The first CAD of Acme Pilot Drill. Note the model of Wile E. Coyote on top.

Acme Pilot Drill was a robot that applied for the second season of the ABC reboot of Battlebots, submitted by Team ProVolt. It was an unusual entry which was based around both a Cone Log Splitter and drilling machines seen in older American cartoons. It was ultimately rejected from season 2 for reasons unknown.

The robot would apply for Season 3 as well under the name "Acme Drill". It would retain the same design as the version that applied for Season 2. However the team ultimately pulled out of Season 3 after having critical parts stolen despite the robot being nearly completed at the time and was also pushed off of the filming premises for trespassing due to another company not knowing the property was rented out by Battlebots for filming at the time.

Despite not applying for Season 4, Acme Pilot Drill is still being worked on, with several test videos being released.


APD Interior

An improved CAD of Acme Pilot Drill's interior.

The robot was essentially a large, orange cylinder which operated on tank treads. The robot could not drive inverted, but it could self-right by being rolled over due to its rounded frame. The robot's weapon of choice was a high speed drill powered by an exposed flywheel, which would in theory allow the drill to keep up both torque and momentum without losing either upon impact. The flywheel also doubles as a method of preventing the robot from getting stuck on its back, spinning the robot around. It has been stated that the drills are also designed to be interchangeable.

Outside of Battlebots

Pilot Drill in the works

The most recent image of Pilot Drill.

After Pilot Drill's unfortunate happenings at Season 3, Team ProVolt stated they would apply with Pilot Drill for the second season of the Chinese game show King Of Bots. However, the robot was not chosen to compete.


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