favor of The Blender based on the damage it inflicted, consigning BABS to the Loser's Bracket.

BABS vs. Mr. Plow IIX (Loser's Bracket)

In order to remain in the competition, BABS needed to win its next match against Mr. Plow IIX. As in the preceding fight, both robots survived the full three minutes according to BattleBots records, with BABS successfully taking the subsequent Judges' decision.[3][4]

BABS vs. ODDBOTT 3.75 (Loser's Bracket)

Against ODDBOTT 3.75 - the remaining entry from Bay Path Regional Vocational Technical High School - BABS picked up its second victory in the Loser's Bracket, winning by a Judges' decision after 48 seconds.[3][4]

BABS vs. The Blender (Loser's Bracket Final)

The Blender vs BABS II (1)

Both machines collide with BABS getting the worse of that exchange.

The Blender vs BABS II (2)

BABS makes a fatal error.

These two wins allowed BABS to enter the Loser's Bracket final, a rematch against The Blender, the only other battle from its campaign with fully-released footage.[6] Again sporting its large wedge configuration and starting from the red square, it drove into and withstood several grazing blows from The Blender's spinning shell in the opening moments. One such collision lifted The Blender upwards and briefly caused it to gyrate towards the Screws. BABS kept pursuing and again scooped The Blender up twice more, only to take damage as The Blender again tore its top-left panel upwards from the front. It survived more blows while squaring up to and pushing The Blender towards the Screws themselves, at which point it began lifting its opponent while its shell was fully rotating. Showers of sparks were sent flying as The Blender slipped off and bounced over the top of BABS to escape. BABS continued to chase and collide with The Blender for some time, until both machines met in the center and were thrust simultaneously by the Hellraisers. Both recovered and slammed into each other, with BABS partially underneath the spinning Blender as it again attempted to use its lifting arm. However, this proved costly, as collisions between the arm and The Blender's weapon caused it to be twisted out of alignment. BABS was sent spinning away by another direct blow from The Blender, its weapon and drive now seemingly compromised. BABS steered its wedge into an approaching Blender, but in doing so took further damage to the lifter while the Hellraisers launched The Blender upwards. This left BABS' weapon open at an angle, further exposing its internals as The Blender proceeded to tear its entire front wedge off.

In spite of this, BABS charged head-on towards The Blender, which ripped its right-hand skirt away for the second time. BABS, now with its battery hanging loose again, turned and reversed into The Blender, only to be spun away violently by the Richardson High School entry. This impact left BABS immobile and vulnerable to one last attack from The Blender, before it was left by the Screws behind the blue square as Team Falcon tapped out. This cemented a knockout loss for BABS after one minute and 32 seconds, confirming its third-place finish in the High School Championship with a 5-2 record.


BattleBots High School Championship 2009
High School Championship 2009
Third place (5-2)
Winner's Bracket, Round 1 vs. Adeptus Mechanicus Won (JD)
Winner's Bracket, Round 2 vs. The Piecemaker Won (KO)
Winner's Bracket, Round 3 vs. Slingshot Won (KO)
Winner's Bracket, Round 4 vs. The Blender Lost (JD)
Loser's Bracket, Round 6 vs. Mr. Plow IIX Won (JD)
Loser's Bracket, Round 7 vs. ODDBOTT 3.75 Won (JD)
Loser's Bracket, Round 8 vs. The Blender Lost (KO)


  • Wins: 5
  • Losses: 2
Competition Wins Losses
High School Championship 2009 Adeptus Mechanicus

The Piecemaker (Middleweight)
Mr. Plow IIX

The Blender

The Blender