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Afterimage is a heavyweight robot designed and built by Team Stamina Robotixx, who are planning to apply for a future season of BattleBots.

It is a large, three-wheeled robot armed with an asymmetric vertical spinner reminiscent of captain Johnny Tsoumpas' beetleweight, Spartan. The robot is inspired by Nightmare and Ominous, with Afterimage's main components being housed in a long narrow frame and supported by twin uprights similar to that of Jim Smentowski's heavyweight, and using omniwheels for mobility like the Dutch entry.[1]


Afterimage and Johnny Tsoumpas.

Each drive pod features claws on the end to protect its wheels, and to enhance its dragon theming, Afterimage sports large mechanical wings protruding from its chassis.[2] These wings are largely aesthetic, but can assist in balancing the robot and self-righting if Afterimage is overturned.

Team captain Johnny Tsoumpas is set to join Team Malice ahead of World Championship VIII, thus meaning Afterimage will not apply for the 2024 BattleBots season. Ahead of the season, he has worked to redesign the front forks of Malice, which were a new addition for the 2022 season.

Afterimage small version

A small version of Afterimage on display at September's NHRL event.

However, the possibility of Afterimage competing in BattleBots Proving Ground is not out of the question, as stated in an August 2023 Reddit post from Tsoumpas when asked if Afterimage would compete at future RoboGames events.[3]

Outside BattleBots[]

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Team Stamina's logo.

Team Stamina Robotixx have made themselves known at various combat robotics competitions on the east coast such as National Havoc Robot League (NHRL), Garden State Combat Robotics League (GSCRL), and House of Robotic Destruction (HORD).

Their team members are responsible for an array of 1lb and 3lb robots such as James Geffner's Voltage, Chris Capps' Power Surge II, Carter Benninghoff's Adrift and Off Killter, Mitchell Sullivan's Flying Purple People Eater as well as Lars Elliott's Jet Lag, IMPAKT and Fully Dogga.

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  • If Afterimage applies and is accepted, it would be the first representative of The Bahamas in BattleBots history.