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Alta's Projects BattleBot was an unnamed heavyweight robot which was designed for BattleBots World Championship III,[1] but was ultimately unfinished and did not apply.

The robot was designed as a horizontal controlbot. The grabbing arms would pivot around a center axle and control its opponent with wedges at the ends of the arms. The robot would also be able to strafe around opponents in an arc while the jaws were open. There were theorized plans of having another weapon located at the back of the robot, but this was only shown in preliminary sketches and not in any CAD designs. There were also plans on implementing a rotary walker system which would've been a first for BattleBots.[2]

Two other modular options were designed for various opponents. One design would have less armor which would free up weight for a secondary weapon. The other design would replace the rotary walker with regular wheels and increase the armor in order to improve its defense.

Work began on the robot in 2017, during the show's hiatus between being dropped by ABC and getting picked up by Discovery. A beetleweight version named King Googly was built in order to test the design concept, including a giant googly eye for decoration, hence its name.[3] The whole prototype was built in two afternoons by 3D printing and assembling spare electronics from other projects. The concept was successful as it was able to grasp various targets and move them around.

The team ended up not applying for the 2018 BattleBots season for several reasons. Designer Carter Hurd released a video detailing burning out and lack of motivation for the project.[4] This was also coupled with not having an area to build a heavyweight robot, a lack of funds and not being able to get a team together.[5][6]

In 2023, Hurd would build Taco Tuesday for BattleBots Proving Ground, following the completion of a 1lb robot of the same name. Taco Tuesday fought against Disarray over the weekend of September 16-17.

Outside BattleBots[]

Hurd still makes smaller combat robots along with other engineering projects that he displays on his YouTube channel, with his best-known robot being Krave Monster. His channel, which focuses on general engineering and DIY projects, has amassed over 45,000 subscribers.


  • In 2021, Carter Hurd built a combat robot using mycelium as its chassis material.
  • Hurd had expressed interest in making a heavyweight version of his Krave Monster using a chassis of DUCK!, but this ultimately never came to fruition.