BABS was a middleweight robot from Team Whyachi. It competed in the 2009 High School Championship. It used the frame from previous Whyachi entrant Red Square, replacing the spring arm with a pneumatic 4-bar lifting arm. BABS did well in competition, placing third after losing to The Blender twice.

Robot History

2009 High School Championship

In BABS' first fight against The Blender. The fight was uneventful until BABS managed to lift The Blender into the spike strip. The Blender escaped only for BABS to hold The Blender under the pulverizer where it received multiple blows from the pulverizer. The Blender escaped and got hit by the killsaws, flying into the air before landing on BABS. The Blender moved away only to be caught by the hell raisers which BABS then did. BABS had a side of it's skirt torn off and a white component was left hanging out the side. The Blender then managed to tear the top left panel up a little bit. The Blender won the judges decision.

In BABS last fight, it fought The Blender again. BABS was unable to lift The Blender and the same top panel was damaged by the spinning shell of The Blender. Both robots was caught on the hell raisers and both robots then started attacking each other again. The Blender was then able to damage the lifting arm of BABS when BABS tried to lift The Blender. The hell raisers then caught The Blender, but The Blender then hit the lifting arm of BABS again, damaging it even more. The Blender then managed to tear off the front wedge and side skirt of BABS. The Blender then hit the rear of BABS which had stopped moving now and The Blender won the judges decision again.


  • Wins: ?
  • Losses: 2
Wins Losses
Vallejo 2009 ? The Blender (x2)
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